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Reading Mean Comments

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Keep doing you man. 99% of these people couldn't draw a dot.

  2. But I forgot half of us are 13 and 14 year olds right :/

  3. hi mr.i act like I make shut but really don't.How is your day?

  4. FanTaliskiller1 was actually speaking german i should know.

  5. fuck the haters I love master media!

  6. Well,they are right those who was talking about FAIR USE Huuuuh Mastar

  7. When are we going to see your own real animation?… mastar

  8. The ending bad grammar but so hilarious

  9. Jake. I think you could get successful making hentai.

  10. It's funny how he only reacts to the idiotic comments and not the actual argument against him.

  11. 0:02 lol he is right no need to laugh like an autistic
    But seriously these comments are gold with that grammar.

  12. qywywywywhwhwhwhwwgwhwhwhwh&&&&hhhhh&ahshhsusshwhwhusshsuwuwhwushsuwusueuwwuehs7whwuwywhwuehdydhdhdudhehehheehehhedyhdyddysheheeheyeyeheheeyeyeueyeeyeyeyeyeueeueuueueueu3ueueuueueueneksisjwusiejwuw7zjsebeieujeeuehussususus7s8susebbeb2jeb3b2b3bwb3b3b3b3b3b3bb3b3b3b3b3b3b3bb3b3b3b3bb3b3b3b3b3bbeb3b3b3b3b3b3b3bb3b3b3b3b3b3bb3b3b3b3b3u33i3j3kamahamahaaahsjsjsjssjwjwjwjwjwjwwjwjejjejwejjwjejejejwhehehehehehehjejejehw to wjwjwhwhwhwhwhjwjwwhhehwheueuehwhejwheeheu2u2hheh2u2h2h2u2h2h2u2h2heeendjsajzhshdjshshssbsnsshdndhdhddjdjdhdjfjfjfjfjfjgjtjffgnfnfnfjfjxiddkfkfofififkffieie8r8riririritittjr (*jjjjjjjkkkmnkkmknnbbj nn n nnnnnjhggygghhhhgalcgunhhsnsshsjsjskdejjfhthfhfhdjcfhdhddjddnxjsjdxdjdjxdkdidkdkrforidkddjejsksjsdkdjrjdudkfjddjffriezAjfirridididodiffjfkdfvegetajsjdjddjsiffufuerrjrfufuridurtjruduekrkeeekrkedkergohandjdfdjejejddjdjedkdk r jrrhdjekrdjejedeesiekejdsjsjsn. find all the dbz character names

  13. Not trying to be a grammar nazi, but why do haters always have such poor grammar?

    Great vids btw.

  14. Fuck all those people who wrote those mean comments. Jake animation are the best

  15. The last one wasn't true because, Goku may have awesome high amount of power but I feel like when he ever uses Ki-Related attacks it lowers his defense and makes him vulnerable, Saitama is a GOD Goku will be destroyed for my opinion. I'm only 13 and i've been an anime fan since 2006. 😁 Awesome everything and keep up the great work Mastar!

  16. I had to laugh whole time with you xD
    Some of there are really funny 😀

  17. Your drawings do kinda suck, the gap between episodes should be at least a few months, maybe half a year, so you can put more effort into it.

  18. Haters gonna hate cause they don't know how to animate

  19. That was awesome!
    "You need to get laid or something Greg Car" LOL!

    Still waiting on that Berserk!

  20. Man haters really need to work on their Grammer. I'm sorry for them 😕


  22. you will get more subs if you do better animation

  23. noo man i love your animation really am not kidding

  24. Lol they can't accept the fact that Saitama kills Goku.

  25. These niggas gotta watch part 7 and 8 :/ they would regret everything they said xD

  26. he reminds me of a certain pornstar.

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