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The Human that Battles Gods

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I can't wait to talk about Fit Buu! He looks so goofy, I love it. Last day for the Promo on my website – 15% off total order – code: MastarMediaGift15%off

  2. you should make super humen krillin 1 silver white hair and eyes

  3. make a episode 5 of anime war pls

  4. I think it'd probably be more likely to assume that Goku was deliberately letting some of Krillin's more obviously weak attacks get him so that his confidence didn't waver in the real battle, saying as it was only a few hours away. I mean, imagine if he'd completely demolished him in training lol, Krillin would feel like he didn't have much of a place on the team

  5. i wonder if goku is going back to the way he was suppose to be b4 he hit his head.

  6. Fought a god that was going 0.0001% on him

  7. So he went mike tyson On krillin. I can't lose……………… time to transform. Mike Tyson bite some guys ear off. Kinda the same.

  8. is he lying tho? didn't mr satan give him a shit load of cash earlier in the series that he was hesitant about taking? i believe it was like 100,000,000 z. so even if chi chi spent some of it he should still have enough to keep that promise.

  9. Something that would be beautiful is Krillin becomes extremely powerful, and eventually becomes as powerful as a tenth of Goku's full power.

  10. i like your videos but for god sake i cant take ur looped clips!!! unsubscribed!

  11. i think the reason goku's spamming ssj blue is so that he can make it as easy as base form. the same thing he did with cell.

  12. Goku looking evi/losing it/bloodthirsty, all that stuff is subjective. to me, Goku always looks like that,

  13. doesnt tien count as a human?

  14. not another guy who thinks krill in is nearly as strong as goku

  15. No all them haters fuck off, Krillin all the way

  16. What do u man krillin is weak he got knowledge also if krillin was a saiyan he could beat goku and vegeta i think but yeah how did he push that kamhamaha back

  17. TBH Krillin isn't that weak to die from that piss ass Kamehameha

  18. i didnt think about that,but you're right….ever since the battle with Beerus, goku has developed a bloodlust for battle………He's actually acting like a saiyan…

  19. I hate Krillin's toothpick arms, cmon bruh quit copying RoF Gohan and get ripped again.

  20. i think killing Frieza messed Goku's head up.

  21. I hate when people make comparisons to SSB when they see Goku SSB vs Gohan or Goku SSB vs Krilin or Goku SSB vs Android 17, Look. SSB has the best ki control of all forms, hence why Kaioken is possible through that form. Therefore it is in fact EASIER to hold back in SSB then normal. Come on peeps.

  22. I find it funny that goku beat krillin multiple times back in dragon ball, but now krillin is such a smart fighter that he can overcome gohan… lol

  23. So.. if hes lying.. does that make Goku have an Impure heart/mind or soul so now he cant ride the nimbus? just curious..

  24. people still forgot Krillin is the world's strongest human

  25. Always kinda figured Krillin was stronger than the super saiyan transformation around DBZ Buu saga… I mean, he was sonning one of King Kai's warriors in the afterlife along with Yamcha before Kid Buu showed up. I think the major issue with DB is that it never displays humans fighting people in their league. It's often the end all be all villain running through their entire ranks… one of my major disappointments in the Tree of Might film. I think the writers need to understand that this is no longer a super hero, main protagonist worshipping culture.

  26. does anime war contain soilers from one piece? i saw some form luffy was in idk if that's a spoiler from the manga or something you created. i only watch the anime so is it ok to watch?

  27. once goku starts lying, you know he's desprate

  28. Krillin is like a support player with low damage but tons of CC his skill are:

    Q: Solar flare : stuns all opponents
    W:Destructo disc : Never hits but enemies are Slowed down
    E: Waifu attack: Get a shield and cancels a skill

    Ultimante: Get rekt- All players have a boost of power when krillin die

  29. Woah woah – the solar flare x100 wasn't the reason Gohan couldn't feel Krillin's chi. There was a whole episode (like pretty much the week before) where Roshi taught them about control of chi and Krillin mastered it in that episode. He just used it after the solar flare but didn't explicitly say it, it'd be weird to be like "Oh let me just remind you of something that happened 5 mins ago (of dbz time)"

  30. team triumphs everything, isn't that what basically ALL kids tv shows say?

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