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Limitless Power Bergamo! Dragon Ball Super Episode 81 Review // Breakdown

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Sorry for my rough voice guys I am sick. There was something I forgot to mention in this video and that was the fact that the Great Priest announces the Omni-King's laws without even speaking to him. He has done it on several occasions. Could this mean something potentially? Don't forget to visit my site and check out the store. Use Code – Mastarmedia – for 10% off through Tuesday

  2. I wonder if Bergamo will return and find a way to get rid of his size growth side effect or getting size and speed both boosted… Cuz I feel this guy oughta maybe give Hit a run for his money.. Or at least should.. I feel every universe needs at least one champion measuring up to the Gods.

  3. Oh yeah I forgot to ask mastar how is anime war coming along I love the progression and thanks again for it

  4. I don't like the battle royals event but I like the other rules but do you think goku was affected by Zamasu's essence when he went back for future Omni king

  5. Goku gives less than 0 fucs about any of 'em. He's gone full bore saiyan!

  6. its gonna be a realy realy big arena, we wont see everyone at once. Goku will agro all the strongest while the weakest who are afraid of goku will stay away from him and fight Master roshi and the others. We can see like 10 episode of differant fight that happen simulteaneously soo the 48 minutes time the number of differant fight in this continental sised arena.

  7. masked Armenia make your own character

  8. and son goku is about to get way way stronger

  9. Tinfoil hat theory-
    Goku wins by controversy. The 'next form' takes him over for a quick second (we see a peek), and in that second he kills Toppo unintentionally. Because Goku doesn't have a handle on this form it disappears before anyone knows what happened. A flattened Toppo enrages everyone and the rumble is on. Gohan is in shock, Beerus dismay, and Whis nods silently to himself. The ultimate saiyan form comes with a price (sanity, moral compass)

  10. I like how they have the no death rule as well as the ring out rule. These rules alone can spell out just how long these battles will be. Plus i can almost see that the rules will be modified again since the Zeno's can decide on it itself, which could change the whole match up. The no fly rule…….that one is scary. with everyone clustered on the ring, shooting blasts and sending giant beams can be dangerous to your team. I wonder if jumping too high could be consider as flying…..

  11. Looks like i'm right. They're now using that as their standard. I wonder where the DBS haters at now?

  12. I feel ya on the battle royal there's def gunna be a tie between U11 and U7 and they will fight it out no rules till the last man is standing.. I'll be satisfied with that as long as it's epic and goku has an incredible fight and victory

  13. The art is pretty good however at times it is also really bad. The animation is nothing special, pretty much the bare minimum what anime should have these days. This varies a lot too, sometimes it's a bit better, sometimes it's just bad.

  14. ive said this, goku went to zeno said "Hey zeno if you want to see the best tournoment of yah life and bring the best out of every one you need to say, you are going to wipe out the universes, because people need to fight like thier life depended on it, but dont wipe them out" just like the 2nd fight againts HIT, he wanted HIT to fight at his best so he lied and got HIT to assasianate him.

  15. I think the fact that the supporting "Angels" from universes 1 5 8 and 12 are seemingly older than the all the other angels points to them being more experienced and more powerful than the rest

  16. The fight didnt seem that epic to me

  17. u really think this arc will be over in 3 episodes lmaoooo wtf is wrong with u

  18. MaSTAR I saw the episode Bergamo did catch it then countered it almost all the way yes he coudn't hold it after goku reinforced it…. but you skipped an entire shot there.

  19. my question is , are the angels on the same level? if not whos the weakest and whos the strongest? if so is the strongest as strong as the grand priest?


  21. I love d the last three episodes too

  22. I imagine that after the 48 minutes all fighters are still standing so they just make it a team death match.

  23. +MaSTAR Media
    do you think fusion will be allowed during the battle?

  24. Might be "48 minutes" as they say but it's probably gonna go in depth with every fight there is going to be with all fighters!

  25. Goku the most savage character in anime you can't tell me otherwise

  26. A battle royale, that's 48:00 minutes, how dissapointing

  27. we the rules bitch cause we watched the episide

  28. I love the last part of episode82 review where goku turns into super saiyan blue and toppo got fear out i wanting to watch it so badly how it will be like in the episode!!

  29. Future Zeno is evil as hinted by the intro where one of the two zenos is red. And will play a big role in this saga.This might be a unquestioned speculation but if you know toriyama's plot twists, you know. 🤔

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