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Kefla’s Power Revealed! Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 SPOILERS

Kefla’s Power Revealed! Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 SPOILERS Is Available on

Watch Kefla’s Power Revealed! Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 SPOILERS Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Means we will be seeing kefla more on screen compare to vigito when we saw in ep61 😞

  2. no chance kefla even touchesJiren stop it lol… theres still toppo and vegeta, frieza also

  3. What are toppo and vegeta doinh while these are fighting

  4. this is really stupid from toryama with all due respect but goku needed like 10 plus years to gain God form but in this tournament everyone Powers up easily….db Looses that something….

  5. If Caulifla achieves The Force Im done with Star Wars.

  6. I'm Just Waiting For The Moment When Gohan Rise Up Again With All His Best And Make Everyone Shock With The Saiyan Appears In Beerus Sama Dream Is Actually Gohan….Who Else Want To Be Shock.

  7. I thought they will be ssjb lvl but they are stronger … maybe don underestimated potra fusion!!!

  8. How tf goku can handle beerus with super saiyan god and not with these super saiyan fused

  9. Bruhhh the way it is setup rn, I feel like Yamcha will beat SSGB Goku smh.

  10. Why are they making super saiyan blue goku or super saiyan blue on a whole look so weak after this arc I might stop watch dragon ball super i cant take this shit jiren is going to knock them out both at once and if frieza fights them he'll win no doubt

  11. Why kale and caulifa are so overpowered?? My anger is over 9000 ):

  12. So essentially they are saying that the original vegito during Buu arc was equivalent to current SS Blue Goku since this Kafla fusion is taking on blue and giving that form a hard time ? Give me a break .. Even in fused form they should still be nothing to Blue Goku .. Hate this scaling

  13. I opened video and i see Kefla's image in ultra. Ok. I didn't seen the video, i am at 4 seconds. If i see Kefla in Ultra i quit Dragonball and all anime's.

  14. Hey just letting you know, this video didn't show in my subscriptions feed.

  15. all along it was their plan as that boy saiyan said that those girls r their last hope

  16. Super sayin 2 kale + Super sayin 2 cauliflower = power over Super sayin blue?

    That's bullshit!

  17. Who thinks Ribrianne is annoying than Caulifla?

  18. Goku is just taking minimal damage to get stronger but recovering his stamina is going to take awhile.

  19. so sad.goku fought so many enemies before attaining blue. bat this kefla just simply attain beyond goku without expirience. u lost me here dbz

  20. Episode 115 is written by Toshio so expect some rationality

  21. Goku prob lost because he's still injured

  22. Ssbss is just became shit every new warrior in dbs is more powerful thn blue

  23. Remember when SSJ Blue used to be strong?

  24. I would love to see something like freeza saving goku from Kefla and the rest of the warriors sees Goku struggling even more and realizes that the only person who could have defeated him(Kefla) was taken out by frieza and everyone in the tourney that isnt U11 or U7 go on an offensive to take out Goku once and for all. But, all of U7(except Vegeta Cuz you know Toppo) comes to defend him.

  25. Worst nightmare ever
    Vegeta gets beaten by a woman

  26. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I can't accept this
    And so do you.

  27. Wow Super is officially dead wasted time hyping up super Saiyan blue just to have fodder characters surpass it

  28. what about the super warrior that would supposedly appear around this epsodes?

  29. U guys are all stupid, do u not understand the state tht goku is in right now. He isn't just a little hurt, he severely hurt, so obviously goku can't go 100% full power

  30. even if they fuse they dont know how to control their ki so how can they be stronger than blue?

  31. There gonna get up from the fusion explosion

    And get erased

  32. Can’t wait for jiren or frieza to raped them

  33. Dragon Ball Super Social Justice Warriors

  34. Some people are just dumb . Yall grown as hell hating on a cartoon 😂 why wouldnt kefla be on the level of goku ssb if kale alone could take it on ?

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