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Merged Zamasu vs Goku and Vegeta – Dragon Ball Super

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Watch Merged Zamasu vs Goku and Vegeta – Dragon Ball Super Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Pretty sure vegito would kick beerus' ass since whis said that if goku and vegeta fight beerus at the same time they would win now this is a potara fusion so they gain more power than a normal fusion yeah vegito would beat him not easy mode but neither hard mode.

  2. This is super Exciting but whats even better thats been playing on my mind is how long will vegito stay around! I HOPE they do a Vegito vs Beerus! and I hope he stays merge for the multi universe tournament!!!

    Beerus is immortal aswell we saw that when Goku sliced his face with a punch and it healed up. and we know the olny way to kill him is through killing the supreme kai!

    Beerus can kill Zamasu even though he is immortal, due to him being a lord of destruction its simple we can destroy and he will just erase him!!

  3. Your voice is so intense with this whole video lmao

  4. Gowasu only showed up to record our fight and post it to godtube.

  5. If Vegito doesn't stomp with utter ease I will completely disown this show. Its already full of bullshit but that would be the final straw.

  6. I think super saiyan vegito will be able to use that Rose transformation or maybe a new one like White or green.

  7. zamasu is no longer immortal 😮

  8. watch Dragon ball super Episode 64! the Episode 65 Preview Is So Awsome

  9. I wonder who is stronger if whis vs merge zamasu?

  10. make a comedy review of episode 64

  11. @MaSTAR Media Hey master media been watching your videos and you the one who predicted the up coming senario and you were closely right….
    not like other

    blogger who



  12. they will not fuse it will be berrus vs zamasu God and he is immortal

  13. I don't get it why do they keep on saying Beerus will die if that supreme kai die and y I'm saying that is because The elder supreme kai he sailed up in the Z sword was the original kai he is link to so I think if that kai die Beerus will be ok he should be

  14. What is the soundtrack used in all your videos?

  15. maybe it's beerus scythe just maybe

  16. Zamasu might have the ABILITY of Goku… but not his Tecniques… Kaioken anyone?

  17. Beerus fighting Beerus?Man Vegito could destroy also Whis and,I dont want exagerate but he could also stand a chance against the omni king

  18. Merged Zamasu: i will kill you

    vegeta: hell no

    Goku: FUSION HAA

    Vegito: bitch i am the strongest sayian of all time.

  19. bro the way how you said this is so fuckin lit. I to fuckin god we get to see vegito again

  20. what the song in the end of the video?

  21. Vegito would rape Merged Zumasu. Zumasu isn't even that strong, he matches ssj2 Trunks.

  22. Zamasu is not SSJ2 level anymore. He went toe to toe with God Goku.

  23. Vegito blue will happen. Merged Zamasu is immortal, and will need captured in that urn. At some point during the universal tournament he will be released, and/or goku, vegeta will be forced to defeat him once and for all.

  24. VEEEGIIITTTOOO 🔥🔥😭 the hype is too strong my brothers ..

  25. Nah bruh, its gonna be Gogeta, they have to fuse, fuck the canon shit, Gotenks is canon. So its not gonna be Vegito, its gonna have to be a Fusion Dance. If they used the potara earings They would be stuck in that body forever. So it wouldnt make sense to send Vegito in. Lets just see Gogeta once…PLZ

  26. im just waiting on Goku to pull out that button Zeno gave him….

  27. pretty sure saitama will show up

  28. Berserk opener at the end. Love it.

  29. My theory: Beerus comes through, but Merged Zamasu is too much for him. He is killed and the Supreme Kai disappears. Goku and Vegeta gather his earrings, and Vegito is reborn. Then we wind up with the epic battle we all want.

  30. Black's power increases drastically when he fights Goku.

  31. Due to them fusing with the ring it'll create a new being which cancels his immortality

  32. tbh MaSTAR Media my opinion is that they will later call the Zeno King  because gogeta or vegito  would not do it.

  33. I would rather see Gogeta fight instead Vigeto

  34. By god mate, a truer prophecy has never been more foretold!

  35. in retrospect bring out SSGSS Gogeta first, I believe since Vegito is stronger it be nice to par him against a stronger being

  36. You lie!!! the potara earrings are a complete fusion while the metamorean fusion has the one weakness being limited to time and if too much power is used in the fusion the time limit is shortened. other than that gogeta is stronger than vegito you monkey

  37. how can black goku and Zamasu be stronger when vegita beats black goku also goku beats zamasu so that being said zamasu and black lose and be defeated bt mafuba end the story. vegito always win look at drangon ball history

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