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Interview with Lord Frieza (Comedy)

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Watch Interview with Lord Frieza (Comedy) Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Naruto: my dad is never around gohan: mine is naruto: what do you mean your dad is never around either picallo: yes i am

  2. what do vegeta and piccolo have in conman
    both have fathers titled king
    both were evil but learn that they can love for others piccalo (gohan) vegeta (bulma trunks new baby)
    both were evil and wanted to kill goku but now on sides with goku and both made ultimate sacrifices for the ones they loved

  3. He only died to goku once. And that was in revival of F.

  4. hi
    master media

    is that boll shit?
    thats the truo. ..the conversation hapen in the past before up15years
    and i see that!
    win i am in black ghoko and ghoko!
    you are company or staf now that!
    comedy? …..bobo…..popo………..i want tell you master media that is true and happened in the world of inmagination, soul, magic, darkness, imagine. …………you now that ✌

  5. mastar u should do interview with cell next

  6. How about why are u revived 526728383838400338728272737363674737383838 times

  7. Nice interview, I wanna do a interview with him

  8. I lost it at the pregnancy question

  9. No, Frieza belongs to me! not Zarbon, Ginyu or Broly! Stop sexually harassing Frieza, Broly!

  10. lol this was awesome. Definitely subbed to Frieza and Vegetas channel

  11. hey I bought a shirt from your website and I have not gotten it and now you're site is shut down. I hope I either get my shirt or my money!!!

  12. that is true if he trained more he would have been way stronger than both of them

  13. I wish things were different like everyone doesnt matter anymore in terms of power and fighting and it's only goku fighting all the time….

  14. Freiza you also have horns like Ginyu in your first form….

  15. you are the most stupid poster i ever seen man mixing 100 anime characters not even portraying their nature properly just showing exaggeration of powers and now this shitty comedy which is hardly funnier than piece of cake

  16. Lol i loved this! His imitation of frieza and personality was awsome. Only flaw was the the lip synch was most of the times of.

  17. how did you train for four months and get stronger than a super saiyan god don't you think that's bullshit

  18. MaSTAR Media, you have to do interview with Son Goku

  19. Lex Luthor interview with lord Frieza

  20. wow, why did i even click this

  21. Should have ask him "How do you know what a monkey is?" lol i dunno

  22. Should have ask him "How do you know what a monkey is?" lol i dunno

  23. best villain………. i can name 5 people who are better
    1: me
    2: cell
    4:goku black
    5: cell jr

  24. Goku cheated to beat Golden Frieza!

  25. Kinda sounds more like 'Stewie' from Family Guy

  26. I can do majin Buu's voice really well. (Fat Buu)

  27. HE got kill by goku ,goku,trunks,gohan, in one of the movie

  28. freeza pregnant that was hilarious .

  29. i wish u had sh figuarts on ur site

  30. when did freeza become a hillbilly?


  32. Horrible… You tried too Hard..

  33. lol frieza will kill you how can you ask him has he ever been pregnant

  34. Frieza is weak now on goku.. haha

  35. 2:26 Mewtwo copied Frieza. Pokemon didnt come till like late 90s.

  36. if posible could you add should figuarts figures on your site I would 100% purchase it

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