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Ribrianne Turns GOLDEN FORM!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Preview

Ribrianne Turns GOLDEN FORM!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Preview Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Ribrianne Turns GOLDEN FORM!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Preview Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Vegeta always been aggressive so he will master Ultra Instinct Attack. Goku never was a killer so he shows mercy and use UI dodge. Fused together they will be a FORCE

  2. Gohan is gonna get his own screen time B4 the tournament is over

  3. Vegeta only gets talk time in this arc 😂😂

  4. If kefla was able to do all of that op shit then ultra instinct vegito would destroy jerin with a finger

  5. I think in episode 117 Frieza is gonna come help goku out

  6. They should take out jiren but they going after goku

  7. Anyone notice the frame where ribrianne and her buddy are on the mountain touching their fingers like the fusion dance?

  8. There has been some good scenes and pictures from Caulifla and Kale, especially when thery were fighting Goku together. So it's alright.

    I agree, they could have given Gohan a better role as he is as strong as Super Saiyan God Blue. Am I wrong? I remember Goku had to use Kai Yo Keng (I think I wrote that wrong) to defeat Gohan. Yes? No?

  9. I said it first I think frieza wants Goku to keep getting stronger because in the back of my mind I think frieza will use super dragon balls to destroy Goku he still and will forever hate sayians especially Goku and Vegeta

  10. i think vegeta is going to acheive ultra instinct but he wont be good at dodging and his attacks will be unconscious, like the complete opposite of gokus ultra instinct

  11. Someone get rid of this annoying Bitch already

  12. In the last video u said that goku is still far from mastering the attacking part but not true. Goku landed all the hits. There was just no power/strength behind it. And so really he just has to add his strength

  13. Maybi android 17 will give some energy to goku, 17 and 18 have unlimited energy!

  14. My theory is that Vegeta will master the attacking aspect of Ultra Instinct, final battle will be Vegito Ultra Instinct (which will have Goku's defense ultra instinct with vegetas attacking ultra instinct)

  15. Who do u hate more? Kefla or rebriane?

  16. Probably the two secret fighters from universe 4 might appear in this episode or episode 118

  17. The best and most powerful and op characters in Elsword are elsise(sister of Elsword (the boy with red hair)) and Ain

  18. They are going to fuse come on guys use your brains and then Annedroids 17 and 18 are going to fuse

  19. Why can’t this tournament be like the battle royal on the Bojack Unbound Movie? 🤔

  20. I would take gohan way better than this crap

  21. Maybe when vegeta is on the brink of death he's gonna get it

  22. In one word what can you say about the writers of Dragonball Super-Go!

  23. hey i think ribriane uses 18 love for krillin to transform

  24. Either this is for a little character development of #17 and #18 or is just the writers shoving that bitch down our throats on purpose!

  25. I hope they make her hot before she gets erased lmao

  26. If Ribrianne gets eliminated in 117 I will change my name to MaSTAR Roshi.

  27. Ribriane:this is my ultimate gold form

  28. Why Any Golden might as well give Majin Buu Golden Cell and some others…

  29. I think universe 2 is the next to get erased. Cuz the episode spoilers say universe 7 has a sacrifice which I think is Android 18. But 18 and 17 gets the knockouts of universe 2 so bye bye them. Only one fighter from 3 is gonna fight vegeta.


  31. I don't care if universe 6 will be erased. The most important thing is that Caulifla and Kale are eliminated. Forever!

  32. They didn’t even show vegeta vs toppo

  33. It sucks that we never got to see Vegeta vs Topo!!!!!

  34. I know ur prolly still workin on it and it takes alot of effort but can you at least let us know even if its not for sure just an approximately when you will release another animation? It's been quite a while.

  35. I predict the Nameks from Universe 6 will heal up Goku at some pt

  36. Yeah you make an excellent point it would be slightly ridiculous for goku to have any stamina let alone ki left especially with only 17 minutes left

  37. I can see U6 getting eliminated next, and Vegeta is gonna get bopped when he tries UI! lolz. 😂😂

  38. I want to see 17 and 18 2v1 someone like future gohan

  39. Frieza gives Goku more power!!! It's the only way he can reach his goal!! Frieza is out there playing chest while all the others are playing checkers!!

  40. She better not get a Golden Form!

  41. No, U6 will not get erased. Why? Hit of course. Hit, Cabba, Chappa etc all have a huge fanbase. Especially Hit, but if they do they will definitely be wished back. It will be Ribrianne Universe.

  42. Why wouldn't they show toppo vs vegeta ? instead of this bs…

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