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MORE Dragon Ball Super Episode 115-118 SPOILERS

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. goku beats jiren then vegeta beats frezia

  2. Why is everyone so obsessed with goku passing out after using Ultra Instinct 😑😑😑😑😑

  3. Vegeta is being out classed 😂😂😂😂😂 now i think kefla can beat his ass


  5. Add one more too can piccolo heel and give power to goku and gohan that is an sacrifice for the team should good to universe 7

  6. I dont want back goku and vegeta fusion i need want too see a new form of fusion dance between goku and gohan and its was an amazing power then gohan had a new form also goku too , this tremendrous both merged means we get a new birth of level of enegery will higher than the grand priest too , i was more expecting like that of goku's form

  7. Ultra instinct will drain Goku, but Kefla will unfuse when she ups her power. Also, the Androids have infinite energy…one of them could easily share with Goku. I think Goku is gonna get taken out. It's also being hinted that Veg or Gohan are gonna take this to the end. Of note,: Goku couldn't sense a limit to Kefla…Vegeta said no such thing. Vegeta just said it was incredible.

  8. Super is such garbage, holy shit this is so bad.

  9. Why doesnt the androids give goku power? If they have unlimited?

  10. Keep in mind, ultra instinct is a technique the gods can't easily obtain. The gods aren't saiyan. Ultra instinct isn't a form, and goku isn't a super saiyan when he uses it. Its like the kaio ken, anyone can obtain it. But, just like the kaio ken, it can probably be paired WITH super saiyan. Im guessing in goku's fight VS jiren he will go super saiyan with ultra instinct. maybe he goes into Blue with ultra instinct. It is said he has perfect ki control in blue's form. The issue with ultra instinct was that he couldn't control his ki to stay within his body, so he only had the form for a short duration. I think if he paired ultra instinct with blue, he would be unstoppable.

  11. It's enough with goku and kefla i want vegeta or gohan and piccolo. Now it's not even hyped as before

  12. Vegeta has ultra instinct. hell beat jiren

  13. What about those 2invisible warriors??

  14. I like how nobody talks about the biggest ass pull of them all which is goku ,this dide doesn't work for shit ,he was given ssg thru taking energy from 5 other people, and Ul he got from getting his ass whoop from jrien ,he didn't train or even know what it is but he magically gets a form even gods can hardly attain. But yall keep haiting on the female's but goku is the worst of them all

  15. I hope goku turns into a kingkong with ultra instinct.

  16. Imagine if Goku and 17 Fused….Ultra instinct with unlimited stamina… o.O

  17. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't piccolo have the ability to heal people?

  18. I think she is universe 6’s equivalent to goku! And I can’t imagine how strong a ultra instinct goku- broly fusion

  19. The androids both 17&18 have unlimited energy goku could easily attain ultra instinct multiple times if need as long as hit body can withstand all that energy and power

  20. I think the tragedy is Kalifa gets DQ after the earings and the Nameks are gone. So U6 is gone. The sacrifice will be Piccolo beating the Nameks and Eliminating himself.

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    i have dreams I want to achieve, but I can not and no one feels what I feel now i want to make my mom happy 😔😞

  22. Universe 2 is gonna lose …try analysing EP EP 18

  23. I think that Piccolo is the one who will sacrifice himself.

  24. Its going to get boring if the final four end up being 7,3,4, and 11. U3 and U4 are nothing bud scrubs.

  25. In my opinion, Goku will recover enough to challenge Jiren again. Due to his going through both matches in such a short time, his body is going to adapt and evolve. When Goku fights Jiren again, that is when he will fully ascend to a higher level, after taking a bit of beating from Jiren, of course. Goku will not just master ultra instinct, he will gain a new power in his next match with Jiren. Think about it, if Kefla was able to evolve that quickly, I'm pretty sure that the writers are going to give Goku another power up to allow him to overcome Jiren.

  26. Goku getting Ultra Instinct……I sleep. Hearing Ribrianne could be taken out…… Real Shit

  27. Yeah they are hyping the new form, love it.

  28. Why can't everyone just accept the fact that the potara earrings are just OP AF?!?!

  29. "Let's invest 20 years coming up with a badass new form and then wank it by having a fodder character fuse and be above God Level."
    -DBS Writers 2017

  30. I don't want to see Goku ,, fusion to fight Jiren..

  31. Maybe the sacrifice is to give Goku energy

  32. Remember there is a time limit with the patara earrings with mortals

  33. Universe 7 team needs to do what Toppo and Dyspo are doing with Jiren, basically protecting him whilst he meditates.

    Goku needs to have time to really recover his stamina and get his mojo back.

  34. wouldnt it be like….its a technique so shouldnt it just be the instinct part….why is it goku gets stronger as well..wouldnt it be your current power but just with instincts…hmm

  35. I know they're fighting faster than light but are their conversations faster than light? XD

  36. What if one of the android gives all of there energy to goku. What if that’s the sacrifice???

  37. if majin buu was around. he'd be doing some healing to goku

  38. I understand the frustration with how OP it seems Kefla is in such a short amount of time. I'd like to think it's intentional to set up a future story arc involving the saiyans on universe 6. So far it's been universe 7 that has the best fighters from universe 6 learning the various power ups saiyans are capable of. Imagine a whole planet of saiyans learning how to go SSJ and beyond. I could see that being a multiversal threat that would maybe cause even the gods of the universes fear.

    Further, if U6 is eliminated in this story arc but are brought back by the Super Dragon Balls, that may cause the saiyans from U6 to want to rise up against the gods. Somehow you'd have to asspull a way for Zeno to not just wave his hands and make U6 un-exist again but it could be a sort of plausible explanation for why U6 saiyans are so strong. They adapt and learn new fighting power ups at an alarming rate that even the gods fear. Could even go back to referencing whether Zamasu was right to fear humans.

  39. I would love to see the reaction on the face of whis,bearus,zeno,dia shinkan and other gods//Thr form that even god can't easily attain will be mastered by goku😍😍😍😍❤

  40. So now just to defeat a fused legendary super saiyan Goku uses ultra instinct? what the hell why? Dont tell me Goku blue times 20 kaio ken wasnt enough for kefla times 10 should be enough Legendary super saiyan or not the scale of power is very unbalanced in DBS .

  41. Could the sacrifice be one of the androids to give goku energy for immediate recovery and fight kefla and jiren with ultra instinct again?

  42. Is goku's version of ultra instinct like a beserk mode he hasn't harnessed? Like kale overcoming her power level too op for her to control

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