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Mastar Animation Podcast #2 – Dragon Ball AF (ft. Merimo Animation)

Mastar Animation Podcast #2 – Dragon Ball AF (ft. Merimo Animation) Is Available on

Watch Mastar Animation Podcast #2 – Dragon Ball AF (ft. Merimo Animation) Online. One Piece
eng sub anime hd quality Video. Today The following anime Mastar Animation Podcast #2 – Dragon Ball AF (ft. Merimo Animation) watchop & gogoanime has been released NOW You Can Enjoy Anime Here ON 9Gogoanime.

is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Hey guys, please don't forget to show Merimo and Pryd your support! Footage of AF starts at 1:53

  2. Episode War of the All – day show Episode 6 of the War of the

  3. Converse menos e coloque o episódio 6 e o 7

  4. Doing the Story of Xicor! Merimo Animation, You should got to Natoriama and Ask if you can finish what GT started! Just Because AF was suppose be After the GT Saga ended! You are Doing the Story of Xicor I see that Much, But You should ask Natoriama if You can make them Actual Episodes Like GT did! Just got to Ask Permission and Get the Request Accepted and Boom, Got yourself Your Own Dragon Ball Show! I don't know how to spell the Creator of Dragon Ball's name. Please Take no offense if It is Wrong, I am Lazy!

  5. Mastar work on what you want I'll watch it all your story telling is great.

  6. I can't find Pryo studios on youtube.

  7. Story and action are everything to me. A great example are old school video games great gameplay, story and decent animation I will play it. That is why I hate Super story sucks and mostly boring fights no real sense of urgency.

  8. What pryd said was awesome
    He's always inspirational

  9. master media pliz can u help me where is war anime episode 5…

  10. I don't know why but every time I look at your face it reminds me of pat from popularmmos

  11. these are the people that "hit" me

  12. im starting to understand whats going on here

  13. btw you idiots just need to collab. mr "I need high framerate" does the sketches, merimo does the shading and coloring and maSTAR sees that they dont kill eachother during the process

  14. Bro this is so awesome like I LOVE you guys for this! I'm coming across this at the perfect time in my life RIGHT ON TIME it's impeccable is there a way I can get in touch with you to ask you some things questions about the process? Maybe going from a paper drawing to a digital one. Even if it's just messaging through YouTube that's cool I just know that you guys are going to be very influential in making my imagination come to life. Anyway a million thank you's ahead of time and let me know if there's a way we can communicate I appreciate you all sincerely Arigato

  15. Seems like Merimo is doing his animation for himself and not the fans and is just posting it on YouTube where as MaSTAR is doing his animation for himself and the fans. If you are trying to grow a YouTube channel MaSTAR is doing it properly…If you are trying to show people you are a good animator then Merimo is doing it right by making gem of a movie. Either way both of your efforts on the animation you do is greatly appreciated. I look forward to seeing DragonballAF just as much as i look forward to seeing the new Anime War so keep up the good work.

  16. Thanks for putting a GIANT spoiler in the tumbnail for everyone to see.

  17. omni super saiyan vs ssj5 ?! a goku from. mastars universe .. vs the af goku .. just like with saitama .. ( u see where I'm going with this ?) lol now who would be the person to drop down an obliterate them both for a while? any suggestions? we have to see which transformation dominates!!… or even better … what would happen if a omni super sayian and a sjj5 look fused??? I think I would die of hype

  18. When will we get a Blue Ray Release? =) Epic stuff and we should support it.

  19. #NotifacitionSquad (im late caz I was busy on school 🙁 )

  20. Merimo has a terrible mic or its muffled with something.

  21. thanks mastar you doing great animation

  22. Pryd has no right being here. He barely has any animation done. The videos he does have barely have movement and he's talking about how movement is easy. He has like 30 seconds of movement done with all his videos put together. He doesn't even have stick figure animation(lots of movement in those).

  23. Is Merimo on your Anime War team?

  24. You are absolutely right about how people dislike videos because of some bad news or something we didn't like. I'd be a hypocrite if I said no. I do that sometimes too, but I never realized how much it affects people. Just showed me something new. Fans will always want a new episode of something good. I'm one of those guys. When you drop anime war I'm ready for another episode. Don't sweat it. As long as you keep doing what your doing now and continue with these episodes people will keep following you.

  25. plz put epesoid 5 in amine war

  26. good to see. i like dragonball movies,
    have a look my Parody channel

  27. MaSTAR Media Anime War Episode 5 when upoload

  28. Sounds like you guys are jealous of Merimo's serious drawing! Looks sick!

  29. master don't let people get to you enjoys you work no body is perfect I got to keep learning and do as best as can that is all

  30. Can someone give pryd a good kick in the nuts?

  31. Pryd gets so triggered when anyone says quality is good.

  32. i made a 1 million sub before the end of 2017 prediction this was when mastar [email protected] been watching since 30k and subbed since 213k. Mastar is the best thing to happen to fan animation and my inspiration.

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