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The Broly and Kale Connection – New Image and Info!

The Broly and Kale Connection – New Image and Info! Is Available on

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. kale is also a legendary super sayan like broly
    i hope there is no connection b/w kale and broly becouse kale is belongs to another universe which is similar like aur universe 7

  2. I thought Kale was Broly's daughter

  3. did you forget battle of gods and who was in it? They have no reason to mention broly

  4. kale could be broly's daughter because she kinda looks like him

  5. Imagine them two having sex in their legendary forms

  6. if broly is kales father… XD all things will perish in real life. but I have a question, is broly really as popular as he seems?

  7. fun fact kale and cauliflower is a recipe for a dish

  8. guys if you didnt read my coment in lats ep the mortal above gods is thet guy from the robots universe cause he sceared the angel

  9. i think u9 will be immediately erased because they dont have enough fithers.

  10. wait if broly is dead why didn't the use him instead of frieza.

  11. You do realize that Broly was created ONLY for a MOVIE and he never really existed, right?

  12. Kale will hate Goku like Broly in the sense that Goku is the cause for their Universe being in danger, thus Caulifla is in danger of being killed/erased. She will have the same drive to kill Goku like Broly did, albeit for different reasons.

  13. It could be that there is a legendary Super Saiyan in universe 7 from 'legendary stories', but Broly never exist, So Kale would be the first Legendary Super Saiyan witnessed..

  14. have anyone notice Brolly never pop up in dead world . I think Brolly still alive . I strongly want Brolly come back. or enter I'm the tournament lol

  15. in the movie, broly got defeated by goku in ssj 2 form… so i don't think its a problem in blue form.. the broly character is highly overrated

  16. All they have to do know is put Broly in it, make him a Saiyan God or something put him in Super. They'll get a million Broly fans that way. Kale is nothing compared to Broly

  17. I don't think they will reference broly. She probably has enormous power, enough for her to get to the pre ssj2 bulky form that trunks used vs cell. She will show up at the tourney and vegeta will laugh. It's too slow

  18. The difference between kale and broly is that broly is more buff than kale

  19. lol I would burst if during the fighting for the Tournament of Power Goku does something to really, really piss of Kale (like knock off her love Cabba or Caulifa) and she starts screaming: Goku! Gokuuuu! Goooo-Kuuuuu!
    (Obviously she wouldnt know his true Saiyan name "Kakarot" like Broly did.)


  21. It would be cooler if Beerus and Whis were like "hey Whis, doesn't that look like that one buff Saiyan guy I vaporized awhile back?"

  22. broly is non cannon they do fit in the timelines but still not cannon…I doubt they will reference him they'd have to reference gogeta bojack janemba and a bunch of other movie villains if they went this route it's too much

  23. well i just hope this sparks the inclusion of Legendary SSJ in DB Xeno 3

  24. If broly is canon, that leaves an open door for him to be a new threat or maybe even help like he was in the AF manga. Also, he could eventually learn a more controlled LSSJ form like kale will learn in the future of the arc. Maybe even learn more of the LSSJ form in its entirety. We can learn how it comes to be and how its achieved, or is it inherited. Many questions can be answered and new stories can be told if Broly ends up being canon.

  25. except for Battle of God's and Resurrection F

  26. i'ts all vegeta's fault to,learn cabb ssj form btw he only do this for the sake of the saiyans but now in the tournament of power they fight to survive saiyan vs saiyan

  27. Since when has Toriyama-san felt the need to shackle himself with the burdens of having a canon policy?  Last I heard he considered the movies and GT to be canon. :p

  28. everything is cannon except GT, anything GT is not cannon! Akira said so.

  29. The first Broly movie happened between the 10 day waiting period for the Cell Games with no sight or mention of Cell in Movie 8 so it wouldn't make sense

  30. i honestly think caulifla should be the legendary super saiyan shit it took her 15 minutes to go from not knowing about a trasformation to going str8 to ssj2

  31. Broly is a fucking shit red herring of a character and Kale is no different. Fuck this show.

  32. I wish broly was cannon because broly has so much potential like Freiza he trained for six months from being weaker than ssj to being as strong as ssb and broly was stronger than a ssj so how strong would broly get if he actually tried to train it would be insane if he trained for six months

  33. Having broly as cannon would explain how goku vegeta and trunks figured out how to become the incomplete bulky ssj2

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