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Jiren’s Debut – Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Preview Video // Breakdown

Jiren’s Debut – Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Preview Video // Breakdown Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Jiren’s Debut – Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Preview Video // Breakdown Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Is the lightings by you MaStar? O_O

  2. Jiren looks so cool! I wonder how Toei will play in his personality.. I hope his is cool, but somehow funny too ^_^

  3. now see that's why I like Piccolo he be on that other stuff ahead of time that's cold as fuck like they both channel off each other mental energy

  4. I swear to god if the tournament if power is the way they end the series. That would suck and I don't think that that's the case but still.

  5. can't wait to see toppo and hit

  6. MaSTAR I got this Amazing theory… that Jiren's aura could be captured by Goku so we see Goku using red Jiren's aura so basically Super Saiyan blue form is just copying aura…. as we have already seen how Goku gave Vegeta his aura and how there were characters who could copy someone's body and aura.

  7. Jiren The Gray Vs Jar Jar Binks… who would win!?!?

  8. That was the best part when Piccolo told Gohan I'ma retrain your weak soft body

  9. May someone please tell me who female brolly is?? I can't find her in dragon ball, dragon ball z or super. Where has she appeared and what's the hype about her?

  10. that purple dude is defenitly not the same as beerus or champa they are felines and that guy looks like a rodent unless hes got a bad case of buck teeth

  11. Slim Buu looks fantastic, but I wonder what about his power level now. It's the first time that Buu got some training. If the outcome would be the same as Frieza who's first training was in Ressurection of F movie and some DBS episodes than I would be really joyful ^^

  12. stop saying he will lose the weight before the tournament starts that doesn't make any sense, it makes more sense for him to have gained the weight back after the tournament once he is relaxed and the earth isnt in danger anymore

  13. Well in the Manga Toppo is still the strongest Toei Animation just fucked up Goku was suppose to fight Jiren at first and learn about Toppo

  14. considering buu has never even trained ever. who knows what could happen or be the end result of training for him. look at what frieza (whos far from buus level achieved in the end) Golden frieza….. buu training well shit theres no telling how far he can reach considering

  15. I forgot the epison but he explained the defference in Buu and Kid Buu

  16. if you guys reflect back in the beginning of the Buu sega, Kid Buu obsorbed the Kiashins that were fighting him,the last kiashin that he obsorbed was the big guy that acted like kid and loved to eat, The grand Kiashin was spared by sealing Marjin Buu in a orb

  17. hoping goku won the tourney and ask super shenron to recover planet vegeta so he can meet Bardock 🙁

  18. I bet Jiren has something like a universe 11 version of kai o ken or something

  19. I guess that beerus type guy is actually Beerus and Champa sibling

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