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HOLY SH1T!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 – Review!

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Zamsu needs sweet death 4 disgracing gokus body and murder, he is right abt trunks abusing time line but zamasu is a hypocrite too

  2. Fukn incredible epic episode especially when trunks transforms, utters those words I'll kill black! chills went down my spine, only gripe is as powerful as zamasu/black is I doubt they killed all the Gods of every universe, considering how many and how powerful, beerius Alone can beat black who's not immortal! Dialect issue, overall badass!

  3. its the false ssjblue same like how goku turned ssj against slug

  4. good name of this transformation is rather long but the name can be called so that this transformation has Future Trunks has Sayayin Two Semi Super Blue that this transformation has called Trunks say I

  5. Now the million dollar question is will may trunks can beat Black and Zamasu with this new transformation that many have echo that question will be possible Trunks of the future with its new Transformation can beat Black and Zamasu that people said and fans they saw Chapter 61 of Super dragon ball that question said that however you think your mastar Media may ben aa serlos Black and Zamasu with this new transformation that stand almost Broly but thin Vercion Super Sayayin Two Semi Blue

  6. I just came here to see if you noticed that Goku already had a hole through his chest in one scene where he was flying in to kick Black… Or Zamasu, lol I don't remember… Just go back and watch a lil bit of the fight before Goku gets stabbed. You'll see it lol.

  7. I do not understand very well as they could destroy the Super fields if the fields are almost indestructible good are destructible Super spheres are also those monstrous are larger than the land as it is impossible that I destroyed something strange stand

    besides Black Goku says assassinates all the gods of all the Universes with that body at all till the supreme Kaiosama if so why why not help the gods of destruction to help besides that Zeno Sama did not see that the massacre was Black and Zamazu ose grasping what the importo Zeno said Sama or to continue their slaughter that is killing millions and millions of people beings from other worlds and universes that should be said that I imagine I

    another that it was very rare when Black and Zamazu embrace that was rarrito medium and also a little lameloide well that says Nelson Rufino Simpsons

  8. if anything broly looks like trunks cause broly was based on his ssj grade 3 form even to the point where trunks didn't have any pupils

  9. The Asians need to up their teamwork

  10. Thinks is this the "Super Saiyan God (fusion of a god and super saiyan)" Beerus saw in his dream?

  11. Dummy Goku….That's kinda mean

  12. after his fusion with trunks or vegita

  13. and goku goes broly blue with blur rings of blue kai instead of Broly's green Kai rings

  14. Trunks is what Gohan should be. Its not perfect but I will take it from someone that isnt Goku or Vegeta lol

  15. can u help make a cartoon on my phone

  16. Master you wrote 1 not i in shit

  17. Vegeta told Cabe that if he trained long enough he'd be able to come that far. And with Vegeta getting God Ki without the ceremony, that sets the stage for others to do the same. Trunks has great Ki control, and with training, could be insanely strong. Strong enough to make Beerus wanna go a round.

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