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Pure Evil. True Gold – Is Frieza Stronger than Goku?

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Frieza punched the blue off Goku but is still weaker without more buffs than just gold form.

  2. A TRAINING METHOD lol He was doing to see how strong and powerful it was not for Training

  3. +MaSTAR Media You said that is unfair said that Frieza/Goku are not near to Beerus level, but you are wrong. Full power Frieza struggle with a tiny portion of Sidra energy, when actually Beerus only use his breath. The difference is clear.

  4. frieza is stronger during this episode he cut lose from sidras energy and goku couldn't escape the god energy and as for the battle at the end, sure we know they knocked each other out but frieza was still in golden form and goku was no longer in blue form. There you have it frieza is stronger period, just not as strategic as goku.

  5. I agree. Both Goku and Vegeta are either equal to or stronger than Golden Frieza at FP. Also, they both break their limits regularly while Frieza only gets sparse bullshit training here and there. Even if current SSB = Golden Frieza they will both surpass him for good eventually as he doesn't train enough, IMO. You could even imply Vegeta is above a Goku not using Kaioken (Beating Goku Black and from Goku stating "Don't blame me if I end up getting much stronger than you…" which implies Vegeta is superior at FP). Hopefully there are no more bs power ups and the Saiyans stay the strongest but that's just a hope of mine. 😂😬

  6. I fucking love golden frieza he looks absolutely badass would love to suck his dick

  7. bruh it's graphics don't be a suck up. Nobody is freaking out about a short fight scene

  8. Is frieza stronger than vegeta ?????

  9. Thats stupid ssjgb x10 kaioken is stronger than frieza and when he gets a new form it will be close to whis power

  10. So… is Frieza replacing Piccolo since Piccolo can't get any stronger? lol. Piccolo is the new Yamcha. lol.

  11. I'm curious to see Hit vs Gold Freeza

  12. Just to think, Trunks beat Frieza and King Cold easily. And considered Android 17 and 18 to be way stronger than Frieza. But now Frieza seems to be way stronger than any other race. Huge power boost from a month of training, and an ever greater boost from mental training alone. How would current Frieza fare against Hit and Beerus?

  13. Goku wasnt SSJ god either inside of the God of Destruction Energy Ball.

  14. I wouldn't say Frieza gained an energy boost. More like he finally gained perfect control of the awesome power of the golden form, which now allows him to tap into the forms deepest, most primal forces. Remember he was overpowering Goku in blue form when they first fought in Revival of F.

  15. Well, I think Goku is just a king of Oscar when he was struggling within the destruction energy……

  16. Um….I don't think he chose not to go blue in the ball of destruction. The transformation of blue takes concentration and a calm state. Goku was obviously not in a calm state because he was resisting being erased!

  17. I feel like Frieda will get erased because I know damn right he's not gonna listen to the rules in the tournament of power

  18. But frieza was in gold and goku was in base

  19. goku was in his base for and couldn't transform into ssj blue that's y he couldn't get out

  20. goku didn't use kaioken and if he did frieza would be dead

  21. frieza ain't stronger
    though, he might kill beerus by tricking him

  22. this is a good question I'm starting to think golden frieza is stronger then him now

  23. I believe the Mortal that Whis was talking about that's stronger than Beerus is Jiren. So how is Goku even going to be able to compete with him if he isn't close to Beerus? I know Whis could have just been talking about someone that is in one of the Universes that aren't participating. But I don't see that being the case because if it was there would be no reason to tell Goku because he wouldn't have to fight them anyway. I just don't see how Goku and Vegeta couldn't be close to Beerus especially if Goku has a new form. Just because Beerus blew the blast off of Goku what does that really show us? Frieza was trapped in it and got out of it is he stronger than Goku? NO so my point is if Beerus was trapped in the blast it could have been a whole different story. With him trying to escape it and having to be saved by someone else. I really don't see how that event even shows us anything about how powerful Beerus really is lol.

  24. Freezer is not stronger then goku

  25. LMAO really I mean really lmao

  26. hey they clearly said he is equal with goku really

  27. I honestly believe Goku has holding back, he wasn't intend to show his true power. And if I think the previous arc of black Goku, Goku has surpassed even the power of a God. So, I believe the new transformation of Goku will be similar of Super Saiyan Rose Goku. Meaning, As he gets damaged, his power will get increased. Besides, Don't forget only this one (SSGR Goku) was managed to erase all humanity to all the universes alone, without the help of Future Zamasu. Keep in mind that no one else was able to face Black Goku even in his base form in the future, not Hit, not Jiren, or anyone else.

  28. .. goku is train so hard to achieve his god form while freeza is just hanging at the tree and just mental training?? hahaaha.. super saiyan blue is overrated..

  29. so mastar media isn't it odd when goku and frieza faught one minute and at final attack goku was at his base form what if he change from blue to base see if he could take frieza attack so when whiz said there evenly match obsivoly not true that's my prediction but I agree you he didn't use kai Ken against him so goku is much stronger.

  30. but goku was in base form thats why he couldn't get out the energy ball

  31. What if goku gets a new form while being in this energy ball

  32. Why GOKU is stronger then frieza:
    1 GOKU can turn kaioken or maybe even times 3 cause times 4 breaks his body
    2 Not letting his guard down like in the frieza saga
    3 GOKU dint tie with gohan only defeated him with kaioken so can gohan be stronger then freiza?
    4 GOKU was not free cause of his base form
    Finnally 5 GOKU must use his full power

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