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Jiren’s Power, Desperation, and Obliteration – Dragon Ball Super

Jiren’s Power, Desperation, and Obliteration – Dragon Ball Super Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. krillin don't get a dq. he's gets nicked off by frost

  2. How does a god behave in an agnostic way towards another god?

  3. Lol Kale vs Jiren is not no fight of the Century, U were better off leaving that with Hit vs Jiren now that is something I'd love to see.

  4. 2:45 "While feeling agnostic" It's actually "While feeling antagonistic". Though considering Beerus is feeling this feeling toward a god, it could be interpreted interestingly. Maybe Beerus doesn't feel like Champa exists?

  5. krillin getting disqualified couse he fly's to help nº18 and they cant fly probably that !!!

  6. So goku is gonna go all Kratos on us?

  7. If any of the other universe saiyans obtain ssjb or g I will well quit the show I may tolerate ssj3 though cause we already saw the bitch go ssj2 and the other bitch going bezerk mode

  8. whats the point of not killing rule? most of then will die anyway.

  9. #JirenTheBoss Its like Jiren is a John Wick's reincarnation with super powers LMAO

  10. agnostic is when you are not sure of your religious beliefs, you meant to say antagonistic.

  11. What's the difference between "Goku getting a new transformation every ark" and Hit's Improvement Technique?

  12. When any of "The Z Warrior's," mainly Goku and Vegeta, see Kale's transformation after the inital shock say "She looks just like Broly," or "That's the Legendary Super Saiyan Transformation" would that make Broly a CANON CHARACTER by default?

  13. I don't get it…
    If a lot of warriors are out, the strongest team left will be the pride troops. They're extremely powerful and are used to fighting alongside one another.
    The smart strategy for any universe would be to isolate Jiren and make sure the rest of U11's team is eliminated.

  14. so the spoilers regarding caulifa getting teached by goku to transform into ssb is valid or fake! i am confused!!

  15. If Goku falls off, he can just instant transmission to a fighter on the stage to get back up there.

  16. I want vegeta to have a new transformation 🔥

  17. DragonBall Abriged is going to eat Krillins ring out alive lol I can't wait

  18. I hope the universe 6 saiyans go ssj4 since they evolve and turn super saiyan differently

  19. well kale getting squashed by jiren is alot better then hit or vegeta getting squashed by jiren.

  20. krillin will go a super ultra potential limit break

  21. I am sorry i am rooting for Universe 6 over 7 and only a few characters from Universe 7 i absolutely don't care for Plot Armored Goku and never will .


  22. so it's true then goku, frieza, jiren will be the only people left on the ring. as heroes video show. too much spoilers is bad

  23. goku is gonna tear caulifas ass up she will have that tingly sensation all over, and all she will be able to do is giggle ,quiver and cum.

  24. I'm gonna hakai myself if caulifla goes ssb and or if frieza gets bodied by jiren in one hit

  25. @9:33 Not the first one from the tournament , I think you meant from U7

  26. I'm the rare DBS fan that doesn't see a huge issue with the U6 Sayians progressing at their current speed.

    I understand the rate of progression for U6 Sayians seems insanely accelerated compared to U7, but you have to realize the fighters achieving this form are incredibly powerful in their base forms, which they've trained exclusively during their time as fighters. I honestly think the combination of their much higher level at base, then the U7 Sayians when they achieved the various different transformations, and a different physiological process for transforming between the two races. The U7 Sayians are a warrior race, and they achieve the different forms through rage. Their sheer power in base form is one major difference. Goku on Namek is so far below the level of Cabba during the U7 vs U6 tournament. We really don't know how strong the female Sayians are at their base, but it's fair to say they're at a high enough level that power isn't an obstacle in achieving forms, rather learning how to access the forms is the only reason they can't utilize them. From what we've seen of the U6 Sayians, they have the ability to access the forms by focusing ki into a specific part of their body. This may be a result of the race evolving differently without tails and the animal urge to fight. They fight to protect and uphold peace in the universe. They're in some ways the mirror version, but they've actually progressed differently with time. At some point the U6 Sayians evolved differently than the U7 versions.

  27. Goku turning super saiyan for the first time, that facial expression and final scream is probably not just the greatest moment in DBZ history but anime history. Can that moment be equaled?

    Imagine Goku vs Jiren… two warriors left in the tournament of power.. both with everything to lose.  Goku is SSB but he's getting his ass beat by Jiren, completely being outmaneuvered and overpowered. Jiren is beating the shit out of him. Goku's life flashes before his eyes, his family, Piccolo, Master Roshi, the Earth and universe 7….all those treasured memories and emotions flashes before his eyes as Jiren is preparing to finish him off.  Goku now realizing that not even SSB with Kaio-Kenx20 is enough to even match Jiren The Gray blow for blow…. Goku snaps, completely loses it, let's out a void altering scream that makes the gods flinch…. he permanently absorbs the kaio-ken into his ki, thus breaking his current limit and ascending to his limit breaking form with a sinister grin on his face. 

    This moment in my opinion would equal episode 95. Your thoughts

  28. wtf? I've being watching your videos for months and I wasn't even subscribed? lol I always thought I was, now I am. Love your vids man

  29. I just love you they put a grey alien in the series. they are real and strong.

  30. if dude is that bad ass it only makes sense that whoever wins will have to surpass their current levels of power.

  31. I actually think that when Krillen throws a kienzan someone is going to JUMP in front of it and get killed and then Krillen is going to get disqualified

  32. A lot of people will probably get upset at the broly equivalent getting one shot by jiren but in all honesty im pretty sure broly from before would even get owned by ss blue goku at this point. So it makes sense that jiren one shots her

  33. after the tournament universe seven will use the super dragond ball and wish the other universes live then the will all get along especially jiren

  34. If she goes blue. I’m gonna lose my shit, no way should she be capable of such.

  35. The biggest question is going to be will broly be mentioned once Kale goes berserker ?
    At that point the tribute to broly will be confirmed ?

  36. I feel like when my man Goku squares up to Jiren, the other pride troopers will back him and then MY universe will begin to fight against universe 11 while Goku and Jiren just stand still, staring at each other from a distance. Perhaps every warrior from my universe (obviously not myself you 2 eyed fucks) and universe 11 will be knocked off just leaving Jiren and Goku to fight.

    And….Caulifla is sucking my dick in the meantime and gains a new form called super saiyan white.

  37. Just wondering why don't Vegeta and Goku fuse into gogeta? It'd be a easy win if they did

  38. Gonna be highly annoyed if FemBroly gets punked by Jiren. At least make it a good fight.

  39. :/ Goku will go semi-god of destruction…

  40. mastermedia could you add yuska however.you spell it from yu-yu hakasho plz

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