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Omni Zamasu

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Maybe they didn't want Goku touching the Omni King because he could get infected by the same merged zamasu.

  2. If zamasu turn into omni king im done watching DBS.

  3. Hey if this is the case he should meet the Zamasu that died in the main timeline and then fusion and then that's what brings it back to full circle or some shit

  4. This theory is potentially plausible, but not in the "Future Zen-Oh is Zamasu" sense. When Merged Zamasu's physical form was destroyed, he claimed to have become "the very abstract definition of Justice". If he really had become the theoretical notion of Justice, that meant every sentient being in that universe would – given enough time – eventually think that annihilating any and everything is an act of justice. And Zen-Oh was at the epicenter of it for an unknown period of time, depending on how far ahead Trunks set the Time Machine so they didn't warp into the universe while in the middle of being erased! I believe that while not being 'infected' by Zamasu, the Future Zen-Oh has probably been tainted with a genocidal view of 'justice' in its child-like mind, leading to the idea that the two Omni-Kings should erase the less promising universes. Only Present Zen-Oh was able to convince the other to give at least one of those universes the opportunity to prove their worth – by winning the Tournament of Power…

  5. Maybe Zamasu Sliped Towards The Demon Realm Or The Realm Of Dabura

  6. yes. He would not be killable. and he wouldn't kill the fighters. as we know, zamasu only wanted to rule. He would kill zeno sama 1 and 2, and then everyone would respect him, as the god of all gods. then thats when the next arc comes in. I figure it to be after the tourney of power.

  7. Maybe the interuption for the tournament will be him getting fully currupted by zamasu

  8. Grand priest kills himself and zamasu is mostly left handed this is just a theory but zamasu is mostly left handed

  9. I think it could be possible that zamasu has infected the future omni king. But I think that the future of trunks is somehow corrupted because in that future goku died because of the virus and androids destroyed everyone But trunks came to past and he gives goku the antidote of the virus but still in the future trunks haven't seen goku. I think the omni king of the history of future trunks is also corrupted.

    This is my view about the evil omni king.

  10. Maybe future omni king might be infected by the red thing if he is i am telling the developer yo

  11. Immortal just means you can't die. Even if you're ripped into a million pieces you'll still be alive. But being erased by Zen-oh is different than dying. Erasure is reversing their existence, not putting them into a different plane of existence.

  12. Then his name would be…Zenmasu

  13. Then what about the Kaioshins that was in the future? They would be infected as well. Along with Goku, Vegeta, Super Trunks, and Future Maia.

  14. The thing is also, if Zeno couldn't erase Zamasu, then who can?
    The only possibility would be I think the Mafuba.

  15. Are you saying that left handed are evil? So I am evil?

    But seriously, it doesn't make any sense that their dominant hand is switched.

  16. You forget that regular dragonballs can grant that wish as well. And the Dragon shit himself when seeing beerus. I don't think either are evil.

  17. i find it funny how no one was actually talking about this lmao

  18. Live reaction did this in jan -.- dam son your late

  19. Didnt zamazu smash a hole to another dimension

  20. If it does happen. I want Gowasu to shout "ZAMASU!!!" as loud as possible.

  21. NO. Nonono. NO. No more Zamasu. He is over. He is done with. Do NOT bring him back again. No.

  22. Is it because his skin is Green???

  23. this is the dumbest theory ive heard

  24. Nope Good video but i dont believe it

  25. So who created universes. Does omni king have power to create universe? Is "current" omni king original or has he been inherited.

  26. Anime War totally kicks ass!!! please don't stop creating it, I love watching your episodes!!!!! MORE MORE MORE!!!!

  27. I think the Omni kings are mirror images of each other

  28. there are 2 zenos so the thing will be about the one that likes goku and the other one thar erased zamasu so gods of destruction and angels and fighters from the universes wil pick sides

  29. A question I always had in mind is, why are there 2 Omni Kings but only 1 High Priest?
    I mean, shouldn't the Omni King have an angel of his own as well? There's something wrong about that @mastarmedia

  30. if he did get infected this series is dumb, the king of all cannot simply get infected by some pushover compared to him…

  31. how the fuchsia did you even come up with that theorie

  32. left=evil and right=good?!?! kys so your saying im evil fucking spick

  33. what is this garbage of a theroy

  34. I hope zeno is infected with zamasu i realy hope

  35. It's the grand priest who may be the evil one and he could be Zamasu himself and has the possibility to control Zeno.

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