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How I Discovered Dragon Ball (Animated)

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Did anyone else catch that there was smoke coming from Goku when he went ultra instinct the second time. This did not happen the first time against Jiren. When he first went ultra instinct everyone was amazed by the heat coming from Goku. This was supposed to be a physical interpretation of power so when smoke came from Goku in his second fight as ultra instinct it led me to believe that Goku's ultra instinct got more powerful

  2. thank you japanese man, without you, theres no mastar media

  3. im gonna go ham on that japanese import shop

  4. …and then the paper turns ultra instinct at the teacher 😂😂😂

  5. Man u remember when cable was free when my son was around 8 when Dragon ball z frizza

  6. oh and by the way! I also attempted to do a Kamehameha, solar flash and distructo disk, thought of someday I could ride a kinton cloud, and tried to go super saiyan! 😀

  7. I wish I had friends that like Dragon Ball….

  8. Can you do a draw my life? That'd be amazing

  9. I first watched dragonball when I was 6. and after watching it I started drawing goku. 🙂

  10. This was awesome. I've been watching dragon ball since back in the early 90s, pre subbed.

  11. Sup mastar keep up the good work I subscribe

  12. The first time I watched dragonball was when I was 5 years old I got introduced to it from my dad one day he puts this vhs tape in and the very first episode I saw was goku charging the spirit bomb and throws it on Frieza but then turns out he didn't die and he kills his friends which makes goku transform into the legendary super saiyan and that's what really caught my eye because that was really badass and I've been watching dragonball ever since.

  13. I was in elementary, when I was flipping threw the stations until I found the very 1st episode of DBZ, I Eva watched. Frieza was beating Vegeta senseless, while the others watched. I been hook ever since.

  14. I can't wait to see your story. It's very similar to mine and I just want to get into animation so bad

  15. Why arent you doing anime war anymore??

  16. bro u know when vegeta gets smashed by gohan and gohan is naked well my dad thinks just like the teacher did except he never forgets that 1 sec he saw of DBZ

  17. i wonder if my anime beats will turn out the same in the end >.<

    props on your success! ive been here for quite awhile ha

  18. 1 million feel like it takes forever, and indeed it does. Once you get 1 million however, your channel will absolutely take off and reach 2 million at a rate that is absolutely insane. If we apply Dragon ball to this, 1 million = Goku unlocking SSJ1, 2 million = Caulifla going SSJ1. Haha.. You will get there though. Your channel is one of the absolute best.

  19. Wow this is inspiring MaSTAR what did you do before Youtube?

  20. Picked on for liking dragonball wtf lol, idk what school you went too but damn i was popular from pre-k till the end of college liking anime and mmorpgs -_-

  21. Derrick was the outcast of the group so basically he was Yamcha lol

  22. Me in 1997 high acopla movie8 brolt

  23. Broly is my favorite Dragonball movie villan

  24. Fuck these soul sucking corporations

  25. tell that to kefla who took away our childhood memories of goku becoming super saiyan after deaths of many people ,that struggle we could feel ourself emotions ,determination but now all those is just a piece of trash because of some uncooked saiyans of universe 6 achieving those forms like its literally nothing and i wouldnt be surprised if kefla reached even blue form in next episode and plz there are some people still saying ohh goku is out of stamina and all those bs even out of stamina even only 1% of god ki is enough to tear kefla into pieces even if goku is out of steam he still be using 50% god ki if that is not enough to take her out then she is the real zeno hiding since then.. XD

  26. I'm absolutely proud of what you have done Mastar. I wish I could reach that kind of happiness that you have now with your dream career. Keep up the good work, and remember to teach the same path to your kids. God bless!

  27. lol i took graphic arts all four yrs of high school just so i could keep makin custom shirts 😂😂😂


  29. I got into DBZ in middle school which was like 15 years ago. I was very into it. When people were selling and trading pokemon cards, I started selling DBZ artwork. I downloaded Japanese episodes that Toonami didn't air yet. I got the manga and read it as well. Still got the whole collection. I was known in school as the guy who knew everything about DBZ. I wasn't the guy who would buy DB merchandise as much as accumulating knowledge of DB/DBZ. I was made fun of, but eventually I became a closet geek. I kept to myself my love of DBZ but used to draw in my free time. That cascaded my life into getting involved in mixed martial arts, japanese culture, and other anime/manga. It wasn't until I started university that I met other people who liked anime/manga. Still, I don't think I know anyone in real life that is a DB fan unfortunately, but I have many online friends that do. 🙂

  30. How I Discovered Anime

    In late 2009 at age 7 or so my big step brother put the TV on Cartoon Network and me,him and my little brother watched Naruto. That was one of the best moments of my life. Ever since that day, anime became my favourite type of media to watch.

  31. Thats the time where saitama got his limit breakeeerrrrr!!!!!!

  32. I was introduced to Dragon ball through my dad. I was more of a naruto guy until then lol. I stopped watching naruto and continued watching Dragon ball all the way to super just like a lot of you and stopped caring about naruto, however, naruto, sasuke and kakashi are still my favourites because the remind of goku, vegeta and piccolo

  33. I cant believe you had hair at middle school mastar😂

  34. For me it started back when Toonami started airing Dragonball Z. Good Times!!

  35. Yo story reminds me of me lol

  36. Idc I love watching dragon ball super and naruto

  37. When are you releasing anime war episode 6 ?

  38. I remember buying my first dragon ball dvd. The full goku vs cell fight. Epic.

  39. "Will You Please Stop Drawing Pictures Of Naked Men"😂😂😂😂Fuck That Teacher

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