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PROOF of Goku’s New Form? True Super Saiyan God? (Debunked)

PROOF of Goku’s New Form? True Super Saiyan God? (Debunked) Is Available on

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I watch this video before and still didn't believe it cause how could Goku reach his new god form while passing SSB BEFORE his training with Whis

  2. sighs vegeta….. cmon my dude ik u can take him.

  3. Limit Breaker Form Everyone? hahaha 😂😂

  4. its just base form of goku , look at tha eyes they are not silver , but in images of goku's limit breaker form the eyes are silver and there is no aura of that form too .

  5. Who ever thinks that he when he had black hair that looked spiky is his God form, their dumb because when u transform ur hair will go up and change color

  6. so i am my sister little brother so now i no what is the new form thanks a lot

  7. thank goodness you debunked this bs i was about to blast this video lol.

  8. mastar the writers were and are expecting 100 episodes later because u can't make dragon ball and then change the script whenever they want to. everything has to be ready so he can produce it. I mean that's what makes most common sense to me. Example in one of your earlier videos u said "I've planned anime war before I even started on it" and yeah I'm guessing that's how it works in the writers sense too. I'm not positive about this but I had a strong feeling that what u said was wrong and yeah… but its ok just do some more research bro ☺ don't worry I will too

  9. I think your wrong not him lmao

  10. This is stupid you do not even debunk anything all you do is say you don't think it's true
    That's not debunking
    I'm not hating I'm speaking truth

  11. I understand what you are saying but I watched the movie again…….didn't Beerus say that you changed god mode sometime ago……he was fighting in base mode at end of fight?

  12. I don't think we've seen it before because if that's the case verus would know what Goku has already but he doesn't nobody knows it's coming because we've never seen it before

  13. Im glad you suggested mid transformation I never thought of that , the leaked image hair style is stupid , please be super saiyan 1 style with black hair! <3

  14. looks like its NOT really *Debunked*.

  15. If this thing is fake then how did he stop beerus attack with normal base form

  16. The form that we see isn't his full form. (The limit breaker or whatever ) whenever a super saiyan changes first it's their eye color then the hair, think about it.

  17. Goku couldn't break the hakai because he was in base form and was concentrating too hard on surviving to transform….

  18. Wow, another video topic you STOLE from someone else yet didn't bother to give credit to.

  19. ..its not the form of the new form cus the hair is not as messy as the ne form

  20. I think goku turned god in the tournament cuz he can turn his true god form on now
    I think…

  21. I love how Mastar's videos are so specific

  22. This is copyrighted u could get banned, whoever made this vid

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