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Let’s talk about Copyright – Team Four Star vs TOEI

Let’s talk about Copyright – Team Four Star vs TOEI Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Let’s talk about Copyright – Team Four Star vs TOEI Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. so we cant download music and listen to it

  2. are you still creating more anime war please create more

  3. this guy talks about ' Copyright '' ………. THE IRONY !

  4. They just hatin cause they know their videos are better

  5. So just get team 4 star on abult swim. Problems solved from every side.

  6. hi mastar i have a question.
    can we react on dragon ball super videos.
    can we give some spoilers,theories on dragon ball super.
    will this be a fair use?

  7. Next thing Toei will do is

    Copyright strike everyone who's doing gameplay / let's play of Xenoverse , cuz you know XDDDD Toei Crazy

  8. except using crunchyroll you can use gogo anime

  9. But then epesodes from dbz are being re-uploaded and no copyright for them?
    So the crap toei!

  10. your eyes are so fucking close together

  11. I like that we're pretending Toei's evil for doing something they are well within their rights to do. TFS has been uploading almost whole episodes and just redubbing them, in addition to selling copyrighted material as if they invented the symbols. That's illegal, and a disclaimer in the front of the video doesn't matter if they're making money off of the hard work of animators in Japan.

  12. Toes animation is messed up!

  13. So, guys, creators need money. But free and easy nformation is too good. So, yay piracy!

  14. dude your whole vidz was copyright, just with a little of blind edit. good work 👎

  15. MaSTAR Media don't act like YOU know what fair use is.

  16. Your head is really long like a football

  17. Jim Sterling has done some excellent and accurate videos on the inner workings of youtube's copyright related procedures.

  18. Hey, this guy named Subarashii is making some pretty nasty stuff about you behind your back. Please tell me you're gonna check that out because I'm honestly concerned

    I already told the guy he needs to stop picking fights but he just won't listen

  19. would you mind my asking,
    why does something that consists almost entirely of copyrighted animation & art resources
    uses virtually 100% of the plot, names, & terms
    sell merchandise with their characters on it
    and makes a lot of money via patreon using their fame from this, not distancing themselves at all from their DBZ routes, even connecting the crowdfunding to their channel via things like putting scripts and editing their show as a reward, basically making money off of DBZ:A
    how is that not copyright infringement?

    you can claim fair use all you want, but that's not for you or youtube to decide. that's not for them to decide. that's for the copyright holder and later a judge to decide

  20. i will 100% Subscribe back who subscribe me …thanks

  21. seems to me that whether is a game or a movie or a tv show, the japanese companies are the only ones to etiher try and fail or try and succesfully bring down the ban hammer on it cause they feel its not fair that poorboy mcbrokepants gets to have views on parodied or fan made content and they only get money which most think they are loseing which could not be farther from the truth. im looking at you konami capcom and nintendo. just cause someone makes a NOPROFITABLE fan game or NONPROFITABLE parody of your work dose not mean that they are takeing money from you. in fact they are HELPING give money to you that you otherwise would lose out on if you continue to abandon your once proud projects that everyone enjoys the hell out of! yes we have things like psn xboxlive and the nintendo e shop to give us and younger gens a chance to play your older games. any way my point is FAN CREATIONS ARE NOT BANKRUPTING COMPANIES THEY ARE KEEPING THEM ALIVE AND RELIVENT!!!!!

    3 and also Bald guy hit hard. to be conturine in the next 5648 years.

  23. what is really f-cked up is that not only that they put the parody disclaimer but they added their own animations in the series that toei animation NEVER did before and the comedy is much more funny than the original animated series 😤😤😤

  24. It's funny/ironic that Google and FB are supposed "rivals" when they both cooperate together sharing information of your data through the NSA's PRISM program. Lets not forget the Patriot Act either! It's an invasion of privacy and attack of the 4th amendment.

  25. by the time team four star makes the next episode dbz super will be over

  26. What if the creator said I can use their music for free

  27. under fair use the parody must be a transformitive work different enough from the original so as not to cause confusion to the actual consumer. in other words someone who doesnt know what dragonball z is should be able to easily tell the difference between the two. in actuality what teamfourstar is doing as incredibly borderline and what toei is doing is far more reasonable but teamfourstar is still in the green.

  28. Oh yeah he said something that I've been saying the whole time by creating these videos dbz abridged your essentially promoting the original content especially to those who's never actually watched the original show they be like hey I like kinda wanna watch the original show now I mean I myself have watched since before team four star started this I have each season on DVD from dragon ball to dragon ball z and I absolutely love it all it's nice to get a laugh from the abridged series

  29. Ehhhhh I dont care im gonna watch rn TFS

  30. I know right I got some problems with copyright too

  31. TOEI animation is disgusting 6th grade quality trash…

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