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The Beast Awakens! Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 SPOILERS

The Beast Awakens! Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 SPOILERS Is Available on

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. if goku and vegeta fuse jiren is totally useless

  2. its clear super saiyan 4 is stronger than super saiyan blue ,

    and the writers are fucking trash in dragon ball super


  4. Okay this ultra instinct form isn't ultra instinct respectively like you said the way I see it is the link between super saiyan god not blue and this form is the eyes the eyes have both black centers and coloured iris that can't just be a coincidence now what whis has been saying this whole time is ultra instinct pushes all current gods of destruction to use for even a short while now what if this new silver eyed super saiyan form is the true form taken when a saiyan reaches their god ki potential and because that are now a well true god they can use ultra instinct at will much like beerus did in the manga

  5. I have a theory

    The androids have limitless power as stated by 17 near the start of the tournament so why don’t they both charge goku back up to full power after his fight with kefla (who I can’t stand because of the power scaling) if Frieza can do it to goku then this may have been a foreshadowing.

    But hey it’s just a theory. Much love and bring back more of your animation episodes! There epic

  6. One thing viewers forget, everyone is not from universe 7 (earth). Universe 6 is a complete different universe than 7. So why is everyone surprised that the girls are learning everything faster than the fighters from universe 7.

  7. Don't forget one of the girl was giving goku a hard time the shy one so the two fuse blue aint ready

  8. Plot twist: Jiren and Goku team up to defeat Ribrianne

  9. Y'know what, I don't care what everybody might think of Jiren being so arrogant because there isn't no one who could beat him yet, he's still my favorite Dragon Ball Super character, even if it's written for him to lose.

  10. How is it ridiculous that kefka is pushing back blue when Kale can take on blue by herself

  11. So, no one cared that freiza trained for like a week and became stronger than god goku, but soon as a legendary super sayain and a super sayain 2 fuse, everyone calls bs….kk

  12. Jiren is gonna teach goku something about Ultra instinct this time. we will all learn about the heat because jiren is going to tell him that if he doesn't control the heat and probably how to do it, goku will never be able to master this form

  13. No gogeta 🙁 MAKE. ME CANON

  14. Ultra instant is a form. Stop with this it's a technique bullshit

  15. These power levels are freaking ridiculous kefla beats a 20x kiaoken Wtf

  16. Commenting on Kefla being stronger than Goku's Super Saiyan Blue in her SS3 form.: We have to remember that UV6 Saiyans evolved differently as Whis stated. With that in mind take Goku's base form, seems to be his most natural strength zone hence Ultra Instinct. So, why wouldn't Kefla be boss in Base form?? And to be amped to SS3!! I'm just saying, 2 different Universes, 2 different Powel scales bro.

  17. Just to comment on when you said (they said he's powered up so maybe he will be stronger the 2nd time transforming) I'd say correct because of the natural aspect of saiyans ability to grow stronger after recovering from a near death experience and to me goku hlwas pretty beat up on top of body strain from the new transformation and yes even though the spirit bomb was the trigger and temporary power sourc he was still in the blast and I think that got the best of him

  18. Or maybe someone sacrafice them self for goku

  19. please don't even spoil with ur video titles and thumbnails..just put spoilers..i don't even wanna know that jiren awakens in episode 116. thanks !!

  20. It ain't just a technique in gokus case. Isn't it obvious??
    There's no rocket science in it.
    Full mystery is yet to he revealed.
    Whis and daishinkan said that for now this is possible theory but let's not jump to conclusion!!!
    Besides what in the world is heat.
    That's yet to be revealed!!!!!
    In gokus case it's a transformation for him. Yes it is technique in gods eyes. But for goku… Case is different

  21. The writing of this arc is getting terrible, Zamasu arc is better so far.

  22. I'm happy instinct is back and all but if they set it up were Krillin is able to keep with that too we riot.

  23. This is dumb, Kafla is insanely and absurdly overpowered…

  24. I think that ultra is just Goku releases his full power without a transformation. All transformations is just potentially of fighter and not like a different power source.

  25. goku fused with Android 17…..mightyest warrior

  26. You know that i think vegeta wont go without a fight so i think what the pride troopers and gohans team is that they will knock themselves out of the ring and universes 11 and 7 will be the only to stay and with that goku and jiren is the only 2 warriors remaining and with that the omnis will tell is they can fight but in their full power to compete for not getting erased. And vegeta knows thats the only way theyll have a chance winning and getting the sball.

  27. i wounder what the other Gods reactions would be like knowing that goku can use ultra instinct !!!!!!!!!

  28. Hmmm Jiren is Goku in universe 11?

  29. Goku loses Tô kefla with blue kaioken WTF fuck that ,so why didnt kefla try To fight jiren ? This is stupid

  30. I thought it was pretty clear that UI gave a power up too. Even Android 17 said "somehow Goku instantly overcame that overwhelming difference in power". Also talking about Jiren taking damage, I thought it was even crazier how Hit punched Jiren which left a hole in his chest but Jiren instantly healed up.

  31. Sry, did the spoilers said Goku powered up to kaioken? It only states that he uses SSB.

  32. I just wish they would've acknowledged SS4 as canon. I'm so sick of these basic uninspired "transformations where they just change colors.

  33. Goku will lose a second time, before Universe 7 will start protecting him so he can actually regain his power this time around. Then he will fight Jiren a 3rd time with Ultra Instinct. As they all say, 3rd time's a chime!

  34. Have you seen caulifa transform in to a super saiyan easily

  35. its getting boring now , since last more than three weeks no more episodes,and all these spoilers are spoiling my patience

  36. Kaoiken blue wouldn't have lost uf goku wasnt tired. 2 kaflia is legendary super sayjin fusion thst us different from regular super sayjin. Think of trunks in goku black arc trunks form was stupid strong

  37. Y’all so slow ultra instinct obviously is a new form the hell,how did y’all not notice that

  38. A couple days ago in Dragon Ball time, neither Caulifla nor Kale could turn super sayen. Now they can probably put up a good fight against Beerus. Either nostalgia hit me so hard, I'm in a delusional coma, or…..

  39. Why does everyone believe that Kafla beating ssbgss is absurd. This is a tournament of power and that's 2 saiyans and that fused lol

  40. I wanna see vagita be stronger for the first time and surpasses everyone by watching goku transforms will enraged him to a higher limit beyond would be nice to see that twist

  41. I just cumehameha my girl …

  42. kafla beats ssb because goku is trying to figure out how he can trigger ultra instinct shes just his puppet

  43. Once Goku learns how to go ultra instinct without practically on the verge of death it will be over for everyone.

  44. Explosion thats why Jiren interested in Round 2 with Goku.

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