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The Birth of the NEW SUPER WARRIOR – Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 SPOILERS

The Birth of the NEW SUPER WARRIOR – Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 SPOILERS Is Available on

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Is obvious that the new character will be from universe 4..

  2. I think it’s hit cause look how at the image he has his hand in his pocket

  3. Goku has a new transformation, there is no new villain/hero. Goku is the super warrior, jiren will try to defeat him but will lose.

  4. Goku is like a star I'm sure if his not in his full form yet the form would be White or silver.

  5. why they don't do a ssj 3 god

  6. Its universe 4's invisible warriors

  7. It's probably one of the unknown fighters from Universe 4.

  8. Brandon and Mitchell I feel the same cause the way he looked after wards and that voice that was hollering that's not goku at all I think the namikians are gonna fuse but this time I think what ever came back with goku gonna take over him and be the new villian

  9. Slim Broly confirmed 100% 😂😂😂

  10. Thats evil omni god who once entrapped in some other dimension!

  11. guys it's Saitama without cape

  12. it's most likely either a new warrior or a new hit form. He will come back after being beaten hard from jiren

  13. The rat god of destruction is so calm, i feel like he holds the strong mortal …

  14. It looks like hit is going to transform look at the boots and the posture he’s just like hit with out his trench coat

  15. It's hit with his cloak taken off. Either that or it's someone of hit's race

  16. Its the love child of Brianne de Chateau and Frieza

  17. I think vegeta and goku will fused n the birth of gogeta blue against jiren

  18. That's zamasu fused with zarama!!!! spoilers!

  19. I think it’s the two hidden characters Damom and gamisaras from universe 4, My guess is they are going to fuse. Let me know what you think.

  20. Ok hear me out:

    In the next episode Hit gets disqualified for accidentally killing Jiren!! Then the person who shows up is Jiren family/ master, and he's way stronger than Jiren or even the Angels! That would be such a great story line.

  21. I always wondering who is 2 mystery warriors…. remember when grand priest said 4 warriors left and only see 2 warriors? I want know who is 2 warriors……

  22. Despite him claiming to have poor English, the use of "birth" in his tweet definitely screams fusion to me.

  23. Maybe the first Omni King or the first Grand Priest might return from his long slumber and is eager for a fight or the Angels from Universe 13-18 might return and they want to bring chaos to all

  24. I believe no matter how strong the super worriers power are Goku team will beat him

  25. It could be bardock with his head shaved

  26. Maybe that new character is the original cloaked character with the universe 11 gods when the preliminary exhibition matches between universe 7 and 9 happened before they switched em with Toppo?

  27. What about the fusion between the hidden universe 4 warriors?

  28. Guys its clearly rebreann and she's the mortal stronger than gods XD

  29. Or what if it is zeno's fight mode/form wanting to fight a worthy opponent

  30. it could be the balance of light an dark this person could be the person that is in charge of dark ki an dark energy

  31. I'm pretty sure it's just gonna be Goku from the leaked image a couple months ago with no shirt and the ultra instinct looking form but with red and yellows in it. As if it was a full powered ultra instinct goku this time without the temporary energy boost from the spirit bomb!

  32. Wonder if we will see any more out if the shadow world from where Dabura came from. Wonder if that place gas their own Omni King

  33. It could be the person that created the universes

  34. :l Well, if he is truly this powerful and its going to be "dreadful", one of the weaker characters from the universes may end up in a body bag and it absolutely infuriates Goku. Goku is thoughtless 100% of the time when it comes to fighting, so he sometimes puts himself and friends in danger because of his resolve to seek out a good fight, however, Goku is not evil, nor does he tolerate it.

  35. Boy aren't you getting married boy

  36. i think it could be the use of the kapora earrings or the use of fusion while goku is in ultra instinct form and Vegeta in blue form ..or it could be a fusion between universes hit and someone from universe 7 could be the birth of ultra instinct Vegeta ..but maybe when goku fell into the blast he opened a portal of such for THE SUPER SAIYAN GOD to come forth and a participant is added to universe 7 ..also it could be Gohan simply surpassing everyone in power or it could be a fusion between him and Vegeta or hit …but hey the birth could mean anything

  37. My theory of the new super warrior. I think it’s The grand Priest, look at his arms behind the back, he seems to have the same posture, and his hair of course are not round, it could probably be his halo, and they coloured the whole thing to trick people. My top 3 guests are: 1- grand Priest 2: Jiren: 3- saitama

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