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“Super” Android 17 vs SSB Goku – Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Review

“Super” Android 17 vs SSB Goku – Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Review Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch “Super” Android 17 vs SSB Goku – Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Review Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. How do I watch full dragon Ball super episodes ?

  2. i dont like how all of a sudden everyone can somewhat keep up with goku, and how these new transformations/ new forms aren't given proper emotion like Kale can go ssj2 without any anger/emotion seems lazy

  3. i wonder what's going to happen when Android 17 & 18 are challenged by universe 3 seeing that's like the universe of robots

  4. This battle was beautiful. Man I am loving Super.

  5. You know what would be acceptable for a character to be as strong as SSJB? If they actually had character development and showed that they did some sort of training. Not just "oh, I'm just stronger for the lolz". Do some shit like Whis opening a rift to train everyone in a space like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber except it's almost infinite in time compression and can make your physical bodies not age extremely from the effects. Or I don't know MAKE NEW CHARACTERS. It's not like I don't know who is going to be in the tournament. ITS IN THE FUCKING OPENING. Don't waste an episode where Goku says hi to Dende, sees 17 and then gets rejected. LITERALLY WE KNEW HE WAS GOING TO SEE 17 LAST EPISODE. All that happened was him saying no in one episode.
    Also them using stock footage is a good thing now??? Wow I'm pretty sure that just shows a waste of redefining old scenes in the DBS style to keep an extra buck.

    P.S If Master Roshi kicks the shit out of the Goku I'll take this all back because then I'll appreciate the show for making it apparent that it gives zero fucks.

  6. off subject.
    what if them being erased, only to be recreated in the parallel universe that had to be destroyed due to goku blk..

  7. Fuck the animation. Goku s Epicness is gone. Ssb is not special anymore. ssb can shake a fucking universe. He is basically quintilliom times stronger than others. N Fuck u for defending Toriyama shitty writing . N one more thing cut d crap of animation n sound effects.

  8. dende says pen pineapple apple pen

  9. so does this mean that Android 18 could beat Vegeta ( ssb)?

  10. Just wish the DB Super OST was better…. its too cheerful and whimsical and doesn't quite fit badass fightscenes like this.

  11. People! SSB doesn't mean it's at max power, Goku uses it to better manipulate his power level to closely match his opponent! Geez…

  12. Goku is not stronger than Superman. Screwattack got it right after all. Now everyone apologize

  13. No more Dragon ball z super , Goku is weak with blue super weak weak all the way, 17 strong as a god , krilling strong to push a super kamehameha from blue weak goku,, weak .saitama is stronger by far now …. good bye dragon ball

  14. CONFLICT IN SCRIPT::: Goku must evolve as a character, but they want to keep him down to earth.How do you do that,? By magibally boosting all other characters so that the SSB god mode is just another tansfromation, no big deal. Their logic is that if Goku is too strong for 98 percent of the cgaracters, it limits the fights he will have in ernest. I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SAY IT ONE DAY, BUT DBZ SUCKS ASS. NARUTO IS MUCH BETER

  15. i appreciate the bull crap….all the sudden in 5 minutes ssblue gets nerfed….gimmie a break

  16. I think they redid the flashbacks on Trunks saga due to the differents hair colors

  17. Goku will go Super Saiyan Blue 2 Kaioken Sagemode against Master Roshi.

  18. I like android 17, he's been training for 10 years. I accept this. I stopped watching dbs, watching it again now. 17 saved it for me, don't screw up again super.

  19. that is namek version of pen pineapple pen .. that sense says pan penapo in English pen pineapple pen

  20. I really think that ssblue of goku was still only at 30 percent only and 17 got 50%

  21. that barrier can absorb energy

  22. I dont care what type of explanations are pulled out of asses, there is no way that 17 couldve kept up against SSJB. I dont care how much he lifted because the gap is enormous! There has been SSJ2 and 3 plus SSJG and now SSJB, its just 2 wide to justify 17's apparent power boost.

  23. Goku was said to be holding back effectively by A.17. Lets go to the roots, A.17 fighting Super Piccolo. They were nearly equal, A.17 with the upper hand. Tagoma one shotted Piccolo at RoF. Gohan said Tagoma was as strong as him in his "Mystic Gohan" form. After 2 sagas, Piccolo has gotten stronger since his encounter with Tagoma. We can say that this Piccolo is as strong as Kid Buu. Kid Buu << Super Buu << Mystic Gohan (Buu Arc). Id say, Piccolo is still weaker than Super Buu, and Tagoma, but as strong as Kid Buu due to him still doing straight training daily. Dende said 17 has kept up with his training, we can say, that due to Piccolo only being able to stand up to 17 by absorbing Kami. We can say, that due to the manga, Piccolo without having of had absorbed Kami would of had been 1/3 of 17's power. So we can say, Kid Buu's PL x3 makes a Mystic Gohan Level. So Id have to make A.17 at Mystic Gohan (Buu Arc) level. So, Tagoma Level.

  24. Frieza trains for 6 months, become ssjb tier
    *17 trains for 10 years becomes stronger than ssj1 Goku

  25. makes me wonder if they're going to bring Android 16 back

  26. And during the fight when Goku goes SSB, android 17 said "oh, so you can turn into that too?"
    What do you think he meant by that?

  27. Cut the BS. 17 couldn't even BEAT an incomplete Cell… plus perfect cell got his butt kicked by super Saiyan 2 Gohan. SSJ 3 is a lot stronger than an SSJ 2 and then Super Saiyan Blue is supposed to be much stronger than an SSJ 3. You mean to tell me after all the non-stop fighting Goku has been doing in order to even obtain his level of power, 17 now has this kind of power as well? GTFOH. The writers are reaching on this one.

  28. 17 is like that now. If he had been anything like that when he fought Piccolo and "held back," he would've blasted imperfect cell into a million pieces with a finger blast while cell's tail was stretched out over his head and shoulders (like Frieza's only incomparably stronger). Or, y'know, he would've seen it coming and have been fast enough to dodge the tail with ease and crush cell's head between his thumb and forefinger. This was NOT his power back then; that's bs retconning

  29. I'm thinking Cyborg 17 simply had his power locked out and over time figured out how to unlock it though training.

  30. blue is shit.. it was good till HiT part.. the way they r using blue is sick. one point trunks Surpassed vegito blue was some serious shit, ever watched. developers shitting anything they want for Goku.. #DBSuper turning Trash.. even ssj4 goku is more powerful n sagas were more addicted than these..

  31. When i saw episode 86 i was someting like this "this is goku who fight beerus or a better form"" meh

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