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MAJOR Changes in Dragon Ball Super Manga Chaper 22 (FULL CHAPTER)

MAJOR Changes in Dragon Ball Super Manga Chaper 22 (FULL CHAPTER) Is Available on

Watch MAJOR Changes in Dragon Ball Super Manga Chaper 22 (FULL CHAPTER) Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. The anime has so many pot wholes

  2. WTF DAWG I'd rather have this manga then the poop ass anime

  3. wtf is that go f uck yourself mineur fucking poors just sai i want some $ bulshit story blablblablabla how old ya ? ur f ucking in 30 years fk you fuck

  4. In one manga gohan had to destroy good an evil

  5. looks like the manga is doing what dbs should have been

  6. I'm so fucking upset that they change the story in the anime making vegeta look like a punk I hate it! so annoying… in this he was a total bad ass ..

  7. Now knowing that super saijin Red is the same as SSJ God, I question if the Pride-warriors of universe 11 use the same red God-ki boost. Is this right or not?

  8. I suggest reading the manga on an app called ZingBox ☺️

  9. actually …. goku black figured it out that he is changing his form ..asshole

  10. Does any one know that after I put my comment their was 666 comments and you know that number

  11. The manga is way better than the anime makes a lot more sense in the anime They Over use ssj blue witch makes the transformation usuless

  12. omg they pokeymon the hell out this shit man. damn I really wish they kept the hole gt ss4 thing I like it but please man

  13. I thought vegeta worked for super saiyan god. That is what they said when he turned super saiyan blue

  14. So WAIT, the mange made by the actual author of db series is still at the goku black chapter and the anime made by toei animation isthe one making all the money and the tournament of power thingy could even be fake? How do they know the manga will have a tournament of power?

  15. I was wondering why those 2 didn't fight when they see each other…

  16. Why why does he say key push it's chi

  17. So if that theory proves to be right and every saiyan involved in the ritual gets the power to transform, that means Gohan may have his comeback in the form of SSG

  18. The manga looks awesome it's not that the manga is better than the anime I feel like the anime is missing something from itself that makes dragon ball what it is.

  19. I thought the whole thing with blue was that it doesn't take up much stamina while in use but turning it on and off rapidly would make it weaker?

  20. who calls ssjgod super saiyan red

  21. quote of the year "Vegeta is still whooping Blacks ass"

  22. At 0.00, Shiny wild vegeta appeared!!!

  23. Manga chaper? instead chapter?

  24. Your wrong, Super saiyan god is way stronger than super saiyan blue,because super saiyan god is much more extreme than super saiyan blue

  25. In case you have forgotten, SSB is SSGSS, which means and ascended Super Saiyan God. So why didn't you stop saying that SSG is weaker than SSB although it's a fact? Shhhh…

  26. I really don't know the reason to hotaru is so obsessed with the red haired form Blue is way cooler in my opinion

  27. How did they transform into ssjg without any other Saiyans? (On my mummy's account)

  28. this make More sense then anime

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