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Jiren VS Hit in the Tournament of Power

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Watch Jiren VS Hit in the Tournament of Power Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. UnrealEntGaming's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/UnrealEntGaming

    Sorry for the poor audio – my recording software crashed 18 minutes in and we had to use a secondary source of audio. It clears up later.

  2. no goku has got a new form so he propbly

    could of beat jiren. but to much power of his body

  3. I think hit will destroy jiren if hit uses his assassin power

  4. Goku will wish all universe back once he wins

  5. I think that Jiren's weakness will be someone being able to hide the vibrations of their movements. Hit's time skip would be a great example of hiding the vibrations of his movement. Before anyone says that time skip won't work because there is "no time and space" remember that the whole fight is timed and they are existing in a realm outside of the 12 universe's and it has matter. Therefore, time, space and matter exist simultaneously inside this verse.


  7. if the tournament accepted killing , hit would have won way over earlier.

  8. This may be posible but Goku isn't going to beef up to the next level yet he may fight Jiren and beef up if not someone else is going to go even further.

  9. Hit struggle against dyspo, hit won't last 30 second. I admit hit crazy powerful

  10. For some reason I keep thinking if Hit was a real person he would be a black guy just like I feel like Piccilo is black.

  11. Love the dbs content ! check out one I uploaded about jirens hidden power

  12. Jerin can probably take on goku and hit at the same time and win

  13. Hit was having a hard time with dyspo and kunshi! So to compare to Jerin, no match tho! But as u can see dyspo and kunshi are no match for toppa the leader of the pride troopers, and u can see that toppa is next in line to becoming a god of destruction cuz of his strength, u can see when toppa fought goku, toppa said "if u can easily match my power, you'll never win against Jerin", so Jerin can probably beat toppa in a instant like how he did to kale! Just my thoughts hit has more potential in him, we just haven't seen it yet, Jerin he has a maximum power maybe even more powerful than a god of destruction, saying that Jerin is the strongest being in universe 11, or even the strongest in the tournament of power…. my bet is that Jerin will win, Jerins power is as high as the god of destruction maybe alittle bit weaker? Let's say beerus vs Jerin, Jerin will probably be so tough to beerus that beerus is probably gonna have to go 90% of power cuz he used 77% against goku so, Jerin has the upper hand, overall Jerin wins in my opinion

  14. Pointless hit being stronger than jiren since they would held his universe back for this tournament and he be the one in the fight scene at the beginning with goku instead of jiren so that answers it all.it's just a cartoon it's obvious who is the strongest of those 2

  15. I think theyll make team work some off them it can be possible tbh.

  16. jiren power explain in this video

  17. Kuttto saalo itna ghatiya video daaltey

  18. It's not key it's KI 😡😡

  19. The mortal stronger than gods is obviously from the universes that Zeno wasn't going to erase.

  20. Jiren is mightyer than I though I don't thing hit has a chance at wining.

  21. Look at 22:30 they got the strongest 3 fighters for universe 11 write who else think they work with Amira toriyama

  22. Where is Vegeta. I haven't seen him fighting in the tournament for the last three episodes. Jiren might be too much for Hit and Goku each by themselves. I think Goku will team up with either Hit or Vegeta

  23. Hit isn't the strongest of them all Goku is stronger than hit WTF

  24. 18:42  Bro you did predict that universe 6 & 7 will team up… You have a matured way of thinking you're the best dbs YouTuber alive

  25. So all he do is talking shit and not gove us see the video

  26. I'm sure that jiren will destroy hit. But freeza will betrayed universe 7 their's no doubt. But if hit doesn't fight Jiren, Hit will fight against Toppo it will be a good fight but Hit will destroy Toppo because Hit keeps on i increasing his powers everytime he fight a strong opponent.

  27. And he read the movements of the objects that fell off

  28. abe chutiya bakwas band kar

  29. There is small problem on this topic , nobody knows the full potential of Jiren

  30. Jiren is like a fucking monk he is like yin and yang

  31. Hit is not going to be eliminated yet because vegeta hasn't fought hit

  32. The only way I see goku changing into breaker x is see gohan getting eliminated and knowing that his granddaughter life is in jeopardy

  33. How tf is hit going to fight jiren if he is struggling with dyspo

  34. Jiren, HIT, Vegeta and Goku Vs The Angels. Make that happen

  35. i think gokus new transformation is gonna know the f* out of Jiren and everyone is gonna be like WHAT HOW!!!!!! and Jiren is like HOW DID YOU KNOW MY OUT yeah i think idk

  36. Ending hit vs vegeta, jiren vs goku, tappoo vs frieza and wild card is gonna be 17.. my bold prediction

  37. Where can you watch the new parts of Dragonball?

  38. i want to see hit make frieza his bitch

  39. How does Hit know Jiren? Hit seemed to recognize Jiren like they have met before…

  40. hit did not fail to kill goku… he killed him.. goku shot a blast to rez himself.. aka hit killed goku and completed his task… killing goku again needs another pay check…

  41. Hit is over 1000 years old and travel to different universes, I believe hit and jiren may know each other already and may have even fought before. I think hit is going to step in and stop goku from getting eliminated by jiren and jiren is going to beat hit causing universe 6 to be erased, this will cause goku to get mad and transform to his new form.

  42. But we also don't' know Hit's TRUE POWER YET guys..

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