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MORE Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 LEAKS

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  2. berrus and whis are on to the right of kaoshin

  3. The Grand Priest will announce that the remaining universe's god of destruction will fight too in the tournament !

  4. I think Beerus, Whis, U6 Angel, and Piccolo are at the right side of Tien and simply don't fit in this close up picture.

  5. im guessing the other gods are making a bet

  6. I honestly think that Vegeta will final flash some of the viewers in the stands that's causing them to jam up and universe seven section I mean honestly that final flash Vegeta shoots looks impressively powerful maybe just destroys their stand causing them to sit with universe

  7. My theory, as u can see how when vegeta did the final flash he had no marks on him so i believe thats going to be before jiren hits him with that u mean nothing to me back turn. But i believe vegeta choose to do the final flash because jiren was just testing him so vegeta got pissed and hit the my pride final flash ultimately failing. And when vegeta thinks he beat jiren a blast comes out of no where, vegeta almost dies, goku saves vegeta quickly which explains why only a bit of his armor has been destroyed

  8. pleas soutitre in frenche

  9. Whis sat over the Supreme Kai and Beerus is sitting next to Tien but it seems they are cut off.

  10. Vegeta loses because Jiren eats him, that’s the only way to explain the thumbnail picture.

  11. Half the stage was blown away…or Maybe Jiren shown his true strength and all the God of Destructions are surprised.. asf

  12. That intro alone got a like from me. Good job

  13. That’s beerus and whiz behind krillin and tien! It’s just the yellow flash from vegetas final flash that makes everything look yellow!

  14. Hey Mastar. can you make a video on all of the DBS name puns? I dont see ANY videos on this and you would be the first. Something like Universe 11 = Kitchen Appliances. Jiren = Renji = Stove

  15. Could be that they got bored sitting by themselves so they went to talk to Beerus and crew. Seems like the most logical thing to do

  16. Lmao jiren looks fat as shit in the thumbnail

  17. When is it gonna come out?

  18. 1.Vegeta destroys their sitting stage with Finals Flash so they have to sit with U7.
    2.They have to choose sides, either U7 or U11, so they separate. Few Gods and Angles side with U7 the others with U11.

  19. Don't you think it would be badass if jiren powers up to full power and steers at beerus 🤔 and they just have an intense steer off?!

  20. Lol Jiren is like "get the fuck away before I beat yo ass"

  21. This is the kind of thing that just tickles my balls.

  22. This episode looks so good I can’t wait to watch it🙏🏾

  23. Dang mastar in the intro I didn’t even notice that arak and the universe 3 angel were next to krillin until you said it nice catch

  24. Any one think Jiren looks kinda pudgy when him and goku are staring at eachother?

  25. Why does jiren look fat in the thumbnail

  26. do you thinks Vegeta will ever use Gamma Burst Flash in the Anime?

  27. I think that universe 3 are sitting with universe 7 bcs maybe vegeta's final flash destroyed the stands where they were sitting

  28. Maybe Vegetas Final Flash destroyed half of the arena so they had to move their seats

  29. The baldies could have been scared of the final flash (possibly aimed in their direction) and ran over to where U3 is sitting. Or, Maybe Vegeta destroyed most of the spectating area with his Final Flash and there is nowhere else for U3 to sit.

  30. Maybe they tell them to pick a side, and the side that loses gets erased including the God's of destruction.


  32. I hope u get 1mil as soon as possible.U deserve it

  33. I think the Grand Priest asked the remaining bystanders to sit by who THEY think will win the tournament of power.

  34. You're awesome Mastar media ! Thanks!

  35. Maybe thay must make a bet and who lose is going bye

  36. I think they are picking sides of universes

  37. Well at least vegeta still got his pride

  38. u really ask where is whis and berus. Picture u show is characthers on left side from whis, on right side near tenshinhan is bearus and whis.

  39. Or or or… krillin tien and kaio moved over there to get a better point pf view..

  40. I don't think Beerus and Whis not being the the shot is really anything Major, as Beerus sits to the right (or left depending on the point of view) from the supreme kai and Whis sits above beerus, a little more to the left, but still to the right (or left) of the kai. I bring this up because in the shot, the supreme kai is on the very right so you can't see anything to the right of him meaning that Whis and Beerus are simply cut from the shot, but are still in fact there.

  41. Wait when is the episode coming out

  42. The animation is going to be so dope

  43. I believe I saw vados in the previous episode also sitting with U7 as well.

  44. Just to remind everyone that the official Twitter page of Dragon Ball Super stated that they will upload pictures of ep 122 until episode airs.
    Which means there'll be leaked pictures tomorrow also.

  45. mastar always coming through in the clutch 💯

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