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NEW SUPER SAIYANS! – Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 Spoilers

NEW SUPER SAIYANS! – Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 Spoilers Is Available on

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. You're making these assumptions from a preview.

    Stop it.

  2. why are their eyebrows so thin, probably got them done at the local lol

  3. Im gonna be so cheesed when cabba and caulifla are on par with goku and vegeta

  4. They are being taught. Unlike our Saiyans who learned on their own

  5. isnt it a battle royal?
    whos to say that the U6 fighters will get to fight the U7 fighters.
    for all we know they could be tied up fighting other U fighters.

  6. he can't pick Goten or Trunks because Goku promised 17 that they will guard his island

  7. Am I the only who to notice that the saiyans names are from vegetables 😂😂

    Bardock = Burdock
    Kakarrot = Carrot
    Vegeta = Vegetables
    Raditz = Radish
    Napa = Napa Cabbage
    Cabba = Cabbage
    Caulifla = Cauliflower
    Kale = Kale

  8. Maybe he can pick Yamcha?

  9. Super saiyan bargain sale!

  10. There's honestly no reason that the legendary super saiyan transofmation can't be as powerful as goku or vegeta. There's no premise for it that we can go off as Broly's not cannon. But you're right about Cabba and Caulifa they really should have nothing on goku, gohan or vegeta.

  11. Isn't freza in hell, how is he coming back

  12. one problem with your theory. goten and kid trunks didnt have a struggle turning super saiyan. #2 the only reason kabba transformed was because his people were threatened, that can be motivation

  13. Well yeah they'll be able to do damage. We've already seen that DBS and DBZ are different in that respect. There's no invulnerability due to power level differences now. We've even seen Goku and Krillin take some damage from bullets when someone as weak as Nappa couldn't be damaged by that in DBZ.

  14. Cabba=vegeta, Caulifa=goku, and Kale= Broly

  15. well, I wouldn't say the universe 7 saiyans struggled with the ssj transformation except for Vegeta. No one else knew about it except him. He trained and struggled and didn't know how to achieve it. Goku finally did through the loss of Krilin thus giving him the knowledge that it's unlocked through rage. Vegeta just trained and trained to be the best and never realized that it's not brought about from sheer strength. Goku tells Gohan your power comes as a response to need not will or something like that. obviously Gohan's need was to not be as helpless as he had been and let others die saving him. and so by that logic, I believe every saiyan's need to become a super saiyan is different. But Goten's came in response to getting his butt kicked by Chichi. Vegeta obviously raged out by viewing Goku as an enemy that he just could not beat who tormented him with his power lol, and thus.. the need sprouted. Cabba was under the impression Vegeta was gonna destroy his family and planet. He even tells Cabba to remember the feeling, the rage right as he went super saiyan. honestly Gohan could be the legendary super saiyan from universe 7 as he possessed a very high power level since he was a baby and would randomly have rage spouts that raised his power even above Goku. Gohan was a timid as Kale when he was younger so they could opposites from their paired universes. just my thoughts anyways.

  16. honestly MaStar, you seem to make alot of assumptions now. Theres no evidence to prove that Kale is the legendary super saiyan. I believe you are looking way too much into this. Becoming a super saiyan is not as grand as it used to be compared to back in the Z days so its only obvious that akira will give them a quick boost otherwise theyre going to end up being used like toilet paper in the tournament

  17. Thankyou for telling me this I hope you do a spoiler for episode 93 soon.

  18. vegeta will just standby and let universe 6 saiyans die

  19. supersayain in 5mins absolutely does not make sense… and you know it. but thats dragon ball, we just live with it.

    If you ever try to think logically the show is ruined. just think how far back the heroes and villians got strong enough to shake and destroy planets(early freiza saga?). And yet despite surpassing those strengths many many times over, the fights held on earth look exactly the same and the earth is none the worse for wear. Goku has even come close to destroying the universe while sparing with beerus, but then an all out fight fused with vegeta against another fused mega villian… nothing. where were the earth/universe shattering blows then?

  20. They still not stronger than Vegeta, Goku Or Gohan

  21. give me thé officiel page of the spoiler

  22. I think the super saiyan transformation in itself cause other saiyans around them to be able to trigger it. Kinda like a virus

  23. i think it is because of the time difference is why goku and the others had a harder time because it was years beffore when thay changed add the time after there change into super and thay gained more then enof power that thay should learn to change faster at that later date even piccklo [i can't spell his name]] is way more powerful given time

  24. Dude.. one of the girls is Broly. You think they are not strong enough? maybe the female Saiyans all turn into one..

  25. Why Goku didn't think of Broly instead of Freeza?
    And yes prob people will say that the films don't go with the anime, or that Akira Toriyama didn't draw or create him, I say BS like if others have permission to use the z warriors.

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