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SPOILERS! – Dragon Ball Super Episode 102

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. When the episode came out and nobody ever fused or mention. 😂😂

  2. Gohan knows the fusion dance too

  3. I couldve swore they said fusion wasnt allowed

  4. Honestly I would rather see android 17 18 fuse.

  5. Match your birthday with what you did
    January: You beat the crap out of
    February: You gave a biscuit to
    March: You had an ice cream with
    April: You went for shopping with
    May: You went for a ride with
    June: You were invited to a party by
    July: You have to fight with
    August: You will be killed by
    September: You will do training with
    October: Your best friend is
    November: You go to school with
    December: Your role model is

    1st: Goku
    2nd: Dyspo
    3rd: Android 17
    4th: Yamcha
    5th: Krillin
    6th: Tien
    7th: Chiaotzu
    8th: Android 18
    9th: Vegeta
    10th: Zamasu
    11th: Beerus
    12th: Sidra
    13th: Zeno
    14th: Freeza
    15th: Mastar
    16th: Vegito
    17th: Veku
    18th: Broly
    19th: Pikkon
    20th: Gogeta
    21st: Toriyama
    22nd: Supreme Kai Shin
    23rd: Jiren
    24th: Caulifla
    25th: Kale
    26th: Piccolo
    27th: Roshi
    28th: Janemba
    29th: Bulma
    30th: Frost
    31st: Whis

  6. I think that fusions and absorbions are why toei didn't allow majin buu in the tournament of power, because majin buu could absorb all of the universe seven fighters and become totally OP. Just a theoretical opinion.

  7. Didn't Vegeta say fusion isn't allowed? That's why goten and trunk couldn't join as Gotenks?

  8. gogeta is weak vegito is stronger

  9. When will you people stop criticizing ma boy vegeta for letting cell transform….
    Ok Ok..
    We get it..
    he shouldn't have done that , get over it.

  10. Everyone in the tournament critisizes 17 for actually having brain and not allowing transformations


  11. Wait a minute so if there was gojeta doesn't mean there's gonna be freagon

  12. Goku is stupid end of discussion… DBS is not touching DBZ

  13. Hey! That big blue guy with the helmet at the end of the video, anyone else think he looks a lot like those 3 characters from GT that like to dance? They're blue and wear red jumpsuits

  14. #17 better not get knocked out so soon. He's such a badass.

  15. 17 is the first person to be smart and not let someone transform because if you lose you die, goku gets mad at 17.

  16. 17 is doing the job next week and also piccolo…

  17. Brianna eyes are like five nights at sister location

  18. Vegeta wouldnt do the dance, looking at the ending sequence of each episode, the emphasis is on Goku and Gohan so I bet Gohan would be willing to do it making the fusion but if they do and go SSB it would never last, not even 5 mins but with Gohans potential power up they maybe able to last the full time

  19. Did anyone else see the ending of episode 101, during the preview for 102, where it gives a glimpse of Android 17 getting his ass handed to him by RiBrienne? I haven't seen a single person touch on that yet…

  20. or maybe we will se goku and gohan fuse? Gokan

  21. I will be honest, if goku and vegeta really wanted to win they would fuse and just destroy everyone. I am pretty positive even jiren would get blown away by blue gogeta. Literally fused vegeta plus goku is past god level and could blink around knocking every single person off. But they won't do that because the tournament would last like 5 minutes, and about 4 of that would be jiren because he is the only one tough enough to even stand a chance.

  22. goku is such a piece of shit, selfish cunt, all tournament he kept getting surprised and owned by everyone, he is should be erased.

  23. from good looking girl to fat dusgusting ladn whale gj anime gj.

  24. This should be a conformation of fused Gogeta, we now know that fusion is allowed

  25. Vegeta knows the fusion dance, Goku doesn't have to teach him

  26. yeah that's right am hasty hearing them explaining to us how 17 got jacked to rival god's ki power level lol
    and hopefully not while he's getting nailed by sailormoon's cousin rofl XD

  27. the vageto is perfect in tournament of power and I love goku my name is moazzin azam khan

  28. would it be possible for Goku and a17 to fuse ? a17 has limitless power just sayin

  29. Vegeta Hates fusion….. Idk if his ego will allow it….

  30. Dbz Absalon is better then this shit

  31. If Toei and Toriyama are trying to get people to hate on Goku, that's the way to go. Goku is even starting to piss me off. He always has to get in the way. He always has to have things his way. When he himself has nothing to be proud of, so far. Because so far he has done rookie mistake after rookie mistake.
    Also how many more universes have to die until he gets it. I guess that only when he sees Universe 6 get erased will he wake the fuck up.

  32. Android 17 gonna give Goku a schooling in his tactics

  33. lol look at 17 defying the laws of dragon ball physics

  34. Lol 17 as strong as blue, Krillin capable of beam struggling a SSB kamehameha, 18 kicking a SSB kamehameha, that abomination trans Broly walking through it, what's next? Yamcha beating SSB Goku in one blow with a sneeze.

  35. Wait if I thought if you do the fusion dance your power level has to be the same as your opponent well that means there gonna have to turn sjjb before doing it considering how strong goku is in base for

  36. I'm seeing a scenario where Goku and Vegita Try to fuse but.. Vegita got knocked out while performing the dance.

  37. 17 isnt as strong as blue you crazy

  38. My theory is that Goku and Gohan will fuse, making Mystic Super Sayian God Super Sayian. That poster of Goku with a tense back, the SS1 hair (but black), and a very Mystic Gohan style aura, and we can only see half his face…

  39. what does the term "cannon" mean????

  40. Do you know that goku already has his new transformation because when he was fighting Topo he said I'll show you what it looks like when I break my limit

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