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Jiren’s Full Power is Hidden

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Watch Jiren’s Full Power is Hidden Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Spolier!
    They going to 3 way fusion

  2. Remember in Dragon ball at the ending when goku came back from his 3 year training to enter the 23rd tournament. He fought against king chappa, tien and yamcha said they couldn't feel anything from goku that his mind is completely clear as well as being completely calm and that if chappa doesn't realize it he will be defeated easily and quickly. In that episode goku was fighting almost exactly like how jiren is fighting. I believe jiren is just like that or did training just like that but on a level beyond goku and on top of that he also has ultra instinct.

  3. I think there both not making faces or anything because there not controlling their body because of the ultra instinct

  4. I agree but i dont think jiren has ultra instinct

  5. Imagine Ultra Instinct Vegito.. Vegeta need to hurry up and get the technique because they would for sure smash Jiren or anyone else..

  6. Oh my God why did you say spoiler so fast I didn't have time to react and delete the video or removed video why do you have to tell me 114 will be

  7. I think somehow that clown god of destruction is helping Jiren in someway. Anyone else agree?

  8. So basically it's the same as trunks transforming into a half god…..gotcha

  9. Everything tends to transform saiyans so it is not a suprise to me if ultra instinct did change him

  10. When jiren said- this heat is your limit
    It could also mean than that heat is consuming extra energy and it is also preventing Goku to master that form.
    As jiren has already mastered ultra instinct , he knows about that heat which is the barrier!

  11. Goku had little to no energy in at form that time that why he wasnt no match for jiren

  12. So can beerus still get stronger ?

  13. For all you Vegeta addicts, NO he is NOT getting a new form anytime soon.

  14. Jiren for DRAGONBALL FIGHTERZ!!!! or even just as DLC or SEQUEL!!!

  15. pls no silver hair… base hair is gokus best look

  16. I think that heat is there anger and that’s why he looses his form

  17. I think the ultimate form is the red hair goku we saw on the japanese chocolate. Anyone remember???????

  18. I think that when he is at full power he will have the red and blue ora

  19. Whis doesn't say "gods" he was talking about the one from universe 11

  20. Even if Goku Masters ultra instinct he will lose because when he didn't master it he still couldn't beat him not even close and jiren
    didn't even try and didn't go full power.

  21. I told u Jiren had a V8

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