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How to Reaction Video

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  1. Dude. The way you look at the camera. I feel you should make a second acc called MolesterMastarMedia.

  2. Omg has anyone done a reaction video to this yet if not I might because it would be hilarious…….with MaSTAR's permission of course lol

  3. I was one of the people who actually told 3 of the reactors about your videos lol. Cause I talk to them on skype sometimes for my gaming stream.

  4. We don't tell you how to make your videos don't tell us how to make ours

  5. Seriously loved this! don't think anyone have explained this good like you have bro!

  6. 0:31 That's the best reaction of all time. 11/10

  7. like cause im the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be

  8. HAHA I love how you repeated "React" and "Stealing" 10 times MaStar – Because we all know that if these people are making such dumb ass reaction vids and need this explained to them… Then they must not be to damn bright to begin with Lol

  9. Hi MaSTAR Media!, i had an idea to do a parody music video and song, using what you said here, and using lots of your "Faceless" expressions at key points in my video, this video was great, and had some fantastic tips for newbies like myself when making a re-action video, i will be changing the way i do re-action videos in the future. Thanks man, i really love this channel. Stay awesome 🙂

  10. Actually Blast pauses the video WAAAY tooo much

  11. Maybe they're reacting they just don't like it..

  12. Jack MastarMedia is Super Sayian in this video is yellow LOL

  13. This guy must be a fan of reaction tea time then.

  14. 0 : 32 In this moment i got goose bumps . How someone can react like You in this moment. I don't get it. Btw….. Kaaaaaiooooookeeeeeeeeen with music from one punch man fit perfect . Good job Jake. Im watching reactions guys because of these epic fights that you created. Some of them i watched like 6 times ,its so funny in some moments.I should create my own reactions because sometimes would be epic to share feelings with other people.Greetings

  15. Are you gonna continue the Goku vs Superman fight

  16. mastar please do a reaction video on gohan spit hot fire

    its awesome

  17. I do reaction video sometime but there is noting good for me to do more reaction. Whenever I do reaction is, to find new trailer coming out what I need to do reaction.

  18. How to Make Reaction Video lol

  19. Pausing the video you react to is the worst thing possible in reaction videos. :/

  20. Wow dude I just wanna say a huge thank you for mentioning me in this video!! I was so shocked when you said my name! I really appreciate it MaSTAR and I'm glad that we became friends from this awesome community!! Everybody has their own opinion on REACTION videos but the points you made in this video are very true! 3 most important steps to a good reaction video:

    1: Credit the original creator
    2: Show your passionate about the material
    3: ENERGY!!

    I know a lot of people dislike REACTION videos because they think its laziness or not being creative but to be honest that doesn't apply to all REACTERS! Yes some reacters literally steal content and show no emotion or interest in what they are watching but other reacters show love and compassion and energy which gives a reason to relate and usually makes the viewer smile! That's the whole purpose of reaction videos!! For the viewer to click and relate to the reacter! Thank you again for making this video MaSTAR your a great person and I wish you the very best on your Youtube journey brother!!

  21. are you fuckin for real (how to react)

  22. As a fellow YouTuber, I so feel you on reaction videos. Not much effort plus they can be cranked out five videos at a time.

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