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How Strong Is Superman Prime One Million?

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  1. Not being a hater…….but superman got hit by an supernova and fainted in the universe somewhere while trunks stopped the supernova very easily without even getting a scratch and goku is far far far far far stronger than trunks…… Hope this helps you 😁

  2. Well here's my thoughts on this yeah you could say that there's no evidence on it but things do what you allude towards the contrary to what you say my friend. But I will definitely say this you are probably right by some of the powers but but they never really specify in the comics. But you can't say that's not the same for Goku the day always give him more powers and make him powerful more powerful than he really should be. I'm not saying that I'm not a fan of Dragon Ball Z or Goku I'm just saying it's the same deal he's the Superman of the Japanese animation.

  3. Stay for 15 yrs to be golden form.why frieza can do it just for 4 months? Haha

  4. he is too easy to kill for goku

  5. He actually is strong like what's so ever if your looking from a like celestial/god point of view

  6. I guess I'm old school! From what I know of Superman Kryptonite and old age where the two things that can kill him. He still ages. 15000 years?! I guess

  7. Legend says:

    The creator of superman is a crybaby .. it is not the original idea of what superman supposed to be

    people Idolized different characters who can destroy his boy clark in mass of power..

    so he made superman like this and destroys the marvel fan's childhood .. its getting ugly and uglier..

  8. its because .. Superman's creator was tortures .. he saw people idolizing different character and destroying his boy clark .. so he make superman in a million prime .. he's a crybaby.. it is not the original idea of what superman suppose to be.

  9. How strong well stronger then fucking goku and every superhero

  10. Super man would bend goku over n fuck him like his lil bitch💯😂😂

  11. superman regenerates too much for goku to win still

  12. good episode of mythbusters but where's adam and jamie?

  13. How strong is superman prime? not stronger than Alien X

  14. soo what you want to say… has same power like old superman????….
    sorry im not agree with you

  15. It's funny that even with as fast as he is, Flash is still faster by a lot.

  16. Superman One Million is weaker then Frieza first form

  17. I feel like the video's title should just be "Superman Prime's Myths DEBUNKED".

  18. Thank you, fuck screw attack and their shite, but youre thoughts on saitama strength is wrong as he was actually hurt by boros and planet buster ar max power.

  19. wow man you should stick to just animations. I like that you tried to do a video on this but it's clear you've downplayed everything about SMP. Even forgetting the end of All Star Superman which has Superman Prime in it. Considering the powers he gained during the events of that story arc, combined with 15,000 years in the core of the sun, he's clearly going to have abilities you can't imagine. You're right he hasn't been in many comics, perhaps then you don't have any good feats to go off of, doesn't mean that those abilities aren't ones in his repertoire. Also he brought Lois to life and made her powerful like him. Apparently we both took completely different ideas of his power based on the panels he is featured in because it was clear superman did restore Krypton.

  20. this sum warframe type shit right here lol

  21. Aye, you should perhaps change your video title to "debunking Superman prime one million" instead of "how powerful he is".. also Mystic is a good friend and analyzer on CV.

  22. Superman is as powerful as he needs to be to defeat his enemies! and that is being honest!!

  23. But can he beat One Punch Man?

  24. Thanx for Nothing…,..and the ? remains

  25. Actually i think he went to the sun after the solaris tyrant sun damaged it and after repairing it he stayed there for a long time

  26. Superman was already one of the strongest heros , so him spending centuries in the sun makes him so much more powerful than he was already. Also this videos shows things being "debunked " .WE STILL DONT KNOW HIS LIMITS.

  27. writer or not Superman prime is no match for Lucifer or Micheal they can beat him with just a look

  28. Superman lifting 200,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons
    Goku and jiren lifting 5,000,000 tons

  29. Mastar your right but he is limitless superman has infinite strength while superman prime oh my goodness he is infinitely strong

  30. superboy prime would destroy superman one million

  31. Bro it's just a fucking comic get a life u dork.

  32. I would say he is on par if not stronger than the grandpriest

  33. There is something you guys should know that is scary about superman I figured out. If superman one million is a form that superman takes when spends a million years in the yellow sun. There is a form that even than superman one million think about this what would happen is superman spent a million years inside a blue sun which would even make him more powerful than superman one million because a blue sun increases his powers much greater than a yellow sun so in which this is not superman most powerful form. If I gave this form a name where he is in the blue sun I call him superman x or superman infinity

  34. DBZ fuckboys are going to go super saiyan rage in this comment section….. dbz fans think goku is strong huh

  35. 8 months later and i'm still waiting for part 2

  36. And now Superman Prime has evolved as Golden Freeza :

  37. you should go ask the creators of DC to actually to clarify what Superman can do and can't do since people saying rumors in the minds of the creators of DC Superman has done everything you just said and also he has any powers in his disposal that the Creator wants him to be and as ridiculously fucking powerful as they want him to be because they are the fucking Creator the writer

  38. Bro your facts is false some theme

  39. super man is out of gokus level

    unless he blows up the sun super man is doomed

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