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Royal Omni-Vegeta (Why I Spoiled it) and Anime War Episode 2 Release date

Royal Omni-Vegeta (Why I Spoiled it) and Anime War Episode 2 Release date Is Available on

Watch Royal Omni-Vegeta (Why I Spoiled it) and Anime War Episode 2 Release date Online. One Piece
eng sub anime hd quality Video. Today The following anime Royal Omni-Vegeta (Why I Spoiled it) and Anime War Episode 2 Release date watchop & gogoanime has been released NOW You Can Enjoy Anime Here ON 9Gogoanime.

is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. where is episode 5 i wanna see vegeta fight after turning omni god…

  2. vegita and goku ,LeBron and Jordan 😂

  3. I am highly impressed with, everything you guys do yeah. I have always loved how goku n vegeta both get strong and vegeta gets to a point of being the most strong for a bit then goku catches up. It is a great way to teach everyone that you can use your temper to beat hard strong situation 's without harm but showvanistic. And Goku with being happy and destroying very bad energy in bad enemy,wins against anger any day . I hope this is a help to how the outcomes will be for use.

    P.S Will I get to see some more of supreme vegeta attack and plant the gods soon haha .

  4. Please release episode 4 as soon as possible… I m damn excited..

  5. u doing an awesome job..we lovin it

  6. is it me or is anybody finally happy The Prince is finally getting his just do. I like your animations better anyone else's. Do your thing bro do your thing.

  7. MASTAR is is fair to give goku a better power up than vegeta hes alredy stronger than him in every series of dragon ball z and more thats not fair vegeta deserves it

  8. Incredible job, keep it up, many people I know love it! Thank you!

  9. fucking love you man big fan of yours i'll support you bro

  10. Vegeta should be stronger than goku and your video showing how he achieved this formed because of his bloodline is the biggest reason why! Only reason why goku was a head of vegeta is because he is the main character and protagonist, plus this is what motivation vegeta to get stronger. I just hope vegeta becomes stronger in the real series!

  11. i don't know why people wouldn't want vegita to become stronger then goku for at least once let the badass get the spot light for once not the baby face

  12. imagine saitama gets the omni god…

  13. Yo MaSTAR, F all those shitty idiots that are upset Vegeta is more powerful than Goku. Vegeta deserves a fucking time to shine. Fuck the people that are Goku fanboys instead of DBZ fans that can appreciate Vegeta as well.

  14. umm im quite new to this series so could anyone explain the mark on the fore head? or has it not been explained yet? im sorry im new.

  15. can you make omi king level 2

  16. can't wait for anime war 4 bro

  17. I actually love the little spoilers you do Jake

  18. bro this Anime war saga… is as good as any its like Akira has done it… are a freak whens episode 4 coming out???

  19. we just want to see the movie not your story


  21. Once again…Goku fans pressuring the maker to make him the strongest. Fuck Goku fans, I can't stand those whiny babies. Not all Goku fans are like this. I mean, all the Goku fans who feel Goku hasn't had enough spotlight after 20 fucking years. They are my least favourite part of the fandom…

  22. your bullshit MaSTAR Media bulllfucking shit goku alaways surpasses vegeta

  23. I believe in all gohan is suppose to be the strongest. because we awaken his powers faster and I believe if they get they tale back it would be more apex what u think.I believe gohan should get his tale back and ah new form with the mystic blue rage an ah tale

  24. take it easy holmes . i love your work. however what i can suggest is set a release date at the end of each video . it can be 14-20 days . that i think will help. also if your story mode could be cannon men that would be the goal. keep it up holmes . peace

  25. im glad that u made vegeta stronger than goku cause he is my favorite character

  26. When MaSTAR is doing a better animation than Toei

  27. take your time brother ,I'm enjoying the anime s war epsoide, and I love how u keep me in suspense for the next epsoide

  28. You Mastar thank you for understanding the meaning of the royal blood line

  29. Remember dude don't burn yourself out. With your talent you should be golden. But just don't put so much pressure on yourself you implode. By the way fantastic work! I'd pay to watch your stuff on the big screen.

  30. just know folks give you a hard time and push for releases because they want what you are providing. The more they want it the more impatient they will be. Find a sustainable model that works for you and your team. the fans aren't going anywhere.

  31. This is so freaking Awesome this is just unbelievable. keep it up man.

  32. love ya work m8, fun stuff

  33. Royal Omni-Vegeta is a garbage idea….having a special "royal" transformation for Vegeta is such bullshit. I liked your work MaSTAR until you came out with such a far fetched concept…

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