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NEW Dragon Ball Super Movie in 2018!? (Speculation with Evidence)

NEW Dragon Ball Super Movie in 2018!? (Speculation with Evidence) Is Available on

Watch NEW Dragon Ball Super Movie in 2018!? (Speculation with Evidence) Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. That super powerful guy could just be Uub maybe. 🤔

  2. Lol Master you said Hit is eliminated and Unrealentgaming made a video about how Hit is not eliminated! 😂

  3. If I wanted to listen to that guy, I would find his channel!

  4. The movie will be a battle with jiren

  5. That limit breaker X survivor orchestral is legendary

  6. Maybe they do "The Rise of Goku Black"

  7. Goku is only 47 years old while hit is a thousand years old
    4.2% of hit's life and they are more likely match
    Goku have a overwhelming potential of being the strongest.

  8. I've rede one of the jokers comics and I feel like his relationship with batman is the same as goku's relationship with freeza. They can be friends but they're enemies and I'm pretty sure freeza would do anything to make goku into a killer

  9. They have to do the movie about Jiren. Where he came from? How old he is? When he became so strong? The fight with his god? How he met Toppo? When he join in Pride Troopers and why? He's family. It's will be awesome!

  10. jiren vs whiz – who wins ?

  11. Are you wearing Trunks's jacket? Cool Dude!

  12. Should make a movie about how Goku Black killed all the Gods…

  13. Ultra instinct should be desperation power only, having him only achieve it while on the brink of death during battle

  14. Anime war episode upload plz

  15. Whoah! But still waiting anime war to be release. 😀

  16. They should do a movie on the Gods of Destruction and Angels
    That would be really interesting

  17. I would like to see the movie based on Vegetas brother, since he was only briefly mentioned

  18. There is something going on a very strong character coming up.

  19. Please don’t bann Japan from viewing your videos I currently live in Japan and it’s a shame that I can’t support your upload please unban Japan so that I can watch your other uploads

  20. I want it to be a Planet Salada Goku

  21. I think new movie might be linked for forming the base of the new arc.

  22. Hopefully it's about the evil gods and includes zarama and the namekian book of legend.

  23. Vegeta needs to knock Ribrian out

  24. I want time breaker bardock to appear in the next arc.

  25. soooo Is super sayian GOD goku isn't really a super sayian god because people keep throwing around that ultra instinct is the true super sayian god so is super sayian red and blue just a fake super sayian god form or something? Or are people just talking rubbish?

  26. Happy Wedding.Missed your videos though.Glad to have your videos back.

  27. Please add rycon in anime war against grand prist

  28. Goku v Beerus rematch? Or Uubs story idk

  29. I buy domains everyday.. I don’t see how that is “evidence”…

  30. origin movies oh zeno or hakaishins

  31. I think uub will be in the movie i gues

  32. If Mastar adds in Anime War Vegito that would be cool

  33. Its going 2 be the first dragon ball super movie!!!

  34. Maybe goku mastered super saiyan rose with ultra instinct, i think ultra instinct just basically makes ur body like react on its own, but the aura was from the heat. And goku will vs upcoming enemies, bring back cell? Broly?Buu?Dabaru? Yamcha?

  35. I have a theorie! Maybe the next ark is about another universums that looks the same as we know it now but then the evil side the look almost the same but then little bit diverent! I mean like goku and black goku good and evil! And the grand priest knows about it and want to break that Demonsion! And the other omi king is from there as well but not on full power! Toughts ?

  36. The movie should be about the gods of destruction past. It'll be sick if they gave us more clues of how beerus becomes the god of destruction, tier level of all the gods. Angels birth etc.

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