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Jiren’s Weakness

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Goku and Vegeta mastered ssjblue like in the manga

  2. We need only remember how Goku Black constantly got power-ups during his repeated battles against Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks. I'm trying make some logical sense of this because if it's just a case of Jiren being nerfed that's gonna be mad lame…..

  3. Hes preventing them from gaining ultra instinct again

  4. Yo mastar, I think we are being fooled in the preview. The scene where goku is casually blocking jiren, I believe, is actually goku blocking vegeta's punches. I think vegeta will want to fight jiren and goku will want to as well, leading them to throw hands, the same way they did fighting golden frieza. Vegeta will be impatient to the idea of goku fighting him again and that will lead to goku telling vegeta he can fight him.

  5. Oh I get it so your trying to say its possible they gained a massive zenkai boost

  6. What If Jiren Is Holding Back So Vegeta Won’t Turn UI But Is Actually Getting Beat Up

  7. He never finish meditating that’s why

  8. Everybody share ur engery 🤗with vegeta he has to win it's his time!!!😉

  9. Its simple goku and vegeta got a zenkai boost

  10. Jiren is struggling because theres a reason he meditates so much he needs to be in a calm state.getting him angry makes him lose his cool thus make him get weaker through his frustration and anger.hencr why we see goku laughing ang being able to block his attacks

  11. i think is the same tactic of goku he test his enemy

  12. it's super power level logic.

  13. They need to keep the animators that make ep 122 and fire the rest ! I don't like the shiny characters and the less muscles they give the characters.

  14. Jiren is too hot. The heat is his limit, hes not like my man big shaq aka quickmafs. I think if he takes off his suit, he ll get stronger

  15. People need to get over it. He doesn't have a weakness. If he can wreck a god of destruction and is only participating because of a promised wish. He fears nothing and I think he can resist Hakai if needed. The clown god would have already tried on him.

  16. I like to think that he's didn't fully recover from his meditation after his fight with Goku and Hit. His meditation is a power up and healing. I believe Jiren power is close the angels level and only way he can bring it out through meditation. Jiren power is calculated, him meditating bring forth more power to go against Ultra instinct.

  17. Super saiyan blue vegi-TOE should be enough to take on jiren

  18. or the writers are just crap

  19. I think your overthinking it. Jiren knows that he still has ultra instinct he does not go all out blue I'm gonna repeat it Blue has not chance he's simply saving stamina he's the only one in the top that has 100 percent fight left. He's training not meditating in his head meaning his body language is saying there not worth it that's why he meditated mid tournament.. not bashing Mastar media just I think there's no chance.while in blue and merging would risk double eliminations just give my boy Vegeta a chance..

  20. maybe his weakness is technique. he has power but his martial arts isn't strong. like caulifla at first

  21. their weakness is Toriyama

  22. Yeah, thats bs. Jiren didnt even use full power with ultra instinct goku.

  23. Jiren’s not losing to blue Vegito

  24. I think why jiren is getting slumped is because vegeta hasn't lost any energy yet

  25. ORRRR maybe you should just wait till the episode and see. I really doubt anything has been done to Jirens character. He’s probably just not trying or he’s just caught off guard because he underestimates Vegeta

  26. If Vegeta ascends then he will have the upper hand until Jiren powers up and shows his real power.

  27. Well if you pay attention you dont see if those fists belong to jiren might es well be dispo getting mocked by goku

  28. Jiren fought hit last not Goku BTW, and perhaps the meditation drained him because it’s how he trains? And Jiren has shown more than just power he out smarted time and faster than ultra instinct, Jiren could most likely go beyond his limits and beat vegeto blue too why should it be just saiyans that go beyond there limits and vegeto is most likely even with Jiren because I’m imagining vegeto fighting ssj blue goku and that’s exactly how I see it going

  29. They nerfed jiren power. I’m really mad because of this. He is leagues ahead of Goku and vegeta. Wtf is going on?

  30. Jiren weakness? The Vegeta Piano

  31. Smfh, Jiren Didn't get nerfed, Goku and Vegeta are learning his techniques and adapting. They're both WAY stronger than they were at the beginning as well as grown their own techniques. They are sayains, that's what they do – Always upgrading. Jiren got way to cocky, and probably had no knowledge of this.

  32. I really hope Vegito happens, please, it makes so much sense

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