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Super Saiyan X?

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. what about unknown super sayan and unknown keoken

  2. Well Goku's New Form Is Limit Breaker…

  3. Update: Goku's new form is 100% confirmed and it looks badass af, check it out!

  4. Listen up y'all. Here is a theory thats most likely true based on facts in the show. You know how Goku fought everyone from Universe 7 to train them yes? But he also trained himself since didnt fight them in a very long time. For an example,krilin power x1000 if you know what I mean,Gohan's new ultimate form.etc.etc. Goku himself realesed he can do it. He prolly achieved infinite form of Kaioken

  5. Goku's next transformation will be something similar to that of SS4 from GT. Not in terms of his look, but his behavior. I remember even in gt goku saying – "There's so much power in me right now, I can hardly think straight"(or something like that :P). So Goku is about to get cocky 😛

  6. I honestly think the form will be goku back in his base… hear me out tho

    It's been rumored that Gohan was scheduled to become the new leader of the show on multiple occasions. He beat cell when his father passed on and he reached some ultimate form that was supposed to end buu while his dad was back in the world of the dead. But fans kept shutting that idea down so mid way through toriyama would just let our good ole Goku be the hero. But if Gohan was his new intended lead, then maybe Gohans ultimate form was what he was hoping would become the new norm for the future. A reset button back to the traditional, simpler, black hair. Rather than the blonde haired blue eyed ssj, the strongest form would go back to black. Toriyamas only real connection with GT was designing ssj4 and that form had black hair. So maybe toriyamas reason for creating so many ssj hair colors right now is to hopefully get everyone so irritated with all of the hair colors that they couldn't help but love the idea of resetting it back to black. Ya know? The blonde haired blue eyed ssj image is a beloved image because for a lot of us fans, it was the long awaited transformation into the legendary ssj. But the true essence of Goku isn't just the man we knew from that frieza battle. But the boy we grew up with from dragonball and the early dragonball z episodes. Ever since that first ssj battle, it's been all power ups, transformations and fusions. For some that's great. But the Goku we all knew and loved changed dramatically after that first ssj transformation. So for toriyama I think his wish for GT was to take it back to the old Goku. The kid that went on quests and adventures lookin for dragonballs and meeting new friends/enemies. It was poorly received but til this day toriyama still doesn't deny that he enjoyed GT. So with super, you can see that it's a good mix of the good ole dragon ball, and the back end of dragon ball z. For the dragonball fans, Goku is no longer the strongest. So now he's back to square one, searching for someone to train him to become the strongest warrior. Super even brought back a big end all tournament for Goku to test himself in. Tien, master roshi and piccolo are all back in fighting form. For the Z fans, there a bagillion new transformations, all the worlds are in grave danger and you got two friezas, a respectable version of cell in Hit, and a bunch of female saiyans that blow through transformations like water! It's a mix of the fun loving Goku adventures of old and "the world is in danger and we need to stop the big baddy" vibe of Z. So for me that's why I think this final form will be Goku back to his base hair color. I think toriyamas gonna say enough is enough, and in the end, the strongest change in gokus power level will come internally rather than externally

  7. Another thing: The form looks like the base form of Goku but the hair is in the form of a Super Saiyan.

  8. Also I think it's gonna be the SSJG of SSJG…. SSJGSSJG IS GONNA BE SO COOL


  10. Everyone knows roshi will beat jiren and all the universes

  11. omg my frist dragon ball idea super saiyan X
    i can c it coming lol

  12. I want Super Saiyan 4 again. This would be so super for Dragon Ball Super.

  13. New Form? nope just kaio x200 WAIT NO SUPER SAIYAN ULTIMATE GOD ……….

    maybe ?

  14. Goku looks angry lol but looks so badass

  15. Vegeta would be stronger if it wasn't for goku being pure and if he didn't have that stupid kaioken

  16. Maybe hes transformation is like mystic it looks like hes in base form maybe???

  17. super saiyan x or super saiyan wihet?

  18. This is what i like the good tought not the bad toughts

  19. IN your dbz anime episodes make the super saiyan X x100 kioken

  20. I'm ganna say it's omni god form but omni god has two gates witch take about 700 years of training but for goku it would be 600 so if it is ….he would be just as strong as the omni king of saiyans wich is pretty much beyond god level so mabe no

  21. i wish they bring back the ssj4 design for dbs but call it ssj primal

  22. You all guys don't get it yet? HERE'S the answer:

    Goku perfects kaioken and combines it with ssgss, which results in new KI(energey) far greater than ssgss.
    This results in controlled ki usage and he doesn't need to turn in to ssgss anymore.

  23. I wanna see Super Sayian Orange!

  24. it's obvious he's gonna turn into super saying krillin and win

  25. I think a purple color could be cool. Purple has always signified the power of the Gods of Destruction and it can be a symbolic color for Goku reaching their level

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