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New Dragon Ball Super Arc Confirmed!? Spoilers

New Dragon Ball Super Arc Confirmed!? Spoilers Is Available on

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. They probably mean kid trunks and that the tutor is a school tutor of some type

  2. You know what would be cool, If they did the Xicor Arc or the Multiverse Tournament Arc.

  3. do u check dragon ball xenovers

  4. yes the next arc is xenoverse

  5. Mastar media; could trunks new tutor be one of zeno"s attendees

  6. Future trunks will probably join the Time Patrol & meet Supreme Kai of Time.

  7. No Trunks being, the God of Destruction would just make things confusing. That's like saying, so Beerus is the God of Destruction of universe 7, and so Is Trunks, but in another timeline. Thats just dumb. So you want 2 Gods of Destruction of universe 7? That just changes everything. Trunks future timeline has already been destroyed (androids and Zamasu) im pretty sure he doesnt want anything to do with destruction or even be a god of destruction. I agree Trunks should be the strongest having training from whis from that timeline. But as you heard Whis is an angel. So the timeline doesn't affect him, as well as Beerus. Theres only 1 Beerus, even if you do go back in time. Theres only 1 of them. So I'm pretty sure Whis isn't there because Beerus is dead from that timeline which they Zamasu claim to kill the gods. Even though Gowasu and the Supreme kai say whis is to come back when the new god of destruction comes, but earlier they even said it themselves "there are things not even the gods know" -Whis. So we really don't know. I'd love to see Trunks transform into the full super saiyan blue state. instead of showing just blue lining and his yellow aura around it. In my opinion, they should make it where only full blooded saiyans can become Super Saiyan God like Vegeta and Goku. I think in future episodes they should have a crossover of the other universes, and imagine if we got to meet one of the other gods of destruction. Imagine seeing a Namekian God! that'll be so sick. and plus what if they have piccolo train under him to get back at top with Goku and Vegeta that'll make things very interesting. I would love to see the Universal tournament! really looking foward to see that. Can't wait to see all kinds of fighters from across nthe universe

  8. an angel like whis is gonna train trunks

  9. What if supreme kai of time is trunks tutor and we will jump into a mira & towa arc with a new recruit a saiyan time patroller from universe 6 ?

  10. MAybe is something related with the game Xenoverse where trunks is like a time guardian… to avoid more shit eheheh

  11. what if he means present kid trunks lol


  13. Lmao while listening to this, I'm just like… Come on its kid trunks it's not hard.

  14. Who is toyotaro? Toriyama is the creator.

  15. Mabye gowasu will feel bad for creating zamsu and stay with him in the future and make him a kay and be hos tutor.

  16. trunks will be the next kaioshin n the alternate time line

  17. Jump throwing this out could trunk possibly take zamus spot and bee the sayin kioshin

  18. i reckon gowasu might tutor, or organise a tutor for him.

  19. I had enough of the future trunks, not that exciting really, hopefully the next arc is the universal tournament! Can't wait to see the gods of the different universes and their fighters.

  20. Uh maybe trunks will become will become next God of creation

  21. Let's just all forget about my favourite character Goten shall we?

  22. Um am I seeing many "TRUNKS IS THE NEW GOD OF DESTRUCTION" um no definitely not because he would destroy planets XD but also trunks wouldn't want to be one XD

  23. maybe he's talking about kid trunks

  24. Trunks IS NOT Future Trunks.

  25. Could it be that in battle of the gods when beerus tells whis that a super Satan god that looks like goku will be his arch rival could be actually be talking about black and not goku ?

  26. Isn't Gohan his tutor? Gag means something funny. How are people coming to the conclusion that Tori isn't talking about this current FT arc? Idk lol


  28. Gohan trains kid trunks duh

  29. could be based on kid trunks seeing as how future trunks played a very pivotal role in kid trunks' life.

  30. Whis will tutor him, where Beerus is dead(in this time line) Trunks will take his place😎

  31. Calling it Supreme Kaio of Time

  32. maybe kid trunk's tutor is from the Red Ribbon army and tells him some stuff

  33. What another Trunks arc?? Ugh it's going to be so boring.

  34. I am thinking that there will be some more episodes after Black has been taken care of before the new arc will take place. It will not another Trunks arc. What it will be is unknown, but it won't be another Trunks arc because that might not set well with the fans.

  35. i thought the tutor is gohan?

  36. some possibilities…
    1. Trained to become the next kaioshin
    2.Become the new god of destruction
    3.Xenoverse becomes canon
    4.Possibly something to do with zeno
    5.The z fighters from his era train him (unlikely)

    My bets are on becoming the next kaioshin. Would be epic to see xenoverse become canon though

  37. trunks is going to be Gowazus new apprentice!

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