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The Evil Omni King Theory – Dragon Ball Super

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  1. Honestly, I think people are just way overthinking this. I feel like this is just the show's way of differentiating the two Omnis. The blue one is from the current timeline, and the red one is from the Future Trunks timeline. One raises his right hand, and the other raises his left. The new song does seem a bit convincing, but this could also go another way and be a sign of an evil Grand Priest.

  2. Goku will destroy himself to keep his body from getting losses. Goku won the tournament and that's how he killed all the angels

  3. Trunks will come and enter rupt the tournament from the future time line

  4. Their talking about whis and beerus they are sitting together.

  5. Make a theory about why there is a time limit in the tournament.

  6. am more towards thinking that we might have misunderstood zeno's power or the Tori is messing with us again
    cause saying zeno is the most powerful.. still kicks some questions .. i think what he has is an unbelievable ability.. that's it.. but strength as well as speed.. not sure that he'd be able to compete with our fighters .. but if someone is able to erase anything he wants at will and without efforts.. it's more like magic than power.. any fighters would tears major part of their stam if they tried to destroy a planet or two.. but he just raise his hand and into smithereens you go.. but he wasn't able to follow dyspo and hit battle which makes me wonder.. if you were able to hit zeno before he even raise his hand.. who is stronger?!
    just my theory 🙂


  8. HEY, i'am not evil l ha ha ha

  9. your right i think except i think grand priest is evil bc of ep 98 the smile he gives at the end is not a friendly one

  10. Hey jackass, you're theory is wrong

  11. Normal Omni king is evil…

  12. puase puase… look at the intro did u see it the red one is turning green ZAMASU GOD [email protected]?!?

  13. I do also think that zeno is apprentice of grand priest and all of God's of destruction and angels kaioshin gonna die b/c zamasu killed them all including the present zeno but they all revived due to dragon balls this is getting More excited 😆😇

  14. this is going to be interesting zamasu is back and grand priest trains Goku to fight zeno(zamasu) bc of their rivalry I can't wait 😋 .I do also think that jiren and others are just for making 💰 due to more episodes I think it will take more than one year to produce the real thing. What say guys do you agree

  15. I think the red zeno contains other form of zamasu as red one is from future and zamasu is immortal so it can be inside him. and not revealing himself because he know grand priest can beat him bc he is the real king. but grand priest already know that there is zamasu form inside him but he cannot do it do that's why zamasu in side always correct himself while copying​ present zeno

  16. I have a theory about Zeno , its on the LIMITE Breaker opening when both
    zeno are dancing then when they pass between them u can actualy pause
    and see one of the zeno ( maybe the future one is turning GREEN ) does

  17. I still think the grand priest is evil.

  18. Yo mastarmedia you are hitting on something I love your info on dbz I have great knowledge also im re watching all your Vids you just explain it better than others your sources are amazing

  19. correct in the new song it says even zen oh sama will be blown away

  20. But the grand priest is Whis's dad. He couldn't be Zeno's dad.

  21. the future zeno is zamasu and the time line tweaked and now the present goku is becoming a villain to all which is relevent to black goku. the distortion in future time is going to make the present goku represent black goku and future zeno represent zamasu. the present universe 7 is going to be erased like the future did.
    if that makes sense but idk how it is going to pan out.

  22. Grand Priest is not Zen-oh's father
    In the show Whis from Universe 7 asks Grand Priest to visit the Earth and she said this:"You shold visit Earth,father".

  23. and if you remember when zamasu was killed by the omni king his energy rose…..he could have took control of the future omni king body and is slowly taking control……if you remember zamasu wanted to eradicate all mortals….

  24. i think its the grand priest that says that line "either destroy myself or destroy everything else"

  25. Dude Zeno is neither good or evil. How could a "good" supreme being casually destroy 6 universes just because he had a bad day?  The dude wants to wipe out 7 more because they're not interesting enough. There is no evil Zeno because there is no good Zeno. That's why he's blue and purplish. He represents good and evil.

  26. You know whats fucked up? When captain ginyu uses his "CHAAAANGGUUUHH" attack on zeno sama

  27. Zen O Sama VS Zen O Sama Bin Laden, Cant Wait

  28. What if the same way the angels were stronger than gods of destructions, the grand priest was stronger than zeno?

  29. 4.53 why is the light on the left side and dark bakground on the right side? Does it have any meaning or any hidden easter egg behinde it?

  30. The Priest creates stuff, Zeno destroys stuff, perfect balance.

  31. Zeno is creepy as fuck when you think about it.

  32. When blue and red zeno clash in the video. The green color appear on one of the zeno. Perhaps it was zamasu. Zamasu = green.

  33. I can't understand why zeno didn't go in his realm again cause he only destroyed universe 7 so that makes it another mistake in DBS or I did miss something

  34. maybe the omni king did the same as piccolo, seperate good and evil parts and the evil made the god of destructions, the good one is the creator gods

  35. "Subscribe To MaSTAR Media Or I'll Nuke This Whole God Damn Universe Motherfucka"- Gohan Me: LOL WTF Gohan Using Swear Words God Help Us All

  36. I do agree The Grand Priest is the True Omni-King; and what if Zamasu took over Future Omni-King?! I mean what if Zamasu somehow, someway convinced Future Omni-King about the idea of Destroying each Loser Universe before the Battle between Goku, Vegeta & Trunks vs Zamasu & Black actually began?! Makes sense right? I have a strong feeling we're going to see both Future Trunks and Zamasu back in Dragon Ball Super!

  37. why mastar media didn't do he own anime or cartoon

  38. There is a reason why MaSTAR chose this name because h is a master a master of animation.

  39. i dont think that is the omni king true form……..

  40. holy SHIT that thumbnail is creepy..

  41. omni kings power level is Infinite but lower than The one above all and The presence because their more older and know more things than the omniverse king

  42. future is zamasu mastar i can't believe you guys missed this!?? zamasu is still alive regaurdless with out of body (host = zeno) or not we saw that he can become any thing

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