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How to Animate Using Flash (Intermediate)

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Mastar media. i have a really curious question. about the drawings. i really love to draw alot! but i wanted to improve my drawing skills and make animation or animate with drawing. like can i take my drawings from paint and put them into this program? cause im not really sure if im so good at drawing this program? i don't have it but.. i was just curious if it would work?

  2. Sup guys i'm looking for an animator, and i'm a musician. Anyone wanna collab? I make orchestral music, but can adapt to any genrem

  3. ive gotten good like really good can we colab

  4. i know how to make stuff like anime but it need so much money and teams
    team 1-draw
    team 2-animate
    team 3-color
    team 4-after effects
    team 5-fix any problem in draw .
    team 6-render [export,save..]
    1-draw for draw the picture animator gonna work on animate it
    2-animate for make the picture move know what i mean
    3-for colored the animate
    4-after effects for add effects for be a really good pictures and movement and effects like pooomp ! bang !!… this things
    5- if there is any problem in draw or frames they gonna fix it it is not in dragon ball super i guess xD
    6-render for save the files and pictures and sounds and make the ep ready to use upload or any thing
    that all is a thing and the sound fx is other thing like the time when Goku become ssj u listen a good sound u feel he is close to you …
    and the songs and music in the ep to be a really cool u have feel it like it is real and make ur heart hits fast
    for do this all u need to much money

  5. you know what we can do breakdown with vlc

  6. hello mastar media i want to see ghost rider vs genos to make it crazier

  7. Thank you, master, you have put me on the right track.


  9. wait what program did he use like full name or is it judt flash

  10. thanks man, your tutorial is awesome, im starting to learn animation myself, i would love to watch a video of you creating your animations from start to finish so i can get a better idea on the workflow. I would also like to ask as you said flash is not the best program to work with, witch programs would you recommend working with? ive been using anime studio pro, but because the program is so different from flash i dont know how to make these kind of animations as there are no tutorials and i am still learning on how to use anime studio pro. Is it possible that these kind of animations can be made using bone rigs?

  11. you really deserve more subs mate..

  12. master media if I were to ask you if you wanted help would you like help

  13. I like the sounds it makes when you go frame by frame of the anime.

  14. Yo, I work with Anime Studio, I can speed things up.
    Hit me up if you want to work with me.
    Check out my work if you want to see what i do.

  15. looks like A LOT of work, hope you get all you are looking for by making this animations, waiting for the demon rush premier.

  16. I could Prob animate i just can't draw xD

  17. you re the best i m in morroco and im a fan of you

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