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The Arrival of Jiren

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Get ready jiren ur Baap…SSG Goku is finally returning for you…

  2. I love this character jiren 💀💪

  3. Give vegeta his page back on facebook !!!

  4. jiren is the real UFO alien here …

  5. jiren looks like a big version of grey matter lol

  6. Damn…The Fight betwen Goku and Jiren will blow away everything!!!

  7. oh f#ck goku I rather see Hit vs Jiren

  8. do you know where I can find this series of dragon ball?

  9. 20 freaking episodes or more and they still haven't started the tournament? That's the longest 48 hours ever. All things considered, I want to see Jiren vs Frieza, Frieza vs Hit, Jiren vs Hit. Now that would make it worth my wait. Oh wait. Jiren vs Kale (Broly), Frieza vs Kale (Broly), Hit vs Kale (Broly). That should be Epic. They gotta put this in, I would be one happy man.

  10. vegetable ssj2 blue and goku super kaioken X lol Goku reaches a universal Satyam power that changes his presence in the universe that even makes beerus sweat.

  11. I Will see gogeta in this fight

  12. strong as hell untill goku show them his true power

  13. They better not hoe vegeta in this tournament that'd be a huge let down.

  14. Jiren ain't shit, I bet he can't even touch Hercule….. Hercules even fucked up beebus by only turning super sayain….

  15. I find his face disturbing, those black eyes make me uneasy

  16. The strongest team of all time

    1. Monaka (Captain)
    2. Yamcha
    3. Tien
    4. Master Oshi
    5.  Bulla
    6. Trunks
    7. Goten
    8. Kuririn 

    Coach Mr. Satan…..

  17. Jiren VS Master Oshi Oshi is gonna whoop Jiren's ASS….

  18. im more excited of the return of the legendary assassin hit

  19. Imagine if that yardrat is really that person who is the most powerful mortal alive.

  20. The God of destruction from universe 12 is asked if he wants to join the frey, but he then refuses and says ''you already know the results.''… Then when the bout finishes he grins arrogantly …. Well, that makes me get a hunch that he might be the strongest amongst all Gods of destruction.. Agree or disagree?

  21. honestly. goku is fucked in this one.. the new form won't last since he hasn't practiced it yet.. his in freezas golden forms position

  22. Jiren the Gray against Hit, the legendary Assasin needs to happen before Son Goku surpasses his own limit!

  23. MaSTAR Media

    What if Hit and Frost trained together, while being off screen? Frost could have achieved a golden (or similar form) by now, considered how fast their race can grow in terms of power.

  24. lol one thing everyone forgets to point out is the yardrat's showed goku the Fusion Dance also

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