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OMG SUPER SAIYAN ROSE IS INSANE! Dragon Ball Super Episode 56 Preview!

OMG SUPER SAIYAN ROSE IS INSANE! Dragon Ball Super Episode 56 Preview! Is Available on

Watch OMG SUPER SAIYAN ROSE IS INSANE! Dragon Ball Super Episode 56 Preview! Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Akira Toriyama inspired by YOU Mastar! proof:
    You make Black Goku in Goku VS Saitama series, Goku Black Appears.
    You make Super Saiyan Pink Vegeta as a joke, Goku Black transform into Super Saiyan Rose.

  2. why go kaio-ken why not JOHN CENA no i mean SUPER SAIYEN ROSE

  3. To hell with ssj rose man. If goku or vegeta ever go ssj rose I'll stop watching dbz. Where the heck is this going to??? Looks like dbz is turning into a girl show. Cmon guys, don't ruin this show now after we've waited such a long time by dying goku's hair pink.

  4. You're an hypocrite, basically you did nothing else than copying all the battle performance with music you didn't made yourself (as long it has your ginormous Logo [EGO] on it it's fine, right? I asked if you could upload my video before you even saw it, but you ignored me than I asked again when you gave me your warning but you ignored me, so thanks for the copyrightstrike. Needless to say unsub and good luck…

  5. I love the form, I really do. What don't like is how it was done. in DragonBall Z, you would see them changing in the middle of their transformation, you would see the emotions and facial expressions while the did it. I didn't how black was transforming l. it didn't show the hair change formation or color and they pan it to trunks face as if I care about what he thinks right now. and thing is about that, he didn't look surprised at all, it just looked normal as if he's mildly displeased. I know vegeta and goku seen transformations all the time, but this could have had at least be worth an eye brow raising.

  6. wtf is wrong with the series? red saiyan, blue saiyan, black goku and now a rose saiyan?? whats next? earl grey saiyan, a white saiyan with blue eyes? what about a carbon dioxide saiyan with ponytail? cmon … this series is ridiculous

  7. Toriyama derives all his ideas from his Crayola crayon box. I can't wait for Super Saiyan Emerald Green.

  8. man i believe the current story of DBS ( Black Part) is in potara mode ! if neither Vegeta can defeat Black nor Goku & zamusa will help black , so i think we're gonna see Vegito Again as we saw trunks! & in new feature of super saiyan but i'm not sure if it will be white or not !! because as i said we're watching this shit in potara mode so we're supposed to expect the POTARA FUSION !
    or maybe we will see trunks transforms into new super saiyan so he can be real badass ! we know that vegeta trained him to get stronger maybe he learnt something ! , man i'm excited

    this is my own theory but it could be either wrong or right who knows .
    thank your MaSTAR Media ☺

  9. My thoughts is that SSR is no more powerful than SSB, just a different aura color due to Black's hatred and/or god (or just non-mortal) status. Black's base power level was described by Future Trunks as being equal to SSJ3 Goku; and since that fight Black got even stronger and seemed to be able to brush off SSB Vegeta's attacks. With a base power that high, any transformation's multiplier would have put Black over SSB Vegeta & Goku

  10. when you look at all the super saiyan colors, do you get a power Rangers vibe going on or is it just me?

  11. I want super saiyan blue VEGITO!!!

  12. Don't know why but I feel, Goku black is Zamasu controlling goku's original body. I mean Zamasu went to future after killing Gowasu and somehow killed Goku and took his body. Also Zamasu is present with Goku black (zamasu) from different timeline. I think Zamasu is using the time ring for himself and also as Goku black.
    Another possibility, Goku black is hypnotized evil Gowasu inside Goku's body. Manipulated by Zamasu.
    In this case, Goku will be going back to present and get help or something from Zeno sama.
    That's just a theory.

  13. Nope. I'll say it flat out, there will be no fusion between Goku and Vegeta in the near future against Black Goku. Here's why, Vegito is the only canon fusion between Goku and Vegeta but it was against Buu who had Piccolo, Trunks, Goten, and Gohan absorbed. With a whole arsenal of attacks and strength on Buu's side, he also had the knowledge of both fighters as individuals allowing him to pick them apart separately due to the memories of Goku and Vegeta's children and Piccolo himself forcing the pair to fuse in order to out wit and ultimately over power Buu. Vegito, however, will not make an appearance because Goku and Vegeta vowed not to fuse permanently again. On top of that, Buu's original form (Kid Buu) was fighting on his own at this point and the fighters have their pride to maintain. "It just wouldn't be fair," as Goku explained in the English Dub. Black Goku is also a single entity meaning there's no chance for Gogeta either because of both Goku and Vegeta's Saiyan pride. And honestly, does that not make for a better story anyway? So until we see a fused warrior, I don't see fusion in happening any time soon in Dragon Ball Chou (Super).

  14. super saiyan rose = super saiyan god 2

  15. Thats my theory too, I think their gonna fuse.

  16. Let me know when Super Saiyan Burnt Sienna comes out

  17. I thought zamasus told black to back off because zamasus wanted to fight Goku. I wouldn't mind a gogeto.
    But what if goku and black forcefully join (Via earing to fuse) to defeat zamasus .

  18. meh. ill wait for super saiyan green

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