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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I would love to see a saiyan race god of destruction…

  2. yeah, I heard the other gods are ten times more vicious than beerus and champa

  3. This angel does not belong to this god of destruction. It belongs to the Fox-looking god of destruction instead. I have proof.

  4. it was said in Battle of Gods beerus said that the other gods was as strong as he was

  5. I'd normally rage about this but…you're mastar. lol. why didn't you talk about the ranger and guy in the pink suit

  6. wtf android 18 is wearing Dedorias track suit (xv2)

  7. so is the twin of this new god of destruction (if he has a twin) going to be skinny?

  8. umm, im not subscribed to you but i got the notification?

  9. I think this god of destruction and Beerus will get angry at eachother in the tournament. I have no proof but I am just getting the feeling that it might happen 😛

  10. Pretty sure that all the Gods are in the same tier and no one can fodderize the other.

  11. Says there is alot to speak of then I see the video is 3 min

  12. I love the design! The color scheme reminds me of some of those Toei-original chars though

    And the angel looks burly and badass, I'm sure he's stronger than Whis actually

  13. Yo id be cool if the god of destruction in this universe could transform like into a bulky state like since it's confirmed that they're not all the same

  14. Looks like the Dwarf from Lord Of The Rings

  15. I love that he is not a Damn cat

  16. It seems they are indeed continuing the whole Egyptian theme with the Gods of Destruction. In Egyptian mythology, there is a dwarf god named Bes, which is likely who this new god is based on, while Beerus and Champa are based on Anubis and Set.

  17. one looks like a elf and other is obviously a dwarf

  18. who thinks thier will be a saiyan god of destruction????

  19. only 3 more weeks till the begging i cant wait for all 12 gods of destruction 12 angles 120 fighters and the 5 over power guardiens and 2 kings of everything and there two attendients and what if there were a universe where the god of destruction was killed by a rouge one which would be cool but now since it is getting close i wont hate myself for looking at reveals cause knowing the being doesnt have to be a furry means anything is possiable but that doesnt mean a sayain can be one since only universe 6 and 7 has them but it doesnt rule out the possiablility of there is one or one that was died and became a race since goku and vegete was able to go god form but so was frieza almost

  20. so it be awesome if all the gods of destruction were based on rl gods and religion

  21. So with the new release of the GoD and his angel i noticed that he has the same type of shoulder puffs as daishinkan. I think hes the first born of the daishinkan and the strongest angel of the guardians. Also makes sense bc the GoD is stronger than beerus and champa. So stronger GoD stronger angel. What you guys think?

  22. I do think the angels/attendants should look the same, if the grand priest is the father of Whis and Vadis maybe he is the father of all the angels.. Now that would be awesome!

  23. I thought the geometric shapes on their clothes was something related to their power levels, but I think I was wrong… because beerus has losanges, Champa has circles. If beerus is stronger then champa losanges > circles. But the only difference between vados and whis is vados has circles and whis has losanges… And i think vados is stronger then whis. Holy…. Someone say what you think about that. Some new thought

  24. At least he wear a t shirt inside

  25. This new angel's clothes is half Vados style and half Whis style

  26. can you like try but you dont have to but try to make a new transformation for Naruto

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