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Super Saiyan Blue is DEFEATED!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 Preview

Super Saiyan Blue is DEFEATED!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 Preview Is Available on

Watch Super Saiyan Blue is DEFEATED!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 Preview Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Theoretically if they evolved better and can learn power levels much faster than Universe 7’s Saiyans they should be teaching Goku new levels or higher power transformations. They should be ahead of Universe 7 Saiyans by far.

  2. Kayfla? I thought it was Kefla

  3. So much irrelevant information. Ssj3 Kefla will never happen are you crazy dude. It's like saying ssj 3 veggito .

  4. also, it is never said universe 6 nameks have ever seperated into as many beings as the universe 7 nameks. maybe there is only like 10 nameks in universe 6, also hella strong lol

  5. Mastar every time you make a comment on power scaling
    …you are just fucking wrong plain and fucking simple

  6. Gotenks and trunks being able to go super sayan is bs too

  7. When i consider how the Potara fusion works.
    Caulifla + Kale * 10 = Kefla
    I think this is enough brute force to deliver Goku a hard fight even as Super Saiyan Blue

  8. i feel as though the title was a question like is it going to be defeated not that it will be defeated

  9. gohan needs ultra instinct so he can DOOOOOGGGGGGEEEE!

  10. who down-votes your videos? they must be sad individuals

  11. Cauliffa I like as a character but she's getting so many transformations to fast

    Kale isn't bad she's kinda funny, but she's to dependent on her sister (like the time goku dodged Caulifas attack she's all "why did u dodge her attack")

    But If anything my man frieza better fuck em both up

  12. People should just accept the fact that Kefla is strong despite it not making since. The show will go on meanwhile Vegeta v. Toppo /Gohan and Piccolo v. U6 Namekians and lastly the Androids should receive more focus.

  13. you act like another youtuber named scarce

  14. What Akira is saying that Kefla is stronger than Black goku? He was stronger than ssb but NO…. Goku Black is A SAVAGE

  15. We need to see Vegeta vs Toppo already damn wtf

  16. But how are they still in the tournament? The earrings are items, and items are against the rules…right?

  17. Ssj blue defeated could mean Vegeta loses to toppo but I hope not

  18. The real point here is that

    People can’t accept that the U6 Saiyans aren’t Goku through what our “precious heroes” went through to obtain their power.

    Quit complaining cuz we can’t change it. I bet most of the fan base will LOVE kale and caulifla when this arc is over.

  19. We don't know the extent of the potential power of the legendary super saiyan since there is only one. So maybe that's why they're strong.

  20. This is such bs…unferior sayains that trained using a bench press with nornal ass weights could even possibly catch up to goku in baseform letalone god

  21. It doesn't say blue IS defeated it's a question ❓ basically saying is blue defeated or not, it's not stating a fact.

  22. So nobody notices the fact that the potara only lasts a hour? Plus from the power the may burn in that state they may waste more energy. That means Goku could have an advantage. And Goku is nowhere near full power yet so we can't assume he lost. And knowing Goku he may get ultra instinct again.

  23. Guys goku is recovering from jiren take that in account when calculating keflas power.

  24. I'm glad Dragon Ball super is continuing with the long tradition in the dragon ball universe of complete bullshit asspulls. Also the ridiculous time spans of one second = one hour.

  25. At the end of this video Those shaggy…. You know what I meant😅

  26. They aren't stronger than mystic gohan he's still in Base form against em he's holding back like every z fighter

  27. I CAN'T STAND THESE GIRLS! 30-40 years of work matched in <48 minutes. I don't care how they evolved. This is BS. THIS IS BS! Now they're beating up Super Saiyan God Goku in their base form. This is just too much, and what is it with all this ambiguous hand holding business. What does that have to do with anything? It's like we have the special followed by "Hit" being wasted, and now the show is just going downhill. Further, what the hell is going on with Gohan? Jeez. They are making it difficult to keep watching this crap on a weekly basis. It's like the show needs another special just to make up for this CRAP!

  28. I'm sick of these universe 6 sayains progressing like a cup of water being filled up there are gaining so much power over a small amount of time without no damn training

  29. The title is a question it can go both ways . Stop saying the title saying she stronger then blue . YouTube just wanna mumble their way to 10 mins

  30. Wait a minute…. If kelfa base form is stronger than goku's super sayin God does that mean if she went against beerus she would win ?? Cuz when beerus fought goku in super sayian god form the fight was pretty close but beerus won I'm pretty sure

  31. what's happening in super now is all bull shit

  32. Goku stated that he feels power bubbling up in him as he fights, so he's not that exhausted.

  33. These bitches too op

    Nerf em Akira like you did Gohan

  34. 1. sigh Why are you talking about who's stronger versus someone who is not at 100 percent? The only reason Goku is standing is because Frieza gave him a small amount of his power.
    2. YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO KILL. So please no more power level discussions. THEY'RE NOT GOING ALL OUT.
    3. Kefla is going to lose to Goku (obviously) by fusion ending Frieza or the invisible fighters stepping in at that critical moment to knock her out of the ring.

  35. Why do u think gohan is in mystic form..that's crazy

  36. Maybe he is not doing hes whole power

  37. How many more episodes of goku vs caulifla and kale? I'm ready to move on already but the writers keep dragging this fight that people weren't really interested in.

  38. I’m getting kinda pissed that Goku is getting his ass kicked for 2 episodes twice and another episode of SSB getting wrecked once again.

  39. Isn’t it obvious?!?! Isn’t it?!?!? The reason why the forms come so fast for caulifla, is due to the fact that she’s only ever been in her base form without knowing there were even transformations. Her power in base form farrrrrr exceeded the levels required to attain the transformations. This is why gotenks was able to go ssj3. They just needed to be shown how to actually do the transformations. If caulifla was as strong as goku vs raditz, she’d never be able to go super Saiyan. I hope pan goes super saiyan as a baby.

  40. You can't say the namekians can't be strong you don't know their story you don't know what they been through

  41. should hv android 18 fighting the girls more…

  42. with the recent fusion and subsequent powerups it's pretty obvious the girls are be around for the majority of super, possibly setting up a spin-off. all of this is good news in my book prays for dlc in fighter z or XenoVerse

  43. I like Caulifla but they are over doing it with Kefla defeating ssb Goku.

  44. waiting Frieza to take the universe 6 saiyans out😈😈

  45. two fucking days… absolutely ridiculous. most insane power jump ever.

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