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The Exciting Life of Akira Toriyama

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. any one notice that all his other works have been intergrated into dbs now?

  2. Akira what is your favourite manga that you have made

  3. What???
    Somethings wrong here!

  4. He didn't create video games, he designed the characters. There's a difference.

  5. Oracle Toriyama next color for a Super Saiyan transformation he have make the color green or orange

  6. can someone please tell him I love him and I'm beginning him to put bardock back in dbz super

  7. You'd think he would be a billionaire 🤔

  8. Hey don't you think dBsuper ep 100 has not been good. How kale could survive ssj blue kamehameha ?!

  9. oi get your facts straight you autistic fuck..

  10. Should've called this video cashman

    Sorry I just really wanted to make that joke

  11. Now would be the perfect time for another Dragon Ball super movie! I'd pay to see it

  12. What makes him one of the greatest isn't about how much money he made but that he created an entire universe out of nothing. The work he put into Dragon Ball is pure genius

  13. This guy is a f**king genius! Dragon Ball is definitely Akira Toriyama's magnum opus! He serves as an inspiration to millions with his rags to riches history. As an aspiring artist trying to design anime, this guy has made an impact on my life by giving me my favorite anime of all time.

  14. oh my god blue dragon was done by akira toriyama it was my all time favourite wow.

  15. Disliked. Cuz I Didn't Come To This Vid To Hear About How Much Money He Has.

  16. He´s deserves every money in the world. He rocked my life!

  17. happy birthday to Akira toriyama!

  18. when is the full dub of dragon ball super coming out

  19. A man I want to meet one day bucket list

  20. why not wish back planet vageta

  21. 2:48 Go GO Ackman 2 features evil Kid Trunks,lmao

  22. Wherever this divine being walks, people should worship the ground he steps on.

  23. The manga legend Akira Toriyama will turn 62 years old this April… ^_^

  24. Toriyama's exciting adventure

  25. Is Akira toriyama a youtuber?

  26. cashman looks like a fusion between frieza and trunks

  27. ''created games and anime''

    That is the most misleading statement i've ever heard.
    Akira Toriyama is besides a mangaka/manga artist, a character designer. As of now he is still producing character art for the Dragon Quest series for over 30 years.
    His involvement in the creation of any of the games except for Chrono Trigger, is little since he is/was too busy doing his own works or too busy creating the character and promotional art for any the games he has worked on.

    He hasn't made a game since he does little to it's overall creation and gameplay. He just gets to hear some assets and overall story of how this character has to look like, then he has to translate it into his own artstyle. That is all he does.

    Toriyama hasn't made a single anime either. It's since Battle of gods that he is explaining what he envisions everyone has to do.
    The only thing Akira Toriyama has done in terms of anime before supervising Battle of gods, was a small drawing of Super Saiyan 4 Goku


  29. he's also destroyed it as well as created it. dragonball awesome a legend then z came fucked it all up

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