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LEAKS!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 98-101 Title Spoilers

LEAKS!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 98-101 Title Spoilers Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch LEAKS!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 98-101 Title Spoilers Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Does every saiyan have a different form to use I mean Goku with good=rose and kale that form Goku blue and gohan mystic form

  2. I need the new five weeks of tittles

  3. Krillins raw power episode 99! Episode 99 Krillin: "Gets knock out of the stage with a tail" Krillin: … Sorry Beerus! Me: Really bro?

  4. I think jive is a version of frieza

  5. well krillens "raw power" was knocked off first 😂 his only power was his shoe😂😂

  6. Lets me tells me this you may be stronger then me but i have my pride!!!!!!

  7. yo if there is no more episodes after the tournament like getting more insight into the 4 strongest universes that werent in the tournament, ill be dissapointed.

  8. Even if Caligula turns into blue, IM still watching. Reason being, U6 saiyan power is not on par with U7 power. They don't have the fighting experience added that they didn't even know what super saiyan was. Conclusion, they have potential. Not experience, or the fighting instinct… BOOM IN YO FACE SON

  9. Just saw 97 awesome gotta see you'll luv it

  10. Why is this so crazy that Joren beats Kale? Caulifa turned ssj2 and deflected Kales bkast and Kale shit herself so if a ssj2 can do that then Jiren can win without ease clearly lol !!!

  11. anyone gets creeped out by jirens face……….

  12. i think goku go to his red form with the help of frieza i mean when frieza hit goku the power of destruction i am sure goku store this power maybe

  13. beserker girl will be kicked out because she kills someone i bet. i also bet that none of the universes will be destroyed. why would they introduce new fighters to just destroy them? not smart.

  14. why can't gohan (great saiyanman) be the hero of justice

  15. lol. i doubt she is gona go after universe 6 team members though. She had her reasons for going against Cabba when she did and thos reasons don't apply anymore coz she knows they went there as a team. Neither do they apply to anyone else in her team.

  16. ya they should focus on one fight at a time. And only go to other fights when someone gets knocked out.

  17. if he get a new form he gon be blue on one side and one side rws

  18. I'm pretty sure it's Universe 9 that's in despair. I think Universe 9 will be eliminated next episode. We see Zeno reaching out to the screen pointing. I'm pretty sure that's him eliminating Universe 9.

  19. Krillin about to get raw when android 18 getting her butt kicked.

  20. check out my playlist to find out black goku still lives in a true killer's world mkxl ikonz represent if y'all like video without ads an head popping action then please support don't have to sup or like just enjoy tha ikonz dynasty videos thx for all my black goku brother's he's not dead just in a killer's world

  21. Berserk Kale looks interesting. the only green hair saiyan

  22. i would say female broly goes crazy and knocks out saveral figtjers but eliminates her self in the process.

  23. If kale transforms I'd say it's because caulifla got hurt somehow and then kale see's that and just wrecks everyone's shit. What I would say I'm most excited besides what everyone else is excited about is how the goku and everyone else will react to kale since they've seen and fought broly. Will they just freeze because of the memories triggered? Will they be scared or will they just try and get kale out as soon as possible?

  24. when kale transforms, I just wanna see if U7 will acknowledge this transformation. if they even mention broly or not.

  25. Here Comes The Warrior of Justice. People thinking "Oh Toppo! Jiren!" And I'm here like, "Watch Gohan take out his Great Saiyaman outfit while fighting a Pride Trooper…"😂

  26. ITS KAKAROT NOT GOKU WHO EVEN CAME UP with goku is what vegeta would say

  27. What is a Toppo except a lorax who hits the gym ?

  28. but gohan also is justice when hes great saiyan man

  29. if she cant beat cabba shes gonna suck cabba got oneshot by vegeta lmao hes on prob the same level as yamcha

  30. The berserker has to be a new form

  31. Jiren vs goku will be toward the end. Like the last two standing

  32. I think something might happen to 18 🙁

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