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The Future of Vegito – Dragon Ball Super

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. bro there are tons of way to defuse the potara fusion aalright …. with dragon ball or super dragon ball or namakein dragon ball…. we wanted to see vegito atleast for 2, 3 episodes. waiting 23 years for him to return just for fucking 5 minutes . i mean come one . it was permanent fusion for god sake. it wouldve been great if we see vegito came to past with others and interracted with goten trunks , chi chi bulma and others but nope. TOEI you done fucked it up

  2. goku+gohan. they go super sayian god. they defuse. gohans body remembers the form. gohan is now a super sayian god

  3. The fact that vegito has a time limit now gives me the feeling that he will return in the future

  4. i would like to see gogeta 😀

  5. They could always just turn into gogeta

  6. Gogeta is actually superior although not canon Bulma Builds Capsule Corp Cuffs In Dragonball heroes with Potara's as the energy source working as a power cell which allows a infinite time limit for the Fusion Dance

  7. this guy is pure motivation, Anyone can became animator it's just depends on how much effort you put it in. Skills don't just come knocking your door you chase it and that's exact thing this man is doing. I'm animator myself and i know how hard it it is, this guy puts 100x more than average effort into this. This applies on all field they all have the same principal

  8. If Goku or Vegeta first use the potara to fuse with Kaioshin, then fuse into Vegito right after

  9. BTW is there's a possibility that Arale can also join in Zeno's Sama next all Universe turnament…?????

  10. can we see the Gohan x Goku potara fusion. lol just for 5 minutes lol sounds nice asf

  11. tu ek chutar hai jise kuch kam dhanda nhi hai

  12. I felt they ruin and nerfed Vegito big time. They could have went Gogeta and it's would have made sense.

  13. Fusion is banned from the tournaments. Every tournament so far (except cell games? maybe?) they've all banned fusion of any form.

  14. I gues if they put a new fusion it will be gogito I guess

  15. Just waiten for goku and vegeta new transformation

  16. I'm pretty sure Gogeta would appear next cause Vegito has it would only be fair

  17. Going to have to disagree with u on this. The can just to the fusion dance Right? Or am I missing something ?

  18. but another thing that makes Vegito appear again less likely is vegeta most likely won't agree to it

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