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The Final Villain of Dragon Ball Super

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Watch The Final Villain of Dragon Ball Super Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. And read what they said about dragon ball super.The recent Dragon Ball Z: Super Tenkaichi Budokai attraction at Universal Studios Japan takes on the subject of how Broly could compare to Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta. While the ride isn't official canon, the attraction does reveal that Goku and Vegeta's combined Super Saiyan Blue forms aren't enough to take down God Broly. It's only when SSJB Goku performs a fusion with the attraction's audience that he can defeat Broly.

  2. Bardock: kakarot I am your father from the past I used unvliverse 12s time travel……GOKU: no that cant be….BARDOCK: YOU FOOL you look just like…… Goku :MY NAMES GOKU FINAL KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAAA TO the nuttz….OH NO IM FADING AWAY I killed my sperm cell

  3. Little did they know Jiren was a thing

  4. maybe goku black is final villain

  5. jiren is the villain who is way stronger than goku

  6. What if the last villain is actually Bardock? Goku's father. He did survive. And fought with a guy that is similar to frieza.

  7. I bet the angels and grand priest will be the final battle


  9. Where we watch dragon ball super all episodes

  10. i think the final enemy will be a saiyan from universe 1. That universe won't participate in the tournament and it is the first universe of them all.

  11. But now jiren came in the way

  12. So..the final villian is basically gotens but with more abs and white hair?

    The thumbnail gave it away right?

  13. I think its goku's ilusion because the new villain is like goku

  14. Kaio ken was Goku's weakest form so stands ta reason to say it wouldnt have done much of anything

  15. vegeta could reach goku's strength, idk why he cant

  16. Such an easy question.. it's Superman. Unfortunately Goku lacks power even in his ultimate ultimate ultimate God form and still loses. Good thing Supermans Universe doesn't get blown up because I'm in it. I already know Superman won against Goku because I'm still here. 🙂 I don't feel so bad for Goku's universe. It's like the saying goes… if it happens in another country it doesn't concern me. 🙂

  17. 8 and half million views? jesus christ

  18. If that is true goku is dead ):

  19. The villains power level is probably gonna be 999999999999999

  20. It's Annoy To Wait Whole Week for Single Episode
    at least they should start 2ep in Week

  21. Think about it wouldn't goku himself be a villain because because his limit has to to by broken someone that has some large connection to himself not like goku black make him pass his own limit so he has to be more powerful than anyboy he fought

  22. Whis told that Beerus was involved in Destruction of Planet Vegeta and we know there is mortal even stronger than God of destruction what if that mortal is a Saiyan.
    Beerus might have helped frieza destroying Plante Vegeta thinking that one day, one of the saiyan might become stronger than Beerus, to this fact Beerus feared.

  23. How fucking great would it be if yamcha was the final guy whos the most powerful hahaha

  24. Defeat hit? Goku didn't defeat Hit until now, Hit was still ok and goku was almost not being able to stand anymore and all his body shaking, in the end he just jumped off and let hit win but he never defeat Hit untill now and goku was not holding back anything against Hit.

  25. the original monkey king is the final boss

  26. I hope the final villain is saiyan and has Same transformation

  27. inst it kinda obvious Jerin will be the final villain?

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