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Omni Bomb Goku

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Power god gets defeated evil king

  2. Just the title alone had me dislike it.

  3. I notice in some of the limit breaker pics goku has halos around his body!?!?!??????

  4. Pardon me, but that'd be stupid and non-logic base! In order to use spirit bomb, you need to gather energy from either natural sources or people… And You do understand that you can only rely on your own power and stamina to win in the tournament of power, don't you? You do fathom that in the world of Void, there is nothing around, don't you? I mean It has no time or space in it. It has no nature but darkness only. Then why do you guys bother making stuff that go against every other statement and consistent possibilities? If they were within the pattern of statement and line base, would be great to believe and see it happening, but they aren't..Zen said it was neat to use MAFUBA as he still used his own energy.. Using spirit bomb wouldn't. Plus, if it was so, Goku would become stronger than everyone is all universes. Zen possess limitless energy .. just don't see that coming. you'd better be right or you'll just let down yourself and your analytic brain. lol

  5. What if it miss since jiren is too fast lol

  6. What if the spirit bomb destroys all the universes since it has 2 zeno's powers and that will be the end of dbs 😂😂😂 but nah the ending will be dramatic and all lol

  7. that would making more powerful then the omniking if he gets powers from 2 omni kings and the gods

  8. The mystrious of a scientist or doctor who made goku n raditz
    But in comic they still have parent i mean still must be modified human they took gorilla,chimps n monkey gen to create goku/kakarotz yea time travel will be best if vegeta n goku find a real stories about goku maybe.

  9. Maybe he already has the power when Frieza threw the Destruction power at him and he gained his new form a god of destruction. The energy didn't kill him nor Frieza. So most likely they now both possess the ability to ascend again.

  10. So sad this theory has been stolen from expertgomez

  11. I don't think Goku will be happy if he needs the Genki Dama to transform. It's like how he was unsatisfied with how he achieved the SSG form.

  12. Goku is ome who has work his whole life on becoming the strongest through his own power so why would he try to get the ultimate power like that. Well ill be disapointed if he does that because then he would not be using his own power but that of the gods and that is basicly cheating. but im not thewriter just a watcher but for me fusion would be alot beter than that even if vegeta is going to bitch about it till the last moment.

  13. That's going to kill goku maybe.

  14. Good theory but absorbing the spirit bomb like you said, non canon, I doubt they would make it canon now. Kale was a good tribute to Broly but thays a whole different story. Also, he wouldn't be maintaining a new form because that's not what happened in the movie anyway. I doubt Zeno will give him power, and if beerus or Whis could, they all will help their fighters. Emotional trigger might be possible, if Gohan is killed in 108. There's too many opinions right now and of course one piece is making us wait an extra week for the special

  15. I can't wait for the form for Goku

  16. What happens if this is a permanent form? That would be sick! Until GT, he could become the new god of destruction. He could also kill berus by accident by useing like 10% of his power?

  17. One day we will se Limit Breaker Goku + Kaioken

  18. If he does absorb it, that will be part of his base.

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