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Mastar Answers YOUR Questions!

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Watch Mastar Answers YOUR Questions! Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Goku vs saitama the movie is my new favorite movie

  2. please team 4 star help this amazing guy its movie time

  3. You're an hypocrite, basically you did nothing else than copying all the battle performance with music you didn't made yourself (as long it has your ginormous Logo [EGO] on it it's fine, right? I asked if you could upload my video before you even saw it, but you ignored me than I asked again when you gave me your warning but you ignored me, so thanks for the copyrightstrike. Needless to say unsub and good luck…

  4. Hi MoLeSTer Master Media!

  5. Hi MoLeSTer Master Media!

  6. mastar media can you put broly on goku v saitama season 2?

  7. new subscriber man great content.

  8. Hey great series! looking forward to the second arc of the evil gods of destruction. are you going to combine all 9 parts to one full video.

  9. I think you should continue with japanese voices. That's just my opinion ^^

  10. I think if you wanna make a full movie of goku vs saitama, you need to remaster part1 AND part 2.

  11. Question: If Demon Rush would air on TV, would you still have the full episode on this YT account?

  12. It would be so amazing to have a few fantasy "Bleach" Fight 😀

  13. Goku and Vegeta are not gods they are mortals who are able to tap into god ki

  14. I hate u Master media you just said no matter how strong goku gets saitama will always be his equal but that's a lie Goku gets stronger and faster ever time he fights stronger opponents !!!!!

  15. Some random comments on the series…
    Is it possible that we could get a video that gives us a brief blurb about each of the Maikaioshin? (Let's hope I spelled that right…) It would include stuff like names, their abilities, personality traits and a little insight into how or why you designed them the way they are. I think that would be an awesome way to get people hyped for season two while also giving us a bit of content to tide us over.
    Here is what I think the names of the evil gods would be…
    1) Demigra 2) Hintorai 3) Dasuhan 4) Kikaruma 5) Zenkenu
    Pronunciations: (HIN-tore-ie) (DASS-uh-han) (Keh-CAR-oo-muh) (Zen-KEN-oo)
    By the way, Zenkenu and Hintorai look TERRIFYINGLY awesome!! This series has just been fantastic and I cannot wait to see more. Keep up the good work. I will be eagerly awaiting the announcement of Demon-rush being on TV! (Hey, you gotta dream big, right?)

  16. I really want to see goku fusing with black goku to get the form that is superior to the omni king

  17. I'm retarded…….. I always asked for the songs :/

    On another note, good luck with demon rush! I'm excited for it and can't wait for the first episode!

  18. as ever, everybody supports you. take your time and make everything awesome.
    (why not have help with Friends or animators)

  19. I think saitama is strong beacuse if goku can not stay super sayiny for ever or he will get tierd

  20. Dude the echo on your voice is annoying

  21. Yeah take your time on that shit! Seems like every part had you going through a rigorous process…

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