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Taking a short break from Anime War

Taking a short break from Anime War Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Taking a short break from Anime War Online. One Piece
eng sub anime hd quality Video. Today The following anime Taking a short break from Anime War watchop & gogoanime has been released NOW You Can Enjoy Anime Here ON 9Gogoanime.

is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. If you're going to ANIME EXPO 2017 Leave it in a comment below this! Let's do a fan meetup!

  2. Mastarmedia should have a anime mash up show he should have a show on the TV about all the great things he has made 😀

  3. we in the caribbean here are dying for episode 5… release date please or an estimated date

  4. when is episode due for release????

  5. I wanna animate like you one day

  6. don't stop please its so fxxxxxx badass dude I love your shit dude this is awsome

  7. You suck and should be ashamed of yourself you bald headed twat.

  8. hello master media , in what date are you gonna put the new episode of anime war?

  9. I like ur way of thinking about anime war.Your right no one likes watching episodes of 4min or 6mins I mean that's really irritating.Well anyway u gotta life of own.I'm just glad ur not quitting on this awesome anime.I understand this things takes time I mean u have to make all the heroes cool.If it was 1hero u guys had then u guys couldv have do it easily.But u have to focus on all the heroes so its really hard.Anyway take ur time.Really looking forward for the next episode.Keep up the good work 😉

  10. just take your time animating but don't quit please

  11. i love all your anime war video it awesome bro u need take a break

  12. well until u continue i'll resub by the next episode

  13. hey I love your work man I mean not even funimation can animate this good

  14. Please continue the anime war

  15. Dude you take your time. 🙂

  16. It's all right, man! Just keep doing what you gotta do to work towards your dreams! I believe in you and I expect great things to come from this channel! 😉👍

  17. I know this pushing it brother but if it were possible cud u make a transformation past white ,? OMG what would that look like I can see it now

  18. it's fine dude, take all the time you need. this is your project and if you want a break take a break

  19. you bro, can I use the episodes of anime war to help bring you more views by placing one video at a time to my website? it's called sazuri's promotional products, I am still new just bringing people help to their own businesses while helping my own at the same time.

  20. hey ma star when next episode release

  21. Watch db absolon them maybe you'd have different character designs instead of copying omega shenron,janemba and buu, the dude does it all himself and hasn't stopped yet he's got his own characters instead of the btec 'evil' god of destruction so you are not overworking yourself.

  22. Watch toi copyright strike mastar on some dumb shot

  23. Hey it's ok if you don't do it for a bit we don't control you and you also spend a lot of money on it and probably more than you earn

  24. This is the first year i don't come to animexpo =,( i am sad i woun't be able to meet you

  25. you look like howard from big bang theory

  26. I just want to see an epic war and i can wait how long it take bro as long as it confirm will come out.

  27. Awesome man. Glad to hear your planning to pick back up on Demon rush. I think going the route of making a 1 minute high quality trailer is the best thing to do, quality over quantity if your talking about your own series, you'd be kicking yourself if you released episodes you knew you could have done better on. Even if you wound up putting out a few episodes a year when it gets going of high quality stuff, that would be better than amateur looking episodes every month or two.

  28. What are you talking about man? This is even better. That means people that want to see Demon Rush are excited! Keep up the good work.

  29. I agree that 17 or there show 17 stronger than goku fuck 17 bruh or who ever got this idea fuckkkk sorry for saying bad crap

  30. pls add fastly anime war episode plzzzzzzzzzz

  31. Yes go back to demon rush I can't wait

  32. REALLY??? dude come on bro you need to remember that you need to keep pushing forward, the more you keep pushing the more your show will stay in the spot light and what that will do is people will talk about your episodes. And also do you really think you would have gotten 440k subs by now without your animations? If you need to take a personal break do so man but you should try sticking to one subject.

  33. bro just do deman for like two weeks and go do animewar

  34. I'll see you at anime expo ! I'll be at Giant oversized Pokedex look out for that lol

  35. do you know when Natsu will show up no rush or anything just curious he's one of my favorite anime characters

  36. Yeah man, I can definitely understand wanting to also work on Demon Rush, especially after picking up some experience/new techniques. I'm fine with seeing what you want to do with that. Plus I totally understand wanting to take a break. Believe me, nobody is a workaholic 24/7 (my apologies if that is not the correct word/phrase to use). But yeah, good luck with Demon Rush!

  37. take your time no rush, keep up the great work!!

  38. U are right, U need a break dude!

  39. Bro, where is Natsu? I love this channel, but he hasn't shown up yet

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