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Is Caulifla the Female Broly? A look at the Evidence

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  1. I forgot to add that the name Caulifla = cauliflower which is so similar to Broccoli = Broly that it would make sense that she IS the legendary super saiyan from the promo. However, it appears some new evidence JUST came out that she is not! More info coming soon.

  2. All these people in the comments trying to defend themselves after they found out Caulifla wasn't the quote "LSSJ" is fucking hilarious.

  3. Well little did he know that they aren't the same person he keeps calling Kale Caulifla.

  4. well now she know she is kale.

  5. no the female legendary super saiyan is Kale who is the protegee of Caulifa….Even From the into we can clearly see that she is the one who turns super saiyan and not Caulifa

  6. Have you seen the way Kale acts subdued the way Broly did? Also notice how Kale's clothes are identical to the few pictures of the LSSJ woman. Idk about you but its pretty obvious to me that Caulifla is not the Lssj its Kale.

  7. Female broly is named Kale and is the follower of Caulifla as shown in the episode today.

  8. mastar she might be a counter part of broly

  9. Its like "is your mom your female dad" tho

  10. this is so sad.

    caulifla is a super saiyan. kale is the lssj. literally all significant evidence at this point points to kale. i'd be willing to bet the entire dragon ball franchise on it. case closed.

  11. just look at the clothes and hair style. it's not caulifla the opening shows exactly who she is and you even see her hiding behind a rock learning in secret in the preview of 92. caulifla is just a regular ssj.

  12. u could clearly see both of them at the same time… female broly… and boss of gangsta squad sayan xD

  13. The female Broly character was in Caulifla's "den" of thugs. Like for real she has dialogue with Cabba.

  14. nahh the female broly is da other gurl the one in red.. its obvis she look shy just like broly in 1st movie right?? o what yall think ??

  15. I think if you guys watch the episode again you see the other female Saiyan next to the group in front of cabba

  16. bro u can tell cuz her cloths

  17. what if female broly is a fusion of Caulifla and Cale?

  18. I feel like it's obvious. i mean the opening literally shows the audience that the shy looking Sabian from universe 11 transforms it the LSS.

    however I didn't have much glasses on a regular could somehow potentially be wrong : /

    I'll b surprised asf tho if I am lol

  19. There's two girls watch the ups its the other one

  20. what if, by some chance toriyama decided there would be 2 female brolys >.>;

  21. She's not unless ya'll watch ep.89

  22. The ear rings answer the question

  23. she's that other girl we saw in episode 90

  24. it so obvious it not her it kale the girl below caulifla

  25. RIP Yurin being the Super Sayian.WTH was that about anyways?

  26. Different chicks yo!!! Their expression seem to be intentionally different. I think it's obvious to give them vastly different attitudes. Also, how often do characters change clothes? This Caulifa is only a teaser for us fans. I think that the creator and the company handling this is just making the similar looking characters to give fans more hype and wonder. I believe it worked well.

  27. califla is not female broly the one in red Is promotional pictures mean nothing all sayians from universe 6 are going to get ass whooped anyway

  28. Univ 11 dont have any pecking saiyans

  29. shes my daughter mastar media!!!Guess who her mother is???

  30. She isn't u see female Broly when cabbage goes Super Saiyan

  31. its obviously the one with lipstick you idiots


  33. i would let caulifla make me her man-waifu

  34. in episode 88 or 89 it show the female broly for a brief moment caulifla is not and i repeat is NOT the female broly

  35. it's always the quiet ones. also, look at the shirt. and one has an earing. it's not cauliflowa

  36. Even before episode 89, A person who can think with a little bit of logic would know. That Caulifa is NOT the Female Broly
    She look too different from Kale, which is the real Female Broly.

  37. In the episode there is the same girl on the floor that looks like the female broly caulifa just some dumb saiyan

  38. It would be cool if they both were legendary.

  39. lol so many inconsistencies with your analysis. A little advice, minute detail is key to validity.

  40. Are u guys blind or blind? In the episode, they showed both 2 girls at the same spot… it showed the punk and the other girl wearing red…

  41. um kale has the same clothes as the female legendary super saiyan so its obviously her

  42. If you look at the other female in the scene where Cabba turns super saiyan for Caulifla, she looks exactly like the person who became the legendary super saiyan with the same hair style, same clothes, etc.

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