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MAJOR SPOILERS for Goku’s New Form! Dragon Ball Super

MAJOR SPOILERS for Goku’s New Form! Dragon Ball Super Is Available on

Watch MAJOR SPOILERS for Goku’s New Form! Dragon Ball Super Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. What if Goku asks for Genki Dama energy, and the Zenos give him their energy? Then he absorbs the genki energy into himself, and becomes Genki God Goku. GGG Confirmed.

  2. I feel once Goku gets his ass beat after using 20x kaioken and the spirit bomb, Jiren is going to rapidly take out members of universe 7. While doing so, Goku starts to think about his universe being erased and all the people he cares about as well. Finally triggering the transformation. Just my opinion and speculation though.

  3. FROST GETS DELETED Death Note Joke

  4. Maybe this is somewhat like what happened to Gohan in the Buu saga, where the former supreme Kai talked about how transformations are useless and that its more about your own inner energy? I mean I guess he does transform, but he still looks like Goku with the hair being black and so on. Or maybe its just a new thing, which it probably is

  5. I think he absorbs some of jirens energy. Like the god form against beerus. Which turns his eyes silver and pushes him to a new form

  6. This is great and all , but i think he's going to use kiaoken x100 , it would be throw back to the only time he ever used x100 against lord slug and it would be amazing. Plus there's that scene in the opening credits where goku unleashes a massive amount of kaioken red looking energy that he pushes out of the way , that to me is him hinting towards a stronger kaioken ability , that aura is hard to mistake.

  7. and then whis still toys around with goku's new form…

  8. Goku will observe the spirit bomb

  9. I honestly don't want to see Jiren get erased!

  10. Vegeta States it a Sayians true form

  11. I can't believe vegeta almost got eliminated my heart was beating so fast

  12. Guys goku is using kiaoken times 20 in base form because if you look carefully it doesn't say Goku's super sayain blue kiaoken times 20 it says even Goku's Kiaoken times 20 is n match

  13. First I really thought beerus is taking 70 percent on goku ssg, but turns out now I think beerus barely uses 50 percents of his power to fight goku, or even lower.

  14. Why would Goku use the spirit bomb if he will uptain a new form? I don't see the use in the spirit bomb if his new form is going to be 50x stronger

  15. Thumbs up if u want vegeta to transform into saiyans true form. Like Kayle.

  16. Now let's see Goku vs Superman I dare someone to say Superman would win

  17. Stop sleeping on Vegeta-Sama. I guarantee Vegeta will eliminate
    Hit or Toppa, and that's just facts.

  18. If this new form is based on goku absorbing spirit bomb ill be pissed

  19. Mastar look at ep 66 when trunks stabs merged zamasu with the genkidama sword. The light that came out of zamasu looks pretty similar to gokus new aura. I think maybe Holy's new form may not be related to the genkidama itself but rather angelic ki. Remember how they thought merged zamasu was an angel?

  20. If vegeta transforms to the new form, I would literally die

  21. Nothing happens to vegeta but roshi will fall

  22. Make a real episode of episode 109

  23. I can see him becoming stronger then any of the angels

  24. i think that limit breaker form goku is the orignal super saiyan state form because goku and vegeta are full blooded saiyans so saiyan are hair colors are supposed to be black and a saiyans hair stay the same since birth so that my theory

  25. if you guys remember when Zamasu switched bodies with Goku and basically became a KIA himself his eyes were grey and there is proof there that this has something to do with a New God Form as noted by someone earlier he may absorb the spirit bomb with the GODs KI in it and then transforms into this new God Form.

  26. What I'm waiting on is everyone left at the tournament's reaction to Goku's transformation. Vegeta, Master Roshi, and Beerus's reactions should be notable.

  27. His ace in the hole is kaiokhen and if Goku is saying his kaiokhen Times 20 isn't enough than that means his gona go times 50!!! He says thats his ace in the hole when he fights hit when he goes kaiokhen, meaning no spirit bomb PLUS nobody is gona give him the time to make a spirit bomb, also I feel like vegeta is gona get kicked out because his gona kill frost because he looks like Frieza because of his anger?

  28. Stronger than beerus 😂 Hakai✋

  29. Universe 6 will lose and goku will realize theres nothing he can do and change into ultimate super saiyan god goku.Goku basically unlocks his ultimate form like gohan except he has his godly ki at the time of doing so.Or from the same way he was able to tap into super saiyan god again just from feeling what it was like the first time;he becomes ultimate super saiyan god because waaay back when shaking hands with zenoh he felt the strongest ki in existence

  30. 1. Use solar flare+ Kaioken
    2. Touch Jiren
    3. Instant transmission him off the edge of the stage
    4. ._. No? Okay

  31. When he reach his transformation, there is going to be a fucking epic music and battle scene, I can't wait.

  32. I´m certain that spirit bomb is not the ace…he says "…fires his ace in the hole TECHNIQUE?!"…the technique is the Kaioken, so it must have be an absorbing of the Kaioken mixed with God Ki mode, and Ki leakage control…it´s the next thing Goku and Vegeta have to accomplish in his trainings, second Whis…i think, just my opinion…

  33. The trigger is his son gotta be ?

  34. expergamez did this before, material jacked

  35. maybe is not Goku who wins the tournament and is Vegeta, I mean Vegeta trainned rly hard before the tournament it would be fair to let him win this

  36. DROP GOKU VS JIERN PART 2 before the speciall !!!!🙏🙏🙏

  37. Guys remeber when 17 used energy fro the star to use agaisnt the girl (forgot her name )and it was allowed. Well i think goku will use the star for energy

  38. I'm going to throw one out there.. what if this form is because he tried to gather energy from the void for his spirit bomb.. and he absorbed the energy or something happened because of him being in this dimension. build off of that as you will. fun concept

  39. I think the transformation in the intro is him going kio ken x20

  40. Does nobody remember Goku using Kioken X100 against Freeza?

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