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Super Saiyan White // Omni Bardock – Speed Art

Super Saiyan White // Omni Bardock – Speed Art Is Available on

Watch Super Saiyan White // Omni Bardock – Speed Art Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. If anyone ever needed an award for awesome artist it would be you 👍🏻😊👏👏👏👏

  2. The face is a bit weird but good job

  3. Instead of this, Bardock should join Anime War, but instead have the power to go, "Saiyan Pride" and he turns into a great ape. But also with the power of Super Saiyan.

  4. sooo amazing u are The Best

  5. 💥Super Saiyan White Goku vs Omni Bardock💥

  6. Hey ..MaSTAR Media you have not draw the complete dress of Bardock….see it by yourself…

  7. master please put bardock in anime war it would be so awesome

  8. does the front hairof bardock look weird?

  9. Look at this part 0:55 doesn't he look like One Punch Man/Satiama with Bardock's clothes?

  10. Can you do an Omni Super Saiyan 5 KaioKen x100 (with the reddish skin tone).
    Maybe add Supervillain to it as well (the infinity on the forehead and purple eyes). So like a Supervillain Omni Super Saiyan 5 KaioKen x100.
    Imagine the power behind that form <3

  11. You should of made his scare neon red like the Omni signal (super sayain white) thing at least read it if this is a good idea

  12. Bardock is my all time fav, considering that he never trained with King Kai or Whis extensively like Goku did, I would definitely say that he has a higher potential than Goku. I mean just think about how weak Goku was before he met King Kai, he couldn't even beat Raditz. If Bardock were training along side Goku through out Super, he'd probably be about as much stronger than Goku than as Goku is stronger than Vegeta. Anyway, I really like this fan art.

  13. Finally you did a good speed art! well done.

  14. it would be amazing if bardock can join the series and father and son fight side by side to defeat the evil god king

  15. everyone says u cant draw or animate without tracing. This proves them wrong lol

  16. Yo master when are you going to upload anime war ep 5

  17. make golden 5th form cooler or omni god Broly

  18. Cool, but Superman still beats him. 😀

  19. Could this be a hint of bar dock in your series???

  20. when is mastar releasing pt5 anime war trailer

  21. super saiyan bargain sale omnigod edition

  22. put saint seiya in anime war

  23. why does this have 120 dislikes . ?

  24. It looks awesome dude ! Good job 🙂 !


  26. W I did wallpaper but I don't have Facebook and twitter tho


  28. I'm super jealous that I can't draw like this. btw I love watching the Anime Wars u do. Just keep the great job with it.

  29. Damnit mastar o thought this was a trailer to episode 5

  30. mastar will you add bardock in anime war ? please answer cause I think an Omni god bardock would be amazing

  31. hey, Mastar. soon I will be uploading a YouTube channel and I want to make my own anime, like you. Can you and your friends help me?

  32. hello mastar I got a question and Idk if this is true to me. will bardock be introduced into anime war?

  33. I don't want to rush you on anime war:episode 5 but may you please give us a time and date on the release of this episode

  34. Mastar media maby is bardock the person. Stronger than gods cause i washed a episode. When he went in to a portal to another universe after helping the heros in dbs so he can be the one stronger. Than gods of destruction and bardock can travel through time to come back

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